Random Things That I Noticed About Warrior Cats by Flamepaw*fire Crackles*

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Flamepaw shares what they noticed about the series.

I wanted to make an article, but my thoughts for an article fell a bit short, so I just have a compilation of thoughts. My main focus is on lineage. (Spoilers for TPB, PoT, OoTS, AVoS, TNP, Moth Flight’s Vision, Firestar’s Quest, Bluestar’s Prophecy, Tallstar’s Revenge, Enter the clans, and Code of the Clans Every Single Warriors Arc and probably all Super Editions and Novellas as Well.) You have been WARNED!!!

Mothwing is from all of the clans. *Shocked Silence* (Side note – Mothwing is also a Kittypet. The reason Tigerstar(1) hates kittypets so much is because his father, Pinestar, left to become a kittypet. So Mothwing is also a kittypet. Also, Hawkfrost is all of this as well.)
I might go off on a bit of a tangent sometimes, but here we go. Mothwing is one of the 2 cats from every single clan. The other is Hawkfrost. There may be more, but I don’t know. Some of this is based on great assuming skills. It is proven in the books(for the most part). First of all, she is obviously from Riverclan. That’s where she lives. Second, she is from Shadowclan because of Tigerstar(1). This one is a bit less obvious, as it may slip your mind. Third, she is from Thunderclan, again, Tigerstar(1). You probably forgot this one even more than the others. Fourth, she is from Windclan because Moth Flight spread her descendants into every clan (this is just a hunch). She would have to be a descendant of Moth Flight’s kits (Bubbling Stream, Honey Pelt, Spider Paw, and Blue Whisker). This has a high chance of being true, as she is from all of the clans her kits were spread into. Fifth, she is from Skyclan. In Firestar’s Quest, Firestar realizes that Tigerstar (the 1st) looks an awful lot like Gorseclaw, Cloudstar’s son. That means that she is also a bit Skyclan. I know almost none of you noticed that one. So, based on this analysis, Mothwing is from all 5 clans. (Side note – Bramblestar and His descendants are from all clans except Riverclan)

Alderheart and Sparkpelt are almost half Kittypet.
This one is much easier. Firestar is all Kittypet. So Squirrelflight is half Kittypet. That means that Alderheart and Sparkpelt are ¼ Kittypet. They get an additional 1/16 from Bramblestar. *Surprise!* Pinestar is all kittypet. Tigerstar(1) is half kittypet. Bramblestar is ⅛ kittypet. That means Alderheart and Sparkpelt get an additional 1/16 kittypet, resulting in a total of 5/16 kittypet for them.

Mistystar is the oldest cat in existence
This one is much more obvious. She is the oldest cat by far. She dates all the way back to Bluestar’s prophecy, the only one from that book who is still alive (I think). Mistystar is a bit younger than Tigerstar(1), And he has been dead for countless seasons. Everyone that old has been dead for a while. The only cat who is kind of maybe close in age is Rowanstar, but he’s dead. There is no one nearly as old as Mistystar. As far as I can tell she has been alive for roughly 17 seasons (I think???), and most cats die before seven seasons. At this point, she is even older than Tallstar was one his deathbed!!! She should have been in the elder’s den for at least seven seasons now, but she still continues to lead her clan. If you thought Tallstar was old, then Mistystar is Ancient!!! She is a living Rock, still alive and leading her clan. She will be like Tallstar, Dying of old age or in combat, like Russetfur, dying in battle because she was too old to fight. The cats that would be close to her age are cats like Yellowfang, who have been dead forever. Mistystar is like a 120-year-old lady, expected to die any day now.
She should definitely die by the beginning of The Broken Code or die in the very first book. She is far too old to still be able to do all warriors duties. She has been everything but an elder, and she should already be one. There is nothing else I can say on this without repeating myself. She should be dead, and in my mind, is like a living skeleton. I am done with this.
On a completely random and unrelated note, the Erins should link the warriors wiki and the warriors discord to Blogclan, and link that to the warriorscats.com. It would really help people be connected, and people could try each and every experience and see which one they liked best. It would be reaching out to each and every warriors site so you can go on whichever you’d like. That would be nice.

Medicine cats have become a main POV
This should be very interesting. Medicine cats have become some of the main characters with a POV. It all started when they added cinderpelt to the series. The crippled medicine cat went over quite well with the fandom.
So, the next step was to have a medicine cat with a warrior sibling: Leafpool and Squirrelflight. Both of these cats having POV’s went down wonderfully with the fandom. You got the regular warrior experience while getting to experience being a medicine cat for the first time. Next, they added the 3 to the mix, 1 medicine cats and 2 warriors. They all had POV’s, so we got to experience reality in 3 different ways. Now we get 1 medicine cat and 1 warrior, only 1 with a POV. Then give 2 kits of a prophecy a POV and, you have an amazing series.

The Final Topic – Warriors in general
The Erins have done a wonderful job of masterfully sculpting the warriors series into what it is today. All the arcs, the plot twists, the new, innovative ways that warriors run into problems and deal with them, but it still feels like we are with the original clans from TPB. I just wanted to thank the Erins for doing this, giving us this wonderful series that I have been attached to all my life. It must take so much time and effort to do this, so thanks. This is the best book series I have ever encountered, and have loved it ever since.
Everyone should just take the time to introduce someone they know to the series. Even if they don’t like it, it is definitely worth a try. I think I’ve run out of things to say.

P.S. Jayfeather is bae

P.P.S. I just wanted over 100 words


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  • Great article! But I’m not sure about Mothwing, especially WindClan and Moth Flight, since Sasha, her mother, was a kittypet, then a rouge. And ShadowClan, as Tigerstar is not actually genetically from them, or ThunderClan because it wasn’t where Tigerstar was when he had Sasha’s kits.

  • great article! I’ve wanted to do an article like this for a while, but I’ve never had enough ideas. If you think about it, Moth Flight spreading her kin throughout the Clans means that literally everyone except for kitty pets and rouges who are in the clans have a pretty good chance of being descended from her though. I’ve never thought about that though, i only remembered that Mothwing was from RiverClan and ThunderClan 😀 This was a great article, and I really enjoyed reading it. Thanks for writing it! 🙂

  • But isn’t Barley older than Mistystar, and still alive? In Ravenpaw’s novella, Barley states that he has seen at least 2 more leaf-bares than Ravenpaw. And Ravenpaw is about the same age as Firestar. Firestar was a warrior when Mistystar had kits. So she couldn’t have been that much older, maybe a year or two. So there is a possibility that Barley is, in fact, older than Mistystar.

    Edit – Well, Barley is mostly kittypet, and stays in the barn only eating mice opposed to Clan cats who often get sick or hurt…

    • Actually, Barley is quite a bit older than Mistystar, he was mentioned in Yellowfang’s Secret, which predates Mistystar by several seasons. Then there’s the fact that Barley is somehow still alive in AVoS as well as Mistystar though she can’t possibly have more than 3 lives left. Bluestar gave birth to Mistystar and Stonefur before she became deputy, back when Sunstar was leader of Thunderclan. Considering Mistystar has lived through Sunstar, Bluestar, Firestar and now Bramblestar, she would have been becoming a senior warrior when Rusty showed up.

  • Love the article. I have a little theory that the cats who were trapped before heading to the lake by twolegs received vaccines by vets. That would explain why Mistystar is still going strong, as well as Greystripe and Millie. Thoughts?

    • Actually, that makes lots of sense! Millie did say at one point that her Twolegs made it so she could never get sick. (I’m pretty sure she did later, so that’s a bit of a plot hole.) Leafpool wasn’t there for a very long time, so it makes sense she wouldn’t get vaccinated like the others.

      There aren’t many ways to prove or disprove this theory, aside from the fact that Millie has that, meaning the Erins HAVE thought about vaccination. I haven’t read the Graystripe/Millie manga in a while, so I can’t remember if anything happened there.

  • I agree, however this does not take into account cats that have left the Clans, such as Pinestar.

  • About Mothwing and Hawkfrost being from WindClan… there are actually quite a few other cats they could be very distantly descended from. Thunderstar… Violet Dawn… (did Owlstar have kits? I haven’t checked in a while). They could be descended from any of the ThunderClan ancients. There is also a chance that Sasha’s ancestors left the clans at some point to become kittypets or rogues (yeah, yeah, a but far fetched but it could happen). So basically it isn’t exclusively that the only early settlers they could be descended from are Moth Flight’s kits (I don’t even know their names) as there are quite a few others (do Milkweed’s kits have kits? If so then Mothwing and Hawkfrost could possibly be descended from them). I think I’ve said enough now. I should stop typing. 😉