Jar Army

Jerry Speaks, then Does a Little Burp

Jar Army

Spottedpaw turned up with one minute to spare!

Glad you got here in time, Spottedpaw. 😀 You nearly missed all the fun! Soooooo….we have an editor for chapter 24. And now….Jerry has decided that the writer will be….

But first,

let me reassure you that I put all the names that had been submitted up to 2nd March in the jar.

So the new writer of Chapter 24 is…


Jerry also burped out names for chapter 25, which I feel bound to tell you here.

Lionfire will be the writer for chapter 25 and Gingerpaw will be editor.

So….get writing! Chapter 24 will be published on April 1st.

Cheetahspark, can you get your chapter to Spottedpaw by the 20th March, to give them time to edit it? And Spottedpaw, please can you send me the finished chapter by the 29th March? It will soften the horror of Brexit.


Good luck, all! I know you will be brilliant!