Hamilton through warrior cats

River’shadow shares some Hamilton songs, but with cats!

Art by PetalBlazeWarriorCat


Bonjour mes Amies! As you all know I enjoy Hamilton and equally enjoy warriors soo here we go (Note:At this period of time river has only read up to darkest night and it’ll contain spoilers,Merci!!)

Alexander Hamilton-About when fire’paw/heart/star joined thunderclan
Me I died for him-Whitestorm
We fought with him-Scourge/Tigerstar
Me I loved him-Spotted/sand/cinder
Me I’m the Damn fool who shot him-Tigerstar

Washington on your side-Tigerclaw/dustpaw/Darkstripe being jealous of why fire gets so much attention and Bluestar being Washington and they plot to kill Bluestar and then fireheart

Guns & ships-Onewhisker convincing tall star to ask firestar for hep with bloodclan

Your obedient servant- Tigerstars and firestars final showdown

The battle of Yorktown-Tallstar and leopardstar and blackstar and firestar fighting blood clan with Tigerclan

History has its eyes on you- Bluestar talking to firestar before the dog battle and her telling him how careful he needs to be

One last time-Bluestar warning firestar about bloodclan and saying that maybe she won’t fight (I can’t remember if she did or not)

It’s quiet uptown-After the great battle show bramble talking to squirrel and leaf talking about hollyleaf and him offering
Her to be deputy

Aaron burr sir-Rusty joining thunderclan and Bluestar being burr and rusty being our favourite A.Ham ,Tiger being mulligan,Whitestorm being Lafayette and lion being Laurens

My shot-Show grey,Raven,Dust and fire talking about how they can DESTR-defeat Brokenstar and with Bluestar saying “Your being too loud!!”

Farmer refuted-The clans are at a gathering and see firepaw eyeing Blackfoot angrily as he speaks
Making out like Brokenstar is perfect and kind and wonderful see him stand up and begin to sing to Blackfoot as the clans eye him with confusion and fear

You’ll be back-See darktail after taking over riverclan looking angry as he stared at needletail then violetpaw then he smiles signing as cats stare at him confused and then he paws the ground angrily talking about onestar with “You’re my favourite subject” see him smirking at violetpaw and then hiss at needletail

That’s it folks!!! I hope you enjoyed it I’m sorry if it’s bad au revior xxx x

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