Warrior cats that DESERVE a novella/super edition by Pebbleglow

Pebbleglow shares characters they think deserve a story of their own. Minor spoilers for AVOS!

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin


Hello Blogclan! In this article I will be listing my top FIVE cats who deserve to get a novella/Super edition!
So without further ado…

#5 Ashfur
I know many people may (cough cough) dislike Ashfur, but I think it would be COOOOOL to have him in a novella. We can find out what drove Ashfur mad when Squirrelflight chose Brambleclaw over him and finally understand his wrong doings.
Title ideas: Ashfur’s Jealousy or Ashfur’s Grudge.

#4 Lionblaze & Jayfeather
Dovewing and Hollyleaf have one so why not? Also, I want to learn MORE about there powers and discover WHY they were chosen as the three! 😛 Some title ideas may be: Lionlaze’s Strength or Jayfeather’s Sight.

#3 Cinderpelt/Cinderheart
I think I would really like to see Cinderpelt as a main character! Also, I would LOVE some more juicy details about how and why Starclan chose to reincarnate HER as Cinderheart and see what was going through Cinderpelt’s head at the time. Title ideas: Cinderpelt’s Second Chance or Cinderheart’s Memories.

#2 Darktail
True he is nasty and rude and just flat-out HORRIBLE, but I think it would be really cool to dive deeper into his backstory and find out why he hated the clans so much (specifically Windclan) and what his life was like! 🙂 Title ideas: Darktail’s Misery or Darktail’s Hardships

And FINALLY, NUMBER ONE!… Drumroll please……….

#1 ROCK!!!!
I absolutely LOVE Rock, I am always mystified by hime and I really, REALLY, R-E-A-L-L-Y want to see him in a novella. I think it would be TOTALLY AWESOME to learn more about Rock’s history, like how he came to know Midnight, or how he got his “curse to live forever,” or about his time when he was the very first stoneteller. There are just SOOOO many secrets waiting to be revealed about Rock’s time.
Title ideas: Rock’s Wisdom

Some other notable mentions:
– Breezepelt
– Thistleclaw
– Barley
– Scourge (I know he already has a manga but what evs)
– Sandstorm
– Princess maybe????

Also, I know Midnight isn’t a cat, but I think it would be really cool to see her in a novella as the main character. Maybe the book could be about how she came to know about the clans, how she met Rock, etc.

And that concludes my list of cats (and other animals) that deserve a novella/super edition. Let me know which cats YOU think should have a novella.

Bye and Thanks for reading! 😛



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Pebbleglow (paw) - Glowy, of Asgard
Pebbleglow (paw) - Glowy, of Asgard
March 17, 2019 8:09 am

Thanks guys! 😀 This is my first article so I put a lot of thought into it. Also, I should’ve put Tree as the #1 or 2, he’s so cool, but when I wrote the article, I didn’t know who tree was yet…

Pebbleglow (paw) - Glowy, of Asgard
Pebbleglow (paw) - Glowy, of Asgard
March 23, 2019 1:20 am

O hey Ravenshine! 😀

March 19, 2019 2:05 pm

It’s great to know everything that we can, especially when the Erins only publish snippets and leave us wondering for the rest ^w^


March 20, 2019 5:31 pm

This was awesome. Rock should so get a novella, I hope the Erin’s look at this site. You would learn so many secrets in Rock’s Super Edition. I bet they should have his viewpoint start from a kit, and was he born hairless, or not? What is he had fur once? So many secrets revealed.

Violetpaw/Violet That Grows In The Hufflepuff Common Room
Violetpaw/Violet That Grows In The Hufflepuff Common Room
April 2, 2019 5:24 pm

WOW, I would love Ashfur’s! I would so read that!
Honestly, I thought that he was just misguided. After all, he did love Squirrelflight, even though it wasn’t in the right way later.

⚡️Thunderclaw/Nøsleepcult🌙The Darkstalker🌙⚡️
⚡️Thunderclaw/Nøsleepcult🌙The Darkstalker🌙⚡️
January 19, 2020 3:15 pm

But maybe
Fallen Leaves’ Life/Trial
Jay’s Wing’s Tale
Half Moon’s Sorrow/Loss

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