Warrior cats that DESERVE a novella/super edition by Pebbleglow

Pebbleglow shares characters they think deserve a story of their own. Minor spoilers for AVOS!

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Hello Blogclan! In this article I will be listing my top FIVE cats who deserve to get a novella/Super edition!
So without further ado…

#5 Ashfur
I know many people may (cough cough) dislike Ashfur, but I think it would be COOOOOL to have him in a novella. We can find out what drove Ashfur mad when Squirrelflight chose Brambleclaw over him and finally understand his wrong doings.
Title ideas: Ashfur’s Jealousy or Ashfur’s Grudge.

#4 Lionblaze & Jayfeather
Dovewing and Hollyleaf have one so why not? Also, I want to learn MORE about there powers and discover WHY they were chosen as the three! 😛 Some title ideas may be: Lionlaze’s Strength or Jayfeather’s Sight.

#3 Cinderpelt/Cinderheart
I think I would really like to see Cinderpelt as a main character! Also, I would LOVE some more juicy details about how and why Starclan chose to reincarnate HER as Cinderheart and see what was going through Cinderpelt’s head at the time. Title ideas: Cinderpelt’s Second Chance or Cinderheart’s Memories.

#2 Darktail
True he is nasty and rude and just flat-out HORRIBLE, but I think it would be really cool to dive deeper into his backstory and find out why he hated the clans so much (specifically Windclan) and what his life was like! 🙂 Title ideas: Darktail’s Misery or Darktail’s Hardships

And FINALLY, NUMBER ONE!… Drumroll please……….

#1 ROCK!!!!
I absolutely LOVE Rock, I am always mystified by hime and I really, REALLY, R-E-A-L-L-Y want to see him in a novella. I think it would be TOTALLY AWESOME to learn more about Rock’s history, like how he came to know Midnight, or how he got his “curse to live forever,” or about his time when he was the very first stoneteller. There are just SOOOO many secrets waiting to be revealed about Rock’s time.
Title ideas: Rock’s Wisdom

Some other notable mentions:
– Breezepelt
– Thistleclaw
– Barley
– Scourge (I know he already has a manga but what evs)
– Sandstorm
– Princess maybe????

Also, I know Midnight isn’t a cat, but I think it would be really cool to see her in a novella as the main character. Maybe the book could be about how she came to know about the clans, how she met Rock, etc.

And that concludes my list of cats (and other animals) that deserve a novella/super edition. Let me know which cats YOU think should have a novella.

Bye and Thanks for reading! 😛


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  • Everyone you listed should have one! Especially Ashfur and Darktail because I want to see what drove them to do those things in their point of view. You made really good points here!

  • Ooooo this is interesting ! I think that Ashfur’s novella might be a bit unpleasant to read, but hopefully it would end with either some sort of not terrible reason why he went to StarClan or him going to the dark forest after much consideration from StarClan

    I think that because there’s nothing we really need to know about Jayfeather and Lionblaze anymore, I don’t think that would work too well, but good idea anyway !


    I think that I’d like Rock to stay mysterious

    Great article !!!

    • I think you’re right about the Ashfur novella. It’s just too risky. It’s not like Crowfeather’s Trial, where the character is realistically redeemable or Mapleshade’s vengeance, where the reader not meant to support her crimes. (Fans will do anyway)

      Ashfur is already conversational enough as a 4 time attempted murderer that somehow made it to Starclan without once showing a hint of remorse before his death. Too much could go wrong with his PoV. It would be too easy to glorify Ashfur’s crimes and we don’t need another book with a terrible mortal message like Spottedleaf’s heart.

  • I full on agree with Rock, Barley, and Darktail! I wouldn’t be as excited about the others because I feel like I know enough about them (except for Princess and Sandstorm, those would be kind of interesting). And the idea of Midnight in a novella would be so cool!

  • I agree with you!! Even thought (cough cough) Ashfur and Darkail are very evil (Ashfur “loved too much so he’s in StarClan” but Mapleshade (who I think is so amazing) she also loved to much so why is she in the Dark Forest? If Mapleshade’s in the Dark Forest then so should Ashfur. I really feel bad or Maple because all she wanted was to have a loving mate, loyalty in her Clan and kits. Anyway for Cinderpelt/Cinderheart, Lionblaze and Jayfeather, Rock (maybe Midnight the badger?) YES!! Definitely Rock because he’s the stick aka Jayfeather’s mate right? You don’t know a lot about Midnight and Pock so for Rock you could see how he’s immortal (I think) and the friendship between a badger and cat. Echobreeze done here!

  • Those are all good ideas! Although I think Rock would be hard to write about, since he doesn’t even remember his own past, and he’s just an ever-lasting spirit. But I do agree we should learn more about him!

    Ashfur would DEFINITELY be a character who should have a Novella! His pain rarely seems to be acknowledged, but I feel as though it was intense. He probably felt used by Squirrelflight. It would be interesting to see how and when he met up with Hawkfrost and was tempted into killing Firestar. That would be an important thing to know, as it is only briefly mentioned in the series but has a major importance. His POV would be very interesting.

    A Novella about Lionblaze maybe becoming too reckless after he loses his powers would be good. It would have time to show how he handles how Cinderheart worries for his health, and their love for each other and their kits. I love Jayfeather’s personality and thoughts, and a Novella about him would be cool as well, and could be created quite well easily.

    A Novella about how Cinderheart copes with the knowledge of her reincarnation (and losing Cinderpelt’s spirit), as well as her love for Lionblaze and their kits would be awesome. Or Cinderpelt and how she copes with hiding her feelings for Firestar throughout the series before she dies. It’s kinda just…suddenly revealed that she had feelings for him, and barely mentioned, but I think it’s important to see things from her POV.

    As for Darktail, I think it’d be important to see how he felt toward the Clans. (Just like I would like to see with Sol) That and his relationship with his mother, his “kin”, and even the Clan cats he comes across. Like, how did he ever become leader of such a group of rogues? That’s be awesome to learn!

  • Honestly a Darktail novella would be cool. But the rest I’m more on the fence about, especially the Jayfeather and Lionblaze ones. I wouldn’t mind if it was after OotS about them and their bond, though.

  • I think you night have a mistake here, mods. I know VectorSigma101, they’re a user on the Wwiki. However, the art that is here is official art, and I’m pretty sure that Vec didn’t do it. Mind clearing it for me?

  • I disagree with Rock, but that’s just because he’s mean to my Jaybaby. NO ONE IS MEAN TO MY JAYBABY. But all the others should DEFINITELY have super editions or novellas. Like Ravenpaw said, Ashfur’s Envy would be another really great name for Ashfur’s novella. I don’t think his story would be long enough for a super edition, though. Especially as most of it was very apparent in the two arcs it took place in and most super editions happen either in between arcs or away from the Clans But he should totally have a novella! I would own it and read it All. The. TIME!

  • I agree with all of these! Especially rock. Your right! There are so many secrets we don’t know about him yet.
    I would love to see all of these characters get a novella/super edition 🙂

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