My top five favorite characters by Nightwing

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Nightwing shares their top five favourite characters from the series. Are any of them on your list?

This topic seems to be exceptionally popular, as well, we all have favourite characters. Admit it, you’ve probably shipped your character with one cat or wanted to hug one character at one of those sad moments. Let us begin…
5. Ashfur
Okay, okay, he is not so much of a popular character. But something about him makes me just wish Squirrelflight hadn’t just gone with Brambleclaw (I like Brambleclaw, but something about him earlier in the series just… irritated me) and hadn’t caused Ashfur to get mad. In all honesty, it was Squirrelflight’s fault that he went all crazy on her and her “kits”. He had actually loved her the entire time, while Brambleclaw had been mostly mean to her half of the series until he realized he was being a jerk and stopped. Ashfur was a pretty nice guy till Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw ticked him off.
4. Leafpool
Leafpool and Squirrelflight’s sisterly relationship was, in my opinion, the best of the sibling friendships. They were even said to have a special bond. When Leafpool was trapped by twolegs, Squirrelflight worked hard to get her back. When Leafpool broke the warrior code (twice), Squirrelflight even took her kits, saying that they were her own to keep her secret safe.
3. Jayfeather
Oh yes, Jayfeather. In my opinion, the most delightful of the three. Jayfeather was born blind, yet graces the world with his sarcastic comments. Who needs to be a warrior when you can be like Jayfeather? Who needs a mate and kits when you can have a stick?
2. Briarlight
Briarlight is by far one of the best cats in the series in my opinion. After her legs were paralyzed, Jayfeather trained her back to wellness. She went through a lot but kept going even when it was painful.
Yes, Ivypool. She is one of the “main” main characters in Omen of the stars. She and Dovewing fought a bit (a lot), but it seemed to be fine in the end. Mostly. Her clever but subdued personality is the best, even when she’s angry or jealous.

Well, I have polluted your minds with my own opinions, so I think I’m done! These are my favourite characters.

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  • I don’t hate Ashfur, but it definitely wasn’t Squirrelflight’s fault he went insane; she actually offered to remain friends with him and he was the one who declined. Besides, she and Brambleclaw already had a bond from the quest.

    Anyways, look at this hilarious Jay x Stick fanart!

  • I like Ivypool (mostly, I do dislike how she treated Dovewing at times), Briarlight, and Jayfeather, and I’m neutral on Leafpool. Now, Ashfur, I do not like. It wasn’t Squirrelflight’s fault that she didn’t love him – you don’t choose who you love. She simply didn’t have feelings for him and she told him in a nice way and still wanted to be friends. He’s the one who chose to obsess over her for the rest of his life and plot with Hawkfrost to kill her father, plus try to kill her three (supposed) kits. I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on that. Nice article! 🙂

  • Have to disagree with Ashfur.

    To start off, what he felt was not love at all. It was obsession. His motive for his attempted murders was Squirrelflight, and it was all to hurt her. If he truly loved her, he wouldn’t be horrible to her and her family.

    Let’s compare him with Thrushpelt, who has been in a similar situation. Thrushpelt knew that Bluestar was her own self, and she has her own feelings and decisions to make. Him discovering that Bluestar loved Oakheart didn’t affect him at all- he still loved her and took care of his kits as if they were his own. Meanwhile, Ashfur attempted murder on four cats and was treating his “love’s” son and his apprentice horribly, all because a girl (who didn’t mean to hurt him) didn’t love him back.

    Also, it wasn’t Squirrelflight’s fault that he was this way- she is her own self, not Ashfur’s. She has her own feelings. In Sunrise, she said didn’t mean to hurt him, and she just wanted to be friends. Ashfur disregarded that- he just wanted their friendship to be a relationship, even though she was in love with someone else. They did not tick him off on purpose- he was just too obsessed with her.

    Love isn’t fixation and wanting, it’s caring and understanding.

  • It wasn’t Squirrelflight’s fault. Ashfur was in control of his own actions. Plus Squirrelflight didn’t even love him and she even asked to be friends or whatever but he took it the wrong way and went insane. Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate Ashfur (surprisingly) but it was not Squirrelflight’s fault. I’ll have other people defend her for me because I don’t feel like it lol.

  • 5. Ashfur. I agree mostly. He IS a great character in the earlier book and I can see why he’d be mad. But it isn’t Squirrelflight’s fault. Like Ravenmist said, she tried to remain friends but HE declined.


    3. yesyesyesyesyesyes. My friend Irispaw actually used to hate him because he was annoying but I rubbed off on her. And she read Po3

    2. *deep breath*HOW ARE WE SO ALIKE? I love Briarlight so much and she’s such a brave, big-hearted, beautiful she-cat

    1. I love Ivypool! Not as much as you do apparently, as she’s not my #1 (Jaybae) but she’s great.

  • I agree. I like Ashfur. He went through a lot before he went insane, and lost a lot in his life.

  • I loooove Ivypool as well! What a sweet, well meaning, deep character! I also like characters like Ashfur for a different reason – his moral compass is just… so… off, but his determination is admirable. And sometimes he’s just fun to hate 😛

  • The only ones I like are Jayfeather and Briarlight

    I hate the rest, especially Leafpool and Ivypool.

  • I totally agree that leafpool and Squirrelflights relationship with each other is the best sibling relationship. Thats why she is also on my favorite character list.

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