My top five favorite characters by Nightwing

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Nightwing shares their top five favourite characters from the series. Are any of them on your list?

This topic seems to be exceptionally popular, as well, we all have favourite characters. Admit it, you’ve probably shipped your character with one cat or wanted to hug one character at one of those sad moments. Let us begin…
5. Ashfur
Okay, okay, he is not so much of a popular character. But something about him makes me just wish Squirrelflight hadn’t just gone with Brambleclaw (I like Brambleclaw, but something about him earlier in the series just… irritated me) and hadn’t caused Ashfur to get mad. In all honesty, it was Squirrelflight’s fault that he went all crazy on her and her “kits”. He had actually loved her the entire time, while Brambleclaw had been mostly mean to her half of the series until he realized he was being a jerk and stopped. Ashfur was a pretty nice guy till Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw ticked him off.
4. Leafpool
Leafpool and Squirrelflight’s sisterly relationship was, in my opinion, the best of the sibling friendships. They were even said to have a special bond. When Leafpool was trapped by twolegs, Squirrelflight worked hard to get her back. When Leafpool broke the warrior code (twice), Squirrelflight even took her kits, saying that they were her own to keep her secret safe.
3. Jayfeather
Oh yes, Jayfeather. In my opinion, the most delightful of the three. Jayfeather was born blind, yet graces the world with his sarcastic comments. Who needs to be a warrior when you can be like Jayfeather? Who needs a mate and kits when you can have a stick?
2. Briarlight
Briarlight is by far one of the best cats in the series in my opinion. After her legs were paralyzed, Jayfeather trained her back to wellness. She went through a lot but kept going even when it was painful.
Yes, Ivypool. She is one of the “main” main characters in Omen of the stars. She and Dovewing fought a bit (a lot), but it seemed to be fine in the end. Mostly. Her clever but subdued personality is the best, even when she’s angry or jealous.

Well, I have polluted your minds with my own opinions, so I think I’m done! These are my favourite characters.

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  • I agree soooo much with Ivypool, she is so nice but Dovewing is so perfect. Go away Dovepoop. Ivypool should have been in the three for her courage and strength, I mean, Lionblaze is only so powerful because he trained in the dark forest! He would still be learning clan fighting Techniques if it weren’t for Tigerstar. Lionblaze is so perfect, like the first moment you get out of the hollow after tripping over a tree root, your like ‘Oh I broke my leg ouch ouch!’

    • I heavily disagree with the claim of ‘Dovewing is so perfect’. She has flaws just like everyone else in the series. Ivypool shouldn’t ever be in the three because otherwise she would’ve been driven mad with the power, or would’ve been an even more irresponsible brat. Just because you like a certain character, it doesn’t mean that they should have a certain thing happen to them. And Lionblaze was powerful because of his powers, not because of Tigerstar’s training.

      And don’t call Dovewing Dovepoop just because you don’t like her. That’s just immature and annoying in debates and doesn’t prove nada if anything imo.

  • I agree with all except Leafpool, I don’t like her. Ashfur is ok. Jayfeather is my personal fav. I love Briarlight and Ivypool, too.

    4. Violetshine
    3. Snowfur!!!!!
    2. Briarlight

  • Ivypool is such an underated amazing character. I feel like she was overshadowed a bit by Dovewing in OTS. She really risked herself by being a double agent and it was key in the great battle

    • I really don’t think Ivypool is underrated. Maybe at the beginning of Omen of the Stars, she was overshadowed by Dovewing (which wasn’t Dovewing’s fault and wasn’t what she wanted), but by the end, Ivypool is recognized about the same as Dovewing. In the fandom though, Ivypool gets waaaaaaaaay more love than Dovewing.

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