Taking a look at Hawkfrost through other warrior cats characters – part 1 by Cloudymoon

Official art by Wayne McLoughlin

Cloudymoon has a look at other characters’ opinions of Hawkfrost.

Hello there, it’s Cloudymoon (or Cloudypaw since I’m technically an apprentice), and I came here to write my second article! How will I say that, I had an idea for that article sitting in the back of my mind for a while, but I don’t have the motivation to write it. Now, my cat is asleep on me and I really don’t wanna move her, so I have to find something to do, and that something is writing that article. As you probably noticed from the title, I’ll be discussing Hawkfrost through other warrior cats characters. Let’s start!
Hawkfrost is Sasha’s kid, along with Mothwing and Tadpole. They were named by Sasha as Moth, Hawk, and Tadpole. I hadn’t read Tigerstar and Sasha so everything that I’ll be saying here is from the warriors wiki. So I skipped on the whole start and jumped to a noticeable thing: Tadpole died. Ouch. Yep, kits’ deaths always hurt me. But this isn’t an Tadpole article, this is a Hawkfrost one. The reason I mentioned this was because I heard people saying that Hawk became very cold and distant after Tadpole died. You know what? It doesn’t surprise me. If we’ll jump back to Dawn Of The Clans, we can see that Clear Sky acted similar after he lost Fluttering Bird and Bright Stream. I hate Clear Sky, yet I can understand what stands behind us actions. Like Storm said somewhere in The First Battle, “Fear drove you to this”. I can understand people – and cats – that act through fear.
Now, back to Hawkfrost. His mother asks RiverClan to join them, and Leopardstar agrees. And later, Sasha leaves her kits. I think that this is something that bothered Hawkfrost for a long time; he had lost his brother and basically got abandoned by his mother. Cats with bad parenting turn bad, it’s pretty much a fact. If we’ll look at Tigerstar’s experience, both his sisters have died and his father left to become a kittypet. Not exactly the best kithood. This is pretty similar to what happened to Brokenstar; both his sisters have died, Yellowfang couldn’t care for him so she left him for Lizardstripe’s caring, and that was horrible caring, and the other kits teased him.
If will return to Hawkfrost, then this is the time he becomes a warrior. We don’t know a lot about his apprenticeship, so we jumped forward. He becomes a warrior together with Mothwing, but then Mothwing wants to be a medicine cat……. I’ll continue this in a second part! Cloudy, signing out

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