Worst Parents in Warriors by Honeykit

Honeykit shares who they think are the worst parents in the series.

Art by WoofyDragoncat68

May include spoilers
Hi everyone!!! This is Honeykit with my first article! Today I’m going to list the worst parents in my opinion! (This is MY opinion so don’t write any criticizing comments. Got it?) Okay, so read on!

5. Stormtail
Description: dark blue-gray tom with blue eyes
Clan: ThunderClan
Status: Dead
Mate: Moonflower
Kits: Bluestar and Snowfur
Why do I dislike Stormtail? So when I was reading Bluestar’s Prophecy, I looked at the part when she first met her father. Stormtail didn’t seem very excited about it. Even throughout the whole book, didn’t act like a real parent and Bluestar and Snowfur grew up alright without him. But he wasn’t that bad. He still gave affection to his daughters. It’s just that usually, parents in warriors are more open towards their children.

4. Crowfeather
Description: dark smoky-gray, almost black, tom with blue eyes
Clan: WindClan
Status: Alive
Mates: Leafpool, Nightcloud
Kits: Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather (Leafpool’s) and Breezepelt (Nightcloud’s)
Okay. There several reasons why I don’t like Crowfeather. I like him as a character good enough, but not as a father. Why? I think his attention span is short. First he likes Feathertail. She dies! Now he likes Leafpool! They run away! Then they return to the Clans! Leafpool bears him three kits that he ignores and doesn’t even know about them (though I am sure that Leafpool tried to inform him about it). Then, he takes Nightcloud as a mate to try to prove his loyalty! I mean come on! He didn’t even love her! Then, they have a kit. This is where the ‘bad parent’ comes in. He ignores Breezepelt, causing Nightcloud to raise Breezepelt to hate him! That is what caused Breezepelt to train in the Dark Forest! As for Leafpool’s litter, when he found out the truth, he refused to believe it! He might have been surprised, but really? You loved her and not the kits? He is in general not good father material.

3. Palebird
Description: thin, soft-furred, black-and-white she-cat
Clan: WindClan
Status: Dead
Mate: Sandgorse, Woollytail
Kits: Tallstar, Finchkit, Wrenflight, Rabbitkit, Bristlekit, and Flykit
From the start of Tallstar’s Revenge, I thought Palebird was an okay character. Why okay? Because she seemed so focused on Finchkit’s death that she didn’t pay much attention to Tallstar was a kit!
But my opinion changed when she didn’t defend Tallpaw from his father’s rage that Tallpaw was supposed to be a moor-runner! She just let it happen!
Then, this was when I really disliked her! Sandgorse dies. Tallstar grieves. And BAM! She becomes mates with Woollytail (weird name)! Is she even sensing her son’s grief? No! And BAM! She has four kits and scolds Tallstar for trying to keep them warm. It’s as if she forgot all about her first litter! Then, when Tallstar decided to leave the Clan, she was like “Oh, why are you leaving? Okay, you can go.”
That is why I don’t think Palebird is a very good mother. Yes, she was good to her second litter, but neglected her first litter.

2. Lizardstripe
Clan: ShadowClan
Description: pale brown tabby she-cat with yellow eyes
Status: Dead
Mate: Mudclaw
Kits: Runningnose, Tangleburr, Deerfoot, Brokenstar (foster)
Argh! Lizardstripe is the worst mother ever, except for 1#! I could go on a whole rant about her! First, she is seen talking to Hollyflower about expecting kits.
“But I don’t want my life to change!”
You chose a mate! Be grateful!
Then when Yellowfang asks her to take care of Brokenstar, and Raggedstar tells her that Brokenstar is his son, she says,
“Oh, if toms could have kits, I would have asked Mudclaw to have these brats of mine himself!”
Calling your a kit a brat is enough. But your own kits? She only agreed to have Brokenstar because she thought it would give her power as the foster mother of the deputy’s kits!

And please give a drumroll for the WORST MOTHER EVER IN MY OPINION……

1. Rainflower
Description: soft-furred pale-gray she-cat
Clan: RiverClan
Status: Dead
Mate: Shellheart
Kits: Oakheart, Crookedstar
Okay. Prepare for ranting. Remember when I said I could go on a rant about Lizardstripe? Well I can go on a even bigger one about Rainflower! Okay here’s the story! Her kits are born! She is so proud of Stormkit’s ‘handsome’ looks! Then, when he and his brother, Oakkit, sneak out, and he is injured, obviously, this is not her fault for not paying attention to her kits and preventing them from sneaking out! Because her mate, Shellheart, defends Stormkit, she breaks up with him! Then, she removes him from her nest and openly favors Oakkit just to spite him! She changes his name to Crookedkit! You can’t possibly get the image of ‘loving mother’ from that! This is what caused him to run away! Then, when he becomes a warrior, is she proud? No! It was only Willowbreeze and Oakheart who were proud! That, people, is why I think she is a horrible mother!

So yeah, thanks for reading! Signing out!

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    • I hate how people hate Millie (oops, I used ‘hate’ two times in a row)! She just was worried about Briarlight!

  • I agree with almost all of these except Crowfeather. Okay, okay. I get that a lot of people don’t like Crowfeather. I didn’t like him either, until I read Crowfeather’s Trial!! In Crowfeather’s Trial, Crowfeather spends the entire book trying to fix his relationship with Breezepelt, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather. Hollyleaf died, and he expressed that he was upset that he couldn’t talk to her one last time. Anyway, if you read the Manga Adventure, he almost declines Harestar when he asked Crowfeather to be his deputy, just to keep his new relationship with Breezepelt. Anyway, that’s all I have, for now!! Other than that,👌🏻

  • OMG!! Every cat I agree with except for Crowfeather well when it comes to parenting he’s uhhhhhhh not good. But he’s a great cat in my humble opinion. RAINFLOWER IS OBVIOUSLY THE WORST I LOVE CROOKEDSTAR IT’S ALL HER FAULT HE RAN AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Palebird Sucks!!! She was grieving for Finchkit ya I get it but SHE DIDN’T PAY ANY ATTENTION TO TALLIT!!!!! AND SANDGORSE WAS LIKE MEAN AND……..Lizardstripe she didn’t even like her own kits let alone this foster kit if Yellowfang!!!! No wonder Brokenstar is a horrible cat!!! Stormtail is like “ohh those are my kits yay.” and then just flirts with Dappletail when Moonflower dies he needs to take care of HIS KITS!!!!And he doesn’t even care for them or like anything. At least Millie cared for her kits and like Rainflower is the opposite of Millie. And like yEAh ThAt’S mY oPiIoOn. AhH tYpOs. EcHoBrEeZe OuT!!!

  • Okay, Palebird I heavily disagree with as well as Crowfeather, but I won’t bother since somebody already pointed out that he’s fixing his mistakes. She had postnatal depression. This is the definition that I found on Wikipedia:

    Postpartum depression (PPD), also called postnatal depression, is a type of mood disorder associated with childbirth, which can affect both sexes. Symptoms may include extreme sadness, low energy, anxiety, crying episodes, irritability, and changes in sleeping or eating patterns. Onset is typically between one week and one month following childbirth. PPD can also negatively affect the newborn child.

    This was made worse after Finchkit’s death, and explains why she was so distant. Palebird was also a tunneler, and they were angry because Heatherstar actually ignored the tunnelers, and constantly showed bias towards the moor runners. Before Sandgorse died, he never paid any attention to how Palebird was or Tallpaw; Palebird deserved to have a loving mate who actively cares for her, which is why she became mates with Woollytail. He actually paid attention to her and tried to make her happy, and they had every right to start a new family. In Talltail’s POV, this seems like Palebird and Woollytail are the bad ones in this situation, when really, he’s overreacting and doesn’t want his mother to move on and be happy. He and Palebird had two very different meanings of happiness, especially after Sandgorse’s death.

    Now Sandgorse? He’s a bad father.

  • I disagree with both of the Windclan ‘Bad’ parents. Here’s why

    Crowfeather was a broken shell of the cat he was. He’d lost his two true loves and his clan’s trust for some time. He didn’t truly love Nightcloud, and cut Breezepelt off due to the fact he never truly loved Nightcloud and just to keep the fragile trust he was gaining back with his clan, He ignored his other kits existance. However, in Crowfeather’s Trial ((Amazing Book, 11/10 would recommend reading)) he fixes it, and in Last Hope, He expresses sadness at not being able to talk to Hollyleaf. So,yeah, Crowfeather’s not really a bad parent, just a broken soul in a life he’s not able to cope with at times.


    Most people hate her for being a ‘bad’ parent, When, really, she was just depressed. Her kit died, She got depression, She was a hollow shell. And Sandgorse didn’t really care about her, So, ya know, it just added onto her depression. Then when she tried to become a bit happier and be with a cat who actually cares and wants her to be happy, She gets backlash? She was happier with Woolytail, She wasn’t depressed when raising his kits, And she had help in a father that cared.

    • I don’t agree with your opinion on Crowfeather. If he was willing to knock up a cat, he should’ve been ready for the responsibility. He was not a good father in Breezepelt or his other kits. If he was feeling depressed and unable to even connect with even his classmates, he should’ve not had kits in the first place. Its not like he wasn’t given plenty of chances after the fact, and the point I’m trying to make is he made terrible life decisions based on terrible whims. Crowfeather still has the potential to be a better father, don’t get me wrong, but his actions can in no way be forgiven. That is what makes him a not so great father. Hwoever, if he is there for Breezepelt’s kits, that would make him a better grandfather.

  • I love this article ! Completely disagree with you over Palebird and Crowfeather though, and I’ll try to briefly explain why

    Palebird –
    My main defence of Palebird is that she seems to have depression, caused by the loss of her child. There’s not really much she can do to help that, and at least she was able to try and keep going for Tallstar. However, I didn’t think you can blame her for being super upset over the loss of Finchkit. To be honest, I think that her and Sandgorse fell out of love a while before his death. Sandgorse never seemed to comfort his grieving wife, and wasn’t even dactyl nice to her remaining son Tallkit either. I know she couldn’t have seemed a bit more sad, but perhaps she was sick and tired of having to fight her problems on her own.
    Now I see no problem with her becoming mates with Woolytail (I very much agree his name is super duper weird 😛 ) as she was happier with him than she’s ever was with Sandgorse, and I think that Tallstar is actually seeming horrible not wanting his mother to be happy with her new mate

    And now,
    Crowfeather –
    Now i wrote this in my article on Breezepelt, but multiple times, Nightcloud actually PREVENTED Crowfeather from talking to his son. And you can’t blame Crowfeather for seeming quite detached from Breezepelt, all that he knows is that everyone he ever loves has been torn away from him. In my mind, Crowfeather stopped talking to Breezepelt out of guilt for becoming mates with Nightcloud, hoping not to hurt her anymore and he was scared that Breezepelt would be hurt like every other cat he has ever loved

    But yeah,that’s just my opinion, incredible article !

  • This was a really great article, however I disagree with Crowfeather, Palebird, and a little bit Lizardtail.
    Palebird and Crowfeather have already been explained, but Lizardtail a weird case.
    Lizardtail obviously didn’t want to be a mother. I think it’s wrong to insult someone who was forced to do something they didn’t want to. Of course, her mate didn’t force her, but they’re cats, so it can’t really be avoided. In the real world, she would have given up her kids, or just not had them at all.
    Umm… I guess that’s it, but it was a really good article!

  • Palebird with the depression ok yea I get it. Finchkit dying had added to that. A mother would DIE to protect her kits. Well she had TALLKIT too!!! Sandgorse was a………bad father. He couldn’t get over the fact that Tallstar was going to train as a moor runner. WHY? Because he was a tunneler and Palebird was a tunneler, the son has to be a tunneler. That’s what Sandgorse was like. Every cat, human and creature choses their own life choices. You don’t have to follow this one person or something. You decide if yo want to be a good person and help the world or not. Palebird just was -did she like being a tunneler? She had kits with Wollytail ( who has a very interesting name choice ) and loved them MORE THAT TALLSTAR. Tallstar is a great cat and he is AMAZING!!!!!! Over all Palebird in my opinion is a bad mother to Tallstar but a wonderful mother to Rabbitkit, Wrenflight, Bristlekit and Flykit and with the depression thing I feel really sorry for her. Please don’t send hate comments to my comment because this s my opinion. I wonder if BlogClan would ever meet in person? That’d be interesting. BYE!!!

    • I’m sorry if you are annoyed by me 🙁 but it was my opinion I am talking about the comment up there that says Echobreeze. That’s me!!

  • I think it should be ordered like this:
    1- Crowfeather- ignored all his kits completely and acted like a foxheart the entire time
    2- Lizardstripe- simply hated her own kits
    3- Rainflower- completely ignored one of her own kits for being injured
    4- Palebird- neglectful (because of grief, though)
    5- Stormtail- a little neglectful

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