Submissions Close on Monday

Thank you for applying for roles on BlogClan so enthusiastically. I am overwhelmed and delighted and can’t wait to go through them. I’m sure you’ll all be fabulous and it’s a shame I have to whittle it down. But sadly, BlogClan is a dictatorship and not a democracy, but I will do my best to be the kindest possible dictator and choose wisely and fairly.

Submissions will close at noon on Monday BST

Good luck everyone!

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Ivie | Ivypaw
Ivie | Ivypaw
April 8, 2019 11:24 am

Good luck everyone! Whoever Kate chooses is going to be amazing! After all, she has beautiful dictatorship 😉 😛

April 9, 2019 1:59 am

Kate, when do we find out? Within a week or something?

Or was that within a week of applications /opening/?

I’m so excited! 😀

New faces for the BlogTeam.

Sandy (Sandpaw/frost)
Sandy (Sandpaw/frost)
April 9, 2019 8:43 am
Reply to  Kate

Agh, on Monday I was like, “YAY NEW BLOGTEAM YEET” but when I checked, it wasn’t there 😛

✨ art ✨

April 9, 2019 2:50 pm
Reply to  Kate

Awesome! Don’t worry, we know you’ll pick the best people. 🙂

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