My Top 15 Favorite Warrior Cats And Why by Crimsonclaw

Crimsonclaw shares their top 15 favourite characters from the series. Are any of them on your list?

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Hello clanmates!! I only joined BlogClan a couple days ago, and I already love it!! This is my first article, so don’t judge me too much. Today I am going to talk about my Top 15 Favorite Warrior Cats. I may give some of these cats criticism, but I do love each and every one of them. I know that your opinions may differ from mine, and in that case you can agree or disagree with me as much as you want. Let’s just jump right into this, shall we??
15. Spottedleaf: Spottedleaf is 15th on my list. She is an awesome character, but she is 15th because we don’t really get to know her character that well since she died in Into The Wild. That was the first book of the whole series!! I also found it sad, and a bit weird, that Spottedleaf was so in love with Firestar even though he already had Sandstorm as a mate. Moving on.
14. Yellowfang: Yellowfang is 14th on this list. I put in 14th because she, like Spottedleaf, died pretty early, she let herself get driven out of ShadowClan by Brokenstar, and she was beaten by Firestar when he was an apprentice. Don’t get me wrong, I love Yellowfang. I love her attitude and how she’s like, “Firepaw, get me some fresh-kill right now, or StarClan forbid if you ever become leader. “ But being driven out of her own Clan is pretty sad.
13. Tawnypelt: Tawnypelt is a pretty great cat. My problem with her is that she left her brother and ThunderClan to be with her father, Tigerstar, even though he’s kind of an evil mastermind. But she did get picked to go on the Great Journey, so StarClan must like her.
12. Sandstorm: Oh, Sandstorm. Sandstorm was the chosen one. I mean, Firestar chose her over Cinderpelt and Spottedleaf. I don’t really have much to say about Sandstorm, except that she was extremely sensitive about her new relationship with Firestar when they went to rebuild SkyClan.
11. Cinderheart: Cinderheart is in 11th place. Personally, I think she is a great character and that she is a great mom. What was a bit confusing for me was that Cinderpelt ended up being a part of her for a while, until she released her spirit in The Last Hope. Anyway, I think she and Lionblaze are really cute together.
10. Whitestorm: Whitestorm is a great cat. I mean, I think he was the obvious choice as the next deputy after Tigerclaw failed to defeat Bluestar, but they were always leading up to the fact that Firestar was going to be the next leader of ThunderClan. I love how Firestar chose Whitestorm to become his first deputy though, because he really deserved it. I don’t really have anything bad to say about Whitestorm, except that Bone was able to kill him in the battle against BloodClan.
9. Graystripe: Graystripe is 9th on my list. I love Graystripe. When I took the “What Warrior Cat Are You??” test on the new Warriors website, I actually got Graystripe. For this reason, I feel bad for criticizing him for some of his actions. Anyway, Graystripe totally broke the warrior code when he had kits with Silverstream, but his kits aren’t all that important now, so I’ll get over it. Maybe. What is the deal with that rule?? Let’s just say that a lot of cats break that rule. Moving on for the second time today.
8. Jayfeather: Jayfeather is one of the best cats in the Warriors books. I mean, just look at his attitude!! All of you Jayfeather fans are going to hate me for putting him in 8th place though. Even with his sharp tongue, like Yellowfang, he cares about the cats that he treats. He really does. He was devestated when Briarlight died in River of Fire. (I think that’s the right book) Anyway, has anyone ever thought of what Jayfeather would be like if he wasn’t blind?? Or is it just me??
7. Bluestar: Bluestar is a great leader!! Let’s just say that she’s got a reputation in StarClan. What sort of ruined it for me was that she totally lost her mind on her last life. It was so sad. I hated that she didn’t trust her Clan anymore, and it made me think that wasn’t as great of a leader as she actually is. Oh well.
6. Twigbranch: Twigbranch!! Twigbranch is my absolute favorite new character as of Vision of the Shadows. I love her!! Let me just let you know that Violetshine is not on this list because I thought that she complained a lot when she was an apprentice. Why did I even bring up Violetshine?? This is about Twigbranch!! Anyway, I love that she wanted to be the best mentor for Flypaw that she could be, even if it meant that she couldn’t have kits with Finleap right away. I can’t really say anything bad about Twigbranch.
5. Mothwing: I love Mothwing, and that she has become a really popular character!! I was so sad when Firestar ended up being the fourth cat in The Last Hope, mainly because I wanted it to be her. That would have been a great plot twist!! I just noticed that I add a lot of references from The Last Hope. Does that bother you?? Anyway, I hope that Mothwing becomes a bigger character in future Warrior books.
4. Hollyleaf: Who could forget Hollyleaf?? My list would not be a list of Hollyleaf wasn’t on it. I mean seriously!! I loved how she still wanted to help her Clan even though she ran away from them after she killed Ashfur. To be honest, I kind of think that Ashfur deserved it!! I know that some of you might think that I am being mean, but he was a total jerk to Squirrelflight in the end. Again, I am losing track of the cat that I am supposed to talk about. I think that Hollyleaf should have been one of the Three. I seriously wouldn’t mind is she replaced Lionblaze or Dovewing. Jayfeather can stay, but I think Lionblaze shouldn’t have been one of the Three. I think he used his power to show off.
4. Firestar: Firestar is meanly on this list because he is in practically every book, and this makes me love him even more. He isn’t afraid to do what is right, even in the hardest of times. I mean, he is one of the greatest Clan leaders ever!! I think that every cat should respect him. That was mainly directed at Onestar.
2. Ivypool: For some reason, I really love Ivypool. I know that some people might disagree with me on this, but she is awesome!! She spied on the Dark Forest!! That is one of the bravest things you can do. Anyway, she is a super brave, awesome cat and I hope that her and Fernsong’s kits turn out to be great characters.
1. Squirrelflight: I am not sure what the opinions on this are going to be, but let’s just say that I will hope Squirrelflight now and forever. I think that she NEEDS to become leader of ThunderClan. I like Bramblestar and all, but Squirrelflight is going to rock being leader!! Not sure who she would chose as deputy. Maybe Ivypool!! Anyway, Squirrelflight is so brave and she kind of reminds me of myself, actually.

Anyway, that concludes the article. This is my first article, so I am open to any suggestions that can improve my future articles!! Thank you so much for reading this!! You guys are awesome.

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