Fresh Blood! New Blogteam members.

Thank you all so much for offering to help out.

What a lot of great applications! It was so hard to choose. You all have something wonderful to offer. After careful discussions with the existing BlogTeam, I have decided who will be the new members of BlogTeam.

Thank you all so much for offering to help out. BlogClan is a wonderful blog and I’m honoured and delighted to run it, but I do need help to keep it fresh and up to date, so I’m very thankful that so many of you want to lend a hand.

The new team members are:

Viperfrost – Allegiances Editor
Birchfoot – Articles Editor
Winterwhisper – BlogClanner in the Spotlight Editor
Kat – Monthly Round Up of Cats Editor
Goldenfawn – Clanniversary Editor
Cheetahspark – Birthday Editor

And there will be two extra members
Rosefur – TSGN Editor
Rainshine – General Editor, available to help out with any of the other roles if needed

I hope our new team members will be pleased and ready to take up their new posts.


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