My Top 10 Favorite Warriors MAPs – PART 1 by Moonbreeze

Moonbreeze shares five amazing MAPs from the Warriors community.

Thumbnail from Muffinclaw’s section of the “Take A Hint” MAP

Hi guys! It’s been a while since I’ve written an article – over a year now, I guess. It was about songs that match with specific warrior cats, and got mostly positive feedback. This time, I just wanted to share some of my favorite Warriors MAPs with you guys, in case you haven’t seen them yet. I’m only really considering recent MAPs (2018-present), as to limit the options a little bit. (It was also originally going to be top five but there are so many good ones it’s now top 10 😛 ) This is only part 1 of this article – it’s getting a little long, so I decided to cut it. Without anymore blabbering, here are numbers 10-5 of my favorite warriors MAPs!

10. I Of Crowfeather’s Storm – This PMV MAP is beautifully done, and conveys so many emotions. The song is extremely well chosen, too. Also terribly underrated. Not much to say here.
Link: Click here!

9. Non Stop – Okay, fine, I’m biased. I’m definitely a huge Hamilton fan. However, this PMV (okay, yes, not a MAP, but oh well) shines in ways other than the music choice, which does fit extremely well. Making Cinderpelt play the part of Angelica and her “wealthy husband who will keep me in comfort for all my days” being Leafpaw/pool was a nice idea. I love the black and white animation – while it took me a while to figure out who is who, it creates a very nice effect. The cats seem to have just the right emotions for the different parts of the song. All in all, I not only love the song, but also the parts each character plays (ex. Cinderpelt – Angelica, Leopardstar/Blackstar – John Jay and James Madison, etc.) and the lovely animation.
Link: Click here!

8.Take a Hint – I love Sleekwhisker, which definitely bumps this MAP up the list. She’s an amazing female villain. However, I chose the MAP for how it portrays her. Sleekwhisker isn’t like Mapleshade, or even Darktail, who can be defended by their fans. No – instead, Sleekwhisker is bad, through and through (in my opinion). This song is so fun and sassy, and I love it shows how truly evil she is.
Link: Click here!

7. Willow – The song is beautiful, the designs are beautiful, everything is beautiful! The song is calming, and fits the story in the description so well. The character designs and unique, and different enough from one another, and very well detailed, as is the animation in general. The emotion that flows throughout this MAP is amazing, especially in the scene where Nightcloud sees her and Crowfeather as apprentices. This MAP flows very well, and the beauty of every aspect makes a pleasure to watch a million times over.
Link: Click here!

6. Beautiful – (NOTE: EXPLICIT) It’s very unique and fun. I love how the host clearly thought outside the box when it comes to the song – it’s a new take on Ivypool and her experience in the Dark Forest. The song is one of the main reasons I love it – because it definitely seems realistic and real to how it feels to be in high school (even if I’m not even in high school myself XD). The animations are really good – some are cute, others are beautiful. I especially love the Mapleshade at the end as the third Heather. To be clear, I’m actually not a Heathers fan (at the time of writing this article), so I’m not particularly biased.
Link: Click here!

5. Warriors is for EVERYONE! – (NOTE: Censored swears, would otherwise contains many curse words. This means the curse words are replaced with beeps/bleeps) Okay, so this is old. It’s not in my 2018 – 2019 parameter. But this is my article, and I get to break the rules, right? 😛 This MAP is not really noticed much, and I wanted to bring some attention to it. If you didn’t know, this is a spoof map, and absolutely hilarious. Honestly that’s the reason I love it – because it’s absolutely hilarious, and makes me laugh every time. I highly recommend it, just for that reason. Honestly not much to say XD
Link: Click here!

That concludes Part 1 of this countdown! I really hope you guys will listen to the five lovely MAPs I have listed above and I’ll see you (hopefully) soon with Part 2!

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