Prophecies and Where They Come From by Bearpaw

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Bearpaw wonders about prophecies and StarClan’s connections to them.

LOOK OUT! Spoilers ahead for POT and OOTS, as well as Goosefeather’s Curse.
This is Bearpaw, coming at you with my first article! I expect to be on here writing for a while, so expect more like this. Our question for today is this: Where do prophecies come from?
StarClan. That’s where they come from.
But is that where they started?
Every character gets their magical, incredibly vague prophecy from StarClan. Even the Power of Three prophecy was given by Skywatcher to Firestar. But we’ve always assumed that’s where they started and ended.
Rereading the Power of Three has opened my eyes a little. It’s stated a few times that the prophecy never came from StarClan. It came from Rock. If you’re unfamiliar with Rock or just forgot, he comes from the time before the Tribe and the Clans, even before Half Moon (the first Stoneteller). Although Rock is dead, we know for a fact that he isn’t StarClan because he comes from before that.
But what about the rest?
The likely candidates are StarClan, the Dark Forest, and Rock (again).
A clue can be found from Goosefeather’s Curse. The curse here is that Goosefeather knows all prophecies and can see StarClan cats everywhere. Similar to Rock, he is cursed to know all and be powerless to change it. In this book, when Goosefeather first goes to the Moonstone as Goosepaw, the cats of StarClan start spouting prophecies, including the one from The New Prophecy, which won’t happen for at least 24 moons, two years later. And that’s a vague approximation; I expect it to go much farther than that.
So what’s the clue?
StarClan has them stored up. They’re supposed to reveal them when nessecary, but for Goosefeather they just said them all at once. Are StarClan predicting the future, or simply passing on too many messages at once? We can eliminate the Dark Forest, because let’s face it; a few prophecies basically ruined them.
Now we come back to Rock.
Rock is most likely one of the most mysterious characters. He even says it to Jayfeather. “My curse is to live forever, knowing what has been and what has yet to be, powerless to change it.” Why is Rock cursed? That question can be answered another day, but we have to get back to the main point.
Rock basically knows all. He can’t do a thing about it, but he says it right then and there. He tells Jayfeather to go to the mountains, possibly to ‘complete a cycle’ of some sort, similar to how Jay’s Wing went from the lake to the mountains.
But here’s the clincher:
Why hasn’t StarClan said they made these prophecies?
Yes, they can give cats curses like they did Goosefeather, but again, Rock made the prophecy for the Three. They’re at least on an equal level here.
But considering how StarClan never gives the Clan cats the information they actually want, Rock seems like a worthy candidate.
StarClan never tells cats who their enemies are. They never tell them who the cats in the prophecy are. They never do a thing to change anything, with the exception of sending prophecies and fighting the Dark Forest.
But now we get to the idea that sealed the deal for me.
Rock knew their enemies were the Dark Forest. StarClan didn’t really do anything or say anything until the Three arrives, and now they put up borders? It doesn’t seem to make sense.
So here’s what I think.
Rock sees all and knows all. He creates prophecies and sends them to StarClan, most likely with some context as to what it means. StarClan picks a cat to deliver it, and then the cat(s) the prophecy is (are) about hear it.
This article was just for fun. If you see anything that disproves it, point it out. This is a theory I liked and felt worth sharing. I truly doubt this is actually true, but I think it’s an idea. Thanks for reading! Bearpaw, signing off.

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  • Yes! These are the kind of articles I would like to see more of. You did a lot of in depth consideration for the article and executed it really well. I wish that people would question the random things that happen in starclan or in warriors in general more often.

  • This is a very interesting article! 🙂 I’ve always wondered where StarClan got their prophecies from, so I really enjoyed reading your perspective on it. 🙂

  • I really liked your theory! Keep writing awesome articles!

    Weird for a cat, reads Warriors in Chinese

  • [spoiler title=”Where they come from”] [They come from Midnight and Rock, who saw them the first time the sun set over the lake with the anceints ancectors there]

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