Why you should read warriors by Squirrelflight12

Squirrelflight12 shares why people should read Warriors!

Official art from the official Warrior Cats site (Illustrator: Wayne McLoughlin)

Why you should read Warriors

If you love cats a bit of violence some romance heroes and evil plots you will love warriors most of the time warriors fans call it warrior cats but you will instantly fall in love the first series a ordinary kitty pet or thouse cat leaves his comfy home and goes to be in the forest he becomes Firepaw then he falls in love but she is a medicine cat but after that she dies it’s sad but he becomes a warrior named Fireheart he later becomes
Firestar he falls in love with she cat named Sandstorm and the have two kits or kittens squirrelkit and leafkit then squirrelkit and leafkit become squirrelpaw and leafpaw leafpaw is mentored by Cinderpelt the medicine cat and squirrelpaw is mentored by Dustpelt meanwhile a young warrior named Brambleclaw has a dream from Starclan also the dead warrior ancestors they tell him to go on a journey but Squirrelpaw finds out and makes him let her go with him also cats from four other clans Tawnypelt crowfeather Feathertail and stormfur they set of on a journey and they went to Ravenpaw’s barn and got mice and food then they went to the two legged place and met a cat named purdy then they went on with their journey then they came to midnight a badger that likes cats and speaks cat language she gave them a prophecy and sent of they went to the mountains and they ended up helping them but feathertail died they made it back to the forest. That’s all I’m gonna spoil but you should really read warriors there are a lot of books and a bunch of side stories Erin Hunter also wrote three other series Seekers Survivors and Bravelands I know Survivors is good for sure because I have read all those books but I don’t know if seeker and bravelands because I haven’t read those but I love warriors and I think that everyone should read warriors I hope you do after reading my article. Thanks for reading comment if I can make it better.

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  • Hey i love your idea! It gives newcomers a good overview of Warriors without giving too much away! I think you could have used a bit more punctuation in a lot of the sentences to make it clearer 😉 Overall a pretty good article!

  • Nice article! 🙂 I think this gives a very good overview on Warriors, although I wouldn’t spoil things like Feathertail’s death and how Fireheart becomes mates with Sandstorm. I think some people wouldn’t read the books if they know things like that, but that’s just me. Other than that, great job! 😀

  • I like how you TELL the newbies about violence, since a few people don’t like how there isn’t a warning 🙂

    I’d suggest paragraphs, just to help you out.

  • I have gotten my cousin hooked on warriors, and now I have someone in my family to play roleplay warriors with! Yay! 😜🐈💨

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