[Bluestar looks out at the Sunningrocks as the afternoon sun reflects off the water]

Thunderclan vs Riverclan (Debating with my Sister) by Starstripe and Moonripple

Starstripe and Moonripple wonder which clan is better, ThunderClan or RiverClan? What Clan do you side with, if any at all?

Art by duckei


Starstripe: Bonjourno fellow cat-lovers or cats (no judging here) and welcome to another pawesome debate with me and this…furrball here.
Moonripple: Furball yourself! Welcome warriors of Blogclan, gather around the highrock for a clan meeting.
Starstripe: Moon, you are not Moonstar. Surely, I would be leader due to how silly my name would sound?
Moonripple: I strongly disagree on the first part of that statement but I do agree on the second. ‘The great and powerful Starstar’. I guess we know who’s the leader.
Starstripe: Gee thanks. Now…dear reader, you may or may have not read the two past blogs me and my sister have written.
Moonripple: If you haven’t, be sure to check them out and leave a comment!
How did YOU discover Warriors
The Truth about Dovewing
Starstripe: Our last one was a debate between me and my sister about Dovewing. But I want a rematch! Since Moony won!
Moonripple: We will have this debate to further show my glory and intelligence. Please comment on who you think won, 1 mark for #TeamMoon and no marks for #TeamStar.
Starstripe: …
Now that’s just mean. Today my cat-stellations, we are doing the one and only…
Thunderclan vs Riverclan.
Moonripple: Yes! Now Taurus, Gemini, Aquarius and Orion, today the famous humans along with Silverpelt will be viewing this debate. The stars are on my side.
Starstripe: Riverclan is Ravenclaw. Aren’t you a Ravenclaw.
Moonripple: Well Thunderclan is Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, we’re divergent.
Starstripe: Save it moon. Let the battle commence!

Round 1
Moonripple: Bluestar, Pinestar, Sunstar and Firestar, look down from Silverpelt and wish me luck! My first point is that Thunderclan is more welcoming to outsiders (such as Kittypets and loners)
Starstripe: Welcoming cats is what gets you cats like Sol and Bloodclan. Well done Thunderclan! Plus, one of the most annoying cats of all time (Jessie). Also, think of all the time spent training them, when many go back home anyway Eg: Jessie, Minty, Cloudpaw, Brook e.c.t (There are plenty more). Lastly, Riverclan also welcomes strangers (Sasha).
Moonripple: Every good intention has its downsides, but so many outsiders have changed the clans such as Firepaw/star. Also, Cloudpaw came back to the clans. A cat has the right to choose their path and may change their minds.
Starstripe: I’m not disputing that, but you can admit that in clan terms welcoming strangers isn’t always a good thing. Besides Riverclan accept cats too.
Moonripple: That’s right but not as many as Thunderclan and remember, most of the clan cats from the mountains did come from somewhere. We all descended from outsiders.
Starstripe: You’re going off your point Moon.
Moonripple: Okay, back on point, Thunderclan has welcomed more cats and are usually kinder to other cats.
Starstripe: Sure they have. But from my memory rogues, loners and kittypets have nearly destroyed clans. Multiple times.
Moving on.

Round 2
Starstripe: We Riverclan cats are most original in the way we live, we swim, a skill that no other cats can do. As well as eating food that everyone else refuses to eat but results in us being the best fed.
Moonripple: Just because you are more willing to get your paws wet does not make you the better clan! Trying out different things is not always a good thing, don’t play with fire.
Starstripe: Well welcoming strangers doesn’t make you better either, you are being such a hypocrite. We think outside the box, try things no-one else comes up with , such as our dens for example. We are accepting of outsiders and disabled cats (which of course Thunderclan cats are too). Which has led to us leading much happier lives and being much better off. As well as having the fairest leadership in terms of gender. Rather than the male-dominated Thunderclan.
Moonripple: We did have Bluestar and even though it is male dominated, it has nothing to do with gender but with the cat’s personality and his/her loyalty.
Starstripe: True, but we did have the best founder out of all the clans. Also, in terms of loyalty, you aren’t very good at that. Tigerstar, Darkstripe, Graystripe, Cloudpaw, Pinestar, Ivypool (for a bit), Lionblaze, Bluestar. The amount of cats that have betrayed the clan in some way is unrivalled by any other clan.
Moonripple: That isn’t entirely true, most of Shadowclan left their clan to join the rouges. And despite that, it wasn’t Thunderclan that decided to accept Tigerstar and murder all half clan cats.
Starstripe: Yes, but it was your decision to accept to Sol, wasn’t it?
Moonripple: …
Starstripe: I rest my case, now that that’s settled moving on to my original point. We are more equal in terms of gender (Look at our leadership) and have been willing to find a way of life that sets us apart from every other clan, Within our uniqueness, we have demonstrated that we are the best clan.
Case Closed.

Round 3
Moonripple: Most of the cats with powers and the cats who changed the course of the lives of the warriors were from Thunderclan cats (Jayfeather, Lionblaze, Firestar, Dovewing ect.)
Starstripe: Ok let’s look what we have here, an incredible firecat, Jayie, An arrogant furrball and a whiny Mary-Sue. Woooooowwwww, Thunderclan’s great.
Moonripple: It is agreed by the majority of voting warriors that Dovewing is not an arrogant whiny Mary-Sue. (If you haven’t voted, please check out our last blog!) And Firestar and Jayie are amazing and yeah, Thunderclan is great!!
Starstripe: I know Firestar’s great…why else would i call him incredible fire-cat? Besides,
we are powerful too. Calling in our first witnesses…Feathertail and Stormfur!
Feathertail and Stormfur: Yeah we agree, we are both awesome, our parents are awesome , and our clan is awesome.
Moonripple: But you are both half-clan and that half comes from Thunderclan. So half of your awesomeness comes from Thunderclan.
Starstripe: We’re both arguing that Thunderclan and Riverclan are the best clans, then surely a half-clan Riverclan cat would be the most awesome of all?
Moonripple: …yes. You have a great point there. Mistystar, Stonefur, Feathertail, Stormfur…
Starstripe: Why I’m so glad you agree Moon, considering that they’re all Riverclan cats surely you can’t be saying that we’re better…but that can’t be true because that’s the very thing you’re arguing against…
Starstripe: Now, now Moon, this really isn’t helping your argument, besides i really don’t think Hawkfrost compares to Tigerstar, Darkstripe, Cloudpaw, Pinestar, Graystripe, Ivypool, Lionblaze, Bluestar, Thistleclaw and the number of other cats who betrayed thunderclan. So…………
Moonripple: Well, Silverstream, Oakheart, Leopardstar (she let Tigerstar make the Tigerclan alliance) did betray Riverclan so yeah.
Starstripe: Firstly Leopardstar never actually BETRAYED her clan, sure she made a really bad decision, but one that she later fixed.
Moonripple: But Riverclan had to pay a heavy price for that.
Starstripe: Oh, like Thunderclan had to pay for letting in Sol, Brokenstar and a bunch of idiots. Also considering it was a THUNDERCLAN CAT who ordered Stonefur to actually be killed in the first place.
Moonripple: But in the end, it was a Thunderclan cat (Firestar) who killed Tigerstar and it was Yellowfang (who joined Thunderclan from Shadowclan) who killed Brokenstar so it was the Thunderclan cats who ended the lives of these horrible cats.
Starstripe: I’m glad they clean up their own mess, how eco-friendly of them!
Moonripple: This has nothing to do with the environment, you have used eco-friendly in the wrong context. Anyway, to the next point.

-A Short Serious Intermission-
Starstripe: Actually…it is entirely linked to the environment.
An average of 150 species become extinct each day due to us cutting down the Rainforest. In this case our Warriors were lucky, they now have the lake, but please be considerate. Recycle, eat less meat, throw away trash bags, maybe take the bike or bus. As animal lovers, which I’m sure we all are, we need to address this issue.
Mooonripple: It is estimated that 25% if the world’s total greenhouse gas production comes from deforestation alone. This is what happened to the warriors and since they were in clans, they could work together to escape but other species and some loners and rouges aren’t as lucky. Please think before wasting paper, reuse as much as possible to prevent this from happening.

Thank you so much, we just thought we should use this opportunity to talk about something we’re very passionate about.
If you’re into making a difference here’s a little petition you can sign.
Petition for climate change-> Petition link
Sorry for going all serious on you…
Back to Warriors

A little outro

Starstripe: Thank you again so much for reading! Just to remind you, please vote who you thought won the debate by using the hashtag #TeamStar or #TeamMoon to let us know who won!
Moonripple: We can’t wait to find out though I have a feeling that I’m going to win again mwahahaha
Starstripe: Honestly if you do, It will have been well deserved.
Thank you for reading
And Don’t Forget to Be Awesome!

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  • I love how Starstripe is like “taking in loners is really bad bla bla bla” and then says “but we also do this thing that I just said is not good!”


    And the clans have nothing to do with Hogwarts houses, which clan would Slytherin be? It doesn’t match up

  • #TeamStar, I like RiverClan because of their unique way of hunting, fishing. Why must all the warriors books be focused on ThunderClan? Like, seriously. The one series that isn’t just focusing on ThunderClan -The Broken Code- focuses on Shadowpaw from ShadowClan, Rootspring from SkyClan, and Bristlefrost from ThunderClan. WHY ARE THERE NO RIVERCLAN CATS?!?!

  • this is a debate…


    Irinasplash: Shadowclan’s bad reputition only come from a lack of prey.
    Starclaw: This is not a reason to reject help.
    Irinasplash: Being proud is good.
    Starclaw: Do not be too proud. Help other clans!!
    Irinasplash: Oo, we say “I hope I can throw my clan away for windclan?”
    Starclaw: YOU SHOULD
    Irinasplash: We can only help others after our clan is fed.
    Starclaw: How ’bout Brokenstar?
    Irinasplash: no. It is not shadowclans fault they got brokentail
    Starclaw: Shadowstar is mean!
    Starclaw: He started a battle
    Irinasplash: to protect shadowclan, yes.
    Starclaw: Thunderclan take in cats
    Irinasplash: Like Sol, Brokentail, and …
    Starclaw: Like firestar
    Irinasplash: The majority of cross clan relationship traitors are thunderclan
    Starclaw: Uhh
    Irinasplash: Also, you just claim sunningrocks because the river changed!
    Starclaw: UMM
    Irinasplash: you only are so great cause Firestar!
    starclaw: Sunstar! Pinestar!
    Irinasplash: Sunstar are a bit too aggresive, and pinestar is a traitor!
    Starclaw: Never mind
    Irinasplash: Who opposed the impostor?
    Starclaw: Ummm… Leafstar?
    Irinasplash: TIGERHEARTSTAR
    Starclaw: Rowanstar is weak.
    Irinasplash: Pinestar too
    Starclaw: I am running out of arguments… Owlstar is great!
    Irinasplash: Owlstar is a legend
    Starclaw: YOU WIN

  • #TeamStar, RiverClan has the best founder, they are the most interesting clan, they never had a leader who is to perfect to be an interesting character, they had a good claim to sunningrocks… I could go on.

  • RiverClan is overrated. I know people like them because they are pretty and eat fish and everyone is beautiful and sleek furred, but still, I feel like they are boring. Even though they have such a different lifestyle, I got reallyyyyyyyyyyy bored reading Crookedstar’s Promise and the only good part was the Mapleshade part am I’m ok with Mapleshade. I agree that I don’t know why ThunderClan gets all the attention because there are a bunch of other characters that are interesting and I think the authors are ignoring them, they don’t get all the glory and they are the most accepting, which is a strength while everyone else thinks it’s a weakness. Honestly, all Clans think they are the best and Thunder and River are no exception, but I’m getting so sick that everyone treats rogues like trash! It’s like Clan cats think living in the Clan is the only way of life while some rogues enjoy being alone and living in the stars. ThunderClan treats rogues much more than other Clans, but RiverClan is pretty good too, even though I like ThunderClan better. Plus, RiverClan editions are so boring while everyone thinks they are soo great and even though ThunderClan gets a lot of glory, everyone is literally like: RiverClan should get everything! If RiverClan got everything, everyone would complain about how they got the most attention and why they got everything and lots of attention. I hate how the Clans treat rogues and I feel like there should be more cats that do whats right instead of just doing what is good for there Clan. Go ThunderClan!

  • #TeamStar definitely. RiverClan is honestly the best Clan ever! I love the way they fish for food, and it just amazes me about the advantages of being able to swim across the river. It proves that you are strong enough to withstand the icy current. Plus, if you accidentally fall into the river while trying to fish, you can just swim right back up. The river also gives you extra battles moves, like ambushing under the surface of the water and then springing up of all a sudden. That move’s my favorite, by the way. Also, if you were a RiverClan cat, you would be very, very lucky. Why? You have food all the way throughout leaf-bare, so you would never starve! ~ Cloudy

  • But if Tc didn’t take in Rusty the clans would have never been formed (fire->leaf->JAY going back in time forming the CLANS)

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