Happy Birthday, Ivystone!

The time has come for another birthday celebration!

It’s Ivyne’s birthday! I’ve prepared (more like grabbed off of the internet, but oh well) a special cake for the occasion 😉

Happy birthday, Ivyne!


Everyone on the Blog is so grateful that you’re here, Ivyne! You’re super smart, funny, kind, and we don’t know what we’d do without you ❤️

We hope you have a fabulous birthday 😃




✨ Cheetahspark ✨



  • Thanks, everyone! 😀 (My friends irl celebrated by giving me candy, which is not a very wise thing to do because I get sugar highs really easily but oh well 😛 Icepaw and Honeypaw sang the Happy Birthday song in Chinese, though 😛 )

  • Happy birthday, Hazy! Here’s a gift, just for you!

    H – Hard-Working
    A – Ambitious
    Z – Zany (fun 😀 😛 )
    E – Exuberant
    L – Level-Headed
    H – Heartful
    O – Outstanding
    L – Learned
    L – Lively
    Y – Youthful

    *insert birthday cake emoji and repeated cheesy cheers here* 😛