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Frogface shares their thoughts on Twigbranch. Spoilers for AVOS!

Official cover art (Illustrator: Owen Richardson)

I don’t want to go too in depth as I’m usually not the best when it comes to putting my thoughts into words, but anyway, I wanted to do a take on Twigbranch’s character! I will not lie, though. This article may be biased.

It all started when Alderpaw and Needlepaw found two kits on the verge of death and took them in. Needlepaw took Violetkit because too her, she was a trophy, while Alderpaw took the other kit and wanted to make sure she had a good life that knew of no hurt besides the fact her sister was in another Clan. However, this lead to many different things: first one is that Twigkit was spoiled and ended up getting away with a lot of rule breaking, but I won’t completely put Alderheart at fault for this. Another is that Twigkit hated feeling anything less than special and was hurt when Jayfeather called her out in the second book. It hurt her to the point she snuck out and nearly drowned because of it.

Continuing on, Twigkit loves her biological mother, despite never knowing her. Being adopted in a place full of blood relatives can sometimes make you feel you’re less-than-special. That’s why, when she almost drowned, she saw (or thought she saw) her mother. It was the ultimate comfort and Twigkit later reprimands herself for thinking such a foolish thought.

It also explains why Twigkit is always longing for her sister, Violetkit. Twigkit is irrational; she’s a kit. She doesn’t understand that a foster family can love you just as much as blood family and that’s understandable.

When Twigkit becomes Twigpaw and gets Ivypool as her mentor, it’s almost like she got a new big sister. Twigpaw loves Ivypool, but still not as much as she loves her blood family, or so she thinks. Ivypool understands where Twigpaw is coming from when she worries for her sister and not only lets, but agrees to let Twigpaw go see her sister. It is yet another time that Twigpaw got to break the rules without consequence.

Another example of Twigpaw wanting her family terribly is when she runs out onto the road and nearly gets hit by a car, an irrational thought process caused by the fact her mom is missing.

Moving on to the third book, Alderheart receives a vision about SkyClan and tells ThunderClan about it and Bramblestar says they should wait, but Twigpaw is deeply hurt. All she ever wanted was to be with her family to the point it’s become a desperation; a terrible want. She’s broken the rules more than once with the biggest consequence being a nick to her ear. So, it’s no surprise when she sneaks out without a second thought, determined to find the family she thought lost.

The Warriors website describes Twigbranch as silly, caring, hardworking, and impulsive. The things we see above are examples of her being both hardworking and impulsive. She goes through immeasurable lengths to find SkyClan and doesn’t give up (she almost does, though) even when she falls out of a tree and gets hit by a car. When this cat sets her mind to something, she will do it. She’s a go-getter. You can never accuse her of giving up.

For the fourth book, she joins SkyClan, finally happy to be reunited with a family she thought lost. This is the book she’s most shown to be caring and silly. She saves Finpaw from getting killed by a branch and is the one to comfort him through his hurt. She doesn’t go with Violetpaw and Hawkwing because she wants to make sure Finpaw is okay and this leads the two to become partners in crime, doing silly things together and just having fun. However, something haunts Twigpaw through out the whole book, and it’s ThunderClan. It’s the Clan she grew up in and the Clan she’s grown to love without realizing it and this causes Twigpaw to leave, leaving behind the family she so desperately thought she wanted.

I’m going to combine the last two books of AVoS.

In River of Fire, Twigpaw is still a rebellious apprentice, but this time, it’s because of her caring traits that she does this. She goes to the Moonpool to see if she can help, and she and Violetshine form a plan to rebuild ShadowClan. At the end of the book, she earns her warrior name: Twigbranch (eughh). In the last book, she is starting to take everything more seriously now that she is an actual warrior of ThunderClan and knows that she chose this life. However, her faults and insecurities are what leads her to be a terrible mentor to Flypaw and it certainly doesn’t help that Finleap was emotionally manipulating her through out the whole book. She just wants to focus on herself and how she can improve. Well, it eventually happens and her relationship with Flypaw improves and Finleap states he was having a bad day (yeah, likely story). She grew into her own.

Well, that’s it! Thanks for putting in the time to read this. 🙂

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