A Month’s Round-up in Cats: Kitty Purrsonalities!

It’s been a long month, and here’s some cat facts, photos, and videos to heal you!

To start this round-up, I’d like to call attention to some new research in the wonderful (and under-represented) field of cat personality!  According to a new study, researchers have determined 5 Feline Personality types that can be recognized in your own pet! These types encompass: Neuroticism, Extraversion, Dominant, Impulsiveness, and Agreeableness.

Thinking about the mysteries of the galaxy…

High-scoring neurotic cats are anxious and often fearful of people.  They relish the opportunity to hide instead of facing things that are new and scary to them, and you could probably find them hiding in a box when company is over (sound familiar…Ravenpaw?)


Extraverted cats like to just be in your business all the time.  They need constant mental stimulation, and are probably going to be underfoot with whatever you’re doing.


Dominant cats are basically the type that want everything in their house to be…theirs.  Any food, toys, or even litter available belongs to them now, did belong to them then, and will always belong to them in the future!

Why does this kitten look like it holds the keys of the universe..?

Impulsive cats, which I find WILDLY relatable, just kind of carry out decisions on the fly in an erratic way.  When encountering any situation, they usually like to just…run away. Run, run away, and never return…

Happy kitty!

And onto my personal favorite cat, which is the agreeable cat.  They’re little social butterflies that approach guests with a raised tail and a purr.  What personality type is your cat?

Tell us in the comments!

Onto the video of the month, Pumkin the Munchkin cat.  Munchkin cats are a breed of cats that are bred to have dwarfism, so they’re about half the height of a regular one.  This cat, Pumkin, would like every treat that you have ever owned:

Does your cat (or dog) do something similar when s/he wants something?  

Before we go, I would like to introduce you all to our junior Monthly Round-up Assistant…the long-awaited, much-hyped Sully!

8 weeks old and ready to rock ‘n roll!

Have a lovely day, and see you next month!