My fav cats in the first series by Silverkit

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Silverkit lists their favourite cats from the first arc. Are any of these felines on your list?

My top Five favorite warrior cats in the first series!

Hi everyone!!! My name is silverkit and I present to you my top five favorite warrior cats in the first series, the TPB! (Warning Some spoilers included if you haven’t read the first series.) 🙂

5. Mistyfoot, Mistyfoot appeared a lot in the books even though she is a RiverClan cat. She is one of Bluestar’s kits! She is a loyal cat to Riverclan. I hate when Tigerstar made her a prisoner and leopardstar didn’t do ANYTHING about it! If I was her I would stayed in Thunderclan like Yellowfang! She joins the clan that let her brother get killed! I love when she and Stonefur tried to save Bluestar’s life when she was drowning. Mistyfoot is a great character!
4.Yellowfang, I like Yellowfang because she made a big impact in the books she was in. Don’t judge me for this but, when I first read about Yellowfang I was like I hated her! The more parts she was in I liked her better. When she died in the fire was my favorite part! (Not because she died, because of the words she told fireheart.) The words she said to Fireheart was truthful and sweet. I know this isn’t in the first series but, Yellowfang was super cute as a kit. Her powers made her become the medicine cat she had became. Yellowfang’s life was unfair since, she had been exiled by shadowclan and couldn’t be with her kits. This is why it is interesting to read about her.
3. Cloudtail, I like Cloudtail because he was so cute as a kit and apprentice. He always talked back to Firestar and doesn’t believe in StarClan. It’s soooo cute! The way Cloudtail cares for Brightheart is so cute. My favorite line is “see, your still beautiful.” He made a fuss about the name Lostface. Bluestar, really you would name a cat a cruel name like lostface. *reminds myself, Bluestar already named cats Oneye and Halftail* really Bluestar! Brightheart becomes a great warrior thanks to the help of Cloudtail! Again Bright x Cloud is soooo cute. It’s my favorite ship in warriors!
2. Firestar, you saw this coming! It’s the main character who started it all, Firestar! I like Firestar because he is brave! He didn’t let tigerstar/claw ever bother him. He showed everyone that being a kitty pet is not a bad thing! I couldn’t pick a better cat to be the main character of the first series! I also love Sand x Fire.
1.Cinderpelt, Cinderpelt is my favorite warrior cat! She was my favorite ever since she became an apprentice. To me, she is just cutest! When she got crushed by a monster, I was so sad! Thanks a lot Tigerstar! She couldn’t be a warrior and fireheart that it was his fault! Then she became a medicine cat! I was so happy for her! What I most like about Cinderpelt is her energetic personality. That’s why I liked her from the start! Even though I wanted her to become a warrior, Cinderpelt my favorite warrior cat!

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