Best canon Ships of TPB by Gingerpaw

Gingerpaw lists the couples of the first arc from least favourite to favourite. How do you feel about these pairs?

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Hello! I do not know how to begin an article. RIP. Just for reference, I count canon ships as ships where it is pretty much confirmed that at least one cat likes the other, or they are/were mates. For example: Dove x Bumble is canon. Ivy x Hawk is not. I’m gonna just begin with the canon ships, from 8 to 1.

8. Tiger x Golden
This ship was pretty bad. It’s one-sided at best. We know that Tigerstar, certainly didn’t love Goldenflower, and it’s unconfirmed whether Goldenflower loved him. The only good thing to be said is that at least Tigerstar kind of seems to care for his kits? He at least seems a little concerned when Bramblekit is about to burn up in Tigerstar’s Fury.

7. Spotted x Fire
Most people hate this ship, and I have to say I agree. Well, maybe not hate. Hate is a bad word. *ahem* I strongly dislike this ship. It came out of nowhere, and don’t get me started on the age difference. It’s kind of ridiculous that Firestar’s crush as an apprentice got stretched out as a plot point all the way to the Last Hope.

6. Yellow x Ragged
I had trouble deciding which one was worse, this one, or Spotted x Fire. One redeeming point is that they did love each other for more than just looks. However, this ship is still not great, not at all. It would be much better if Raggedstar and Yellowfang had never loved each other.

5. Cinder x Fire
I have mixed opinions about this ship. While it seems cute at first, it would never work out in the real world. I think it adds a lot more to Cinderpelt’s character and story. Don’t ask me why I’m okay with this ship but not Spotted x Fire. I have no idea.

4. Blue x Oak
I tend to not like forbidden ships, but this one is okay, I guess. I’m really alright with it because the writing of Bluestar’s Prophecy. Bluestar shows a lot of emotion, and there is some foreshadowing so that it’s not just just love at first sight. Even though Bluestar and Oakheart don’t spend much time together, it’s still easy to see how Bluestar would fall for him, and it doesn’t feel forced.

3. Sand x Fire
Now, don’t kill me for this: I don’t love this ship. I know what you’re thinking. Why did you put the ship to number three, then, Gingie? Do you not like any of Firestar’s ships? My answer: not reeeaaaallllllyyyy. I mean, I’m really just eh on this one. I like it a bit less than Cinder x Fire and way more than Spotted x Fire. I did give it third place, though, putting my personal opinion aside. Why? Because of its development. This couple may have seemed out-of-nowhere at first, but his couple went throught a lot together. If this couple didn’t deserve number three during the Darkest Hour, they certainly do now after sending many moons together, and a whole super-edition working out their issues. They really deserve this spot, no matter my personal opinion.
2. Gray x Silver
A lot of people really either like or hate this ship, but it seems to be more popular than Graystripe and Millie. I view the ship as the first forbidden relationaship in Warriors. I don’t count Spotted x Fire, because that didn’t go anywhere. I think that Graystripe was a really carefree charcter, and his falling in love with Silverstream kind of forces him to grow up. He really matures a lot through the whole experience. Also, Graystripes dedication to his kits is so awesome!

1. Crooked x Willow
EEEKK! *ahem* Sorry. This couple was actually super well developed. Maybe not as much as Sand x Fire, but for one super-edition, it’s plenty. It really makes a lot of sense in late books when you consider how strict Crookedstar was with Silverstream. It’s really sweet to me how Crookedstar finally finds love. Props to Erin Hunter for being the closest book in Warriors to make me cry.

Thanks for reading! I might do a article about noncanon ships later. Keep your eye out for that, and have a good day!

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