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Pinesplash shares some heart-wrenching scenes from the series.

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Hey everyone! It’s Pinesplash here with my first article! I thought today I would give you the top 10 saddest warrior cat scenes. This means it doesn’t have to be just deaths, it could be anything. Keep in mind, these are my opinions and everyone is entitled to their own. You may agree with me, you might not. This may also include spoilers, so beware. (Number 10 least sad, number 1 saddest)

10. Bramblestar to Jessy about Squirrelflight

Okay… I’m probably the only who cried here but let’s talk about this. In Bramblestar’s Storm, Bramblestar rescues a kittypet named Jessy from the floods, as we all know. He later contemplates being her mate, as they develop feelings for one another. I believe that she loved him. When she decides to leave ThunderClan, Bramblestar says he could of loved her. Yeah. Some people might have shipped those two but boy I do not. BramblestarxSquirrelflight forever. When he said that I just started crying because like, how could he even imagine being with someone besides Squirrelflight? She risked so much for him, and when they kept doing flashbacks to when they were mates I just couldn’t. Okay enough about that.

9. Firestar about Squirrelpaw and Brambleclaw

Alright so I believe this was in Midnight, the first book in the New Prophecy. So as you know Firestar was trying to keep Squirrelpaw and Brambleclaw apart because he misunderstood an omen. That’s when they left the Clan on their journey. What made me so sad was when Firestar was completely distraught that his daughter was gone and he thinks it’s his fault. He kept sending out patrols and asking StarClan if she was safe. I just kinda got depressed.

8. Dustpelt’s death

This was in Bramblestar’s Storm against the badgers. Let’s face it, Dustpelt was really old. He was never my favorite, but he was an OG and didn’t deserve to die like that. What really got to me though was when Brackenfur was repairing the dens and he tried to ask Dustpelt something then realized he died. Yeah. But it was comforting when Dustpelt’s family welcomed him to StarClan.

7. Pebbleshine being captured

Hawkwing’s Journey. That one got me. She was pregnant with Hawkwing’s kits and was taken my twolegs, never to be seen again. I cried.

6. Brindleface’s death

What really made me angry and sad about this one was that her death was for nothing. Tigerstar killed her so that the dogs could have a taste for cat, but they never reached her anyways. And Cloudtail’s response was heartbreaking because she raised him as her own.

5. Hollyleaf’s disappearance

It was heartbreaking that Hollyleaf felt like she NEEDED to go away, that everyone was better off without her. But what was worse is that right after she went in the tunnels, all Jayfeather could think about was the prophecy. Look dude your sis just “died” and that’s all you think about? She wasn’t even in the prophecy anyways.

4. Bluestar’s death

Bluestar was a good leader until she went crazy, and one of my favorite books is Bluestar’s Prophecy. Her death was super sad because everyone still thought she was psycho, and then when Fireheart was about to die she saved him. I thought she was going to survive when she was pulled out of the water, but she died with her kits and her mate around her, which was sweet. It was still sad to see Fireheart crushed, because she was like a mother to him.

3. Graystripe’s vigil

Wow I cried here. I don’t think I cried very much the first time around, but when I was re-reading the series and came upon this part, I bawled. I even knew he was coming back, but it was the saddest thing ever. When they were all talking about how close they were with him, and how they would all miss him so much I just-

2. Gray Wing’s death

This is from Dawn of the Clans which I don’t know if a lot of people have read but that series is very underrated. DOTC is possibly my favorite arc. The characters are so well developed and I love the story line. Gray Wing had been through so much in his life and he had grown to be one of my favorite characters. When he got really old and was coming down with his sickness at the end of the last book I knew this was it. He was with his kits and one of them said “he’s got the sniffles!” I broke down, because right after that he died. WHYYYYYYY

Honorable mentions: Sandstorm’s death, Silverstream’s death, the Clans leaving the forest, Longtail’s death, Briarlight’s injury

1. The Last Hope ending

This is arguably the saddest thing to ever happen in the history of the world. All the deaths made me cry. All of them. (From ThunderClan at least). Let’s see we have Spottedleaf, Firestar, Hollyleaf, Mousefur, Sorreltail, Foxleap. I just dropped the book and bawled my eyes out. Especially when Firestar watched Spottedleaf die, and when the cats who gave Firestar nine lives came after he died. When Bluestar said that Spottedleaf wasn’t with StarClan anymore, but she gave him a life for love, it said that a sob shook Sandstorm and that’s where I lost it. Completely. I completely lost it.

Well thanks for joining me on this ride of emotions, I’ll see y’all next time.

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  • Fun Fact: I’ve NEVER cried during a Warriors book. But I don’t judge you, there ARE many times I have almost cried. ALMOST.

  • One of my least favorite scenes is when Storm died. Such a bad way to die. And when Clear Sky would not take his OWN SON(Tunder) I nearly screamed.

  • I cried for over an HOUR when Firestar died. And then everyone acted as if nothing happened! I will never get over firestar dieing.

  • (Spoilers for The Broken Code)

    I know this was probably posted before The Broken Code, but I would like to add the scene after Bristlefrost’s death when Rootspring was searching the ground looking for her, and instead found her dying dream of their imaginary kits. I have cried many a few times reading Warriors books, but this really took the edge in sadness levels. Don’t give me a copy of your Light in the Mist, or it might go back slightly wet.

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