BlogClanner In The Spotlight: Juniperdew

In this month’s edition of BITS, we have special guest Juniperdew!

Welcome to this month’s BlogClanner In The Spotlight (BITS) interview! Today our lovely interviewee is none other than Juniperdew, or Juni. They have been around since June 1, 2015, even longer than me! Let’s jump into this interview to learn more about them.

Q: How did you discover Warriors? How about BlogClan? 🐱🐈

A: In third grade, one of my friends was reading Warriors, and I was interested. However, I didn’t get to it until that next year when these kids were roleplaying Warriors during recess. Not knowing that the suffix -star was for leaders, I wanted to go by Moonstar, but someone corrected me, so I went by Moonleaf or something like that. The year after that, I was scrolling through Warriors Wikia, when I saw that there was going to be a new series with Squirrelflight’s kits in them (A Vision Of Shadows). And even better, there was an allegiances list on Kate’s blog! I scrolled through the comments on there and was surprised to see that they were actually decent (aka not youtube comments), and decided to lurk for a bit. After about three months of stalking, I joined under the name of Sootstorm (aka SOOTY!!!)

Q: Who are your favourite and least favourite Warriors characters?

A: I honestly don’t have many opinions on the cats anymore, lol. For my favorite, I’d have to say Squirrelflight? I really liked her as an apprentice, and I thought she was super courageous when she took care of Leafpool’s kits. Mothwing’s also cool, though. My least favorite has pretty much always been Ashfur—I could go on a rant about him but it would be too long for this.

Q: Why did you choose this name? Is it your original?

A: This isn’t my original name because I really can’t stick to things (other warrior names of mine include: Sootstorm, Stormyshadow, Altosong, Juniperleaf, Silver Juniper, Kestrelheart, Heronsomething and Juniperpool). I chose Juniper- as a prefix way back in 2015, when the previews of AVOS came out. I named myself after Juniperkit (since he was the son of one of my favorite characters, Squirrelflight) and Juniper, an old Leafeon of mine. Surprisingly, I stuck to -pool for a long time, but I chose the suffix -dew recently because 1) I wasn’t attached to -pool anymore, and 2) I still wanted to maintain that water aesthetic.

Q: If you could travel anywhere right now, where would it be? ✈️

A: There’s a lot of places I’d like to go to, so I’ll list only two. Greece sounds like a nice place—its history seems very interesting! I’d like to see the island of Lesbos the most though because there’s really nice stuff (ex. Roman aqueducts and petrified forests), and it’s the birthplace of Sappho. I’m weak to the cold, but Finland’s also another place I’d visit. I love staying cozy in the cold, and there’s a chance to witness the northern lights! The people seem very friendly as well (it’s been named the happiest place in the world). Winter Edit: Canada would like a word!!!

Q: Quick! Favourite animal, colour, season, and food!

A: Animal—Fennec foxes, raccoons, tasmanian devils, and sea dragons are cool, but geese are supreme. Colour—I’m not so sure, to be honest. Season—I’d say autumn or winter (unpopular opinion: winter break > summer break). 🍂❄️ Food—This is tough, but I’ll have to say either salmon sashimi or beanless chili.

Q: If you could change one thing that happened in Warriors, what would it be?

A: Haven’t read the series in forever, sorry, but…
I’d wish for more LGBTQ+ rep 🌈 in the series, even though the authors aren’t allowed due to some countries being super homophobic.

Q: What is your favourite page on the Blog?

A: I’d go with the discussion pages—it’s always nice seeing people that have the same interests as me!

Q: Pineapple on pizza????? 🍍+ 🍕⁉️⁉️⁉️

A: Ah, yes, the only valid Internet discourse. I’m neutral on this subject, since I’ve never tried it. I’d rather not judge before I try. Winter Edit: You saved yourself some controversy there Juni!!! I see you.

Q: And, finally, what has your favourite memory been during your time on the blog?

A: It’s a tie between Flo creating the wiki chat, and the first time Cypresswind came back. Cyp was a good friend of mine; she was super impactful and mature! It was hard seeing her leave—when I saw her on wikia chat, I immediately leapt on. Also Thomas the 🚂 is 10/10 and deserved to be chat background! Winter Edit: I loved Cyp too; she was great.

Thank you Juni for being such a great subject! They were very cooperative and flexible. I hope you BlogClanners enjoyed this month’s edition of BITS—tell me all about it in the comments! I have one last thing to share with you: this amazing artwork by Juni!

❄️ Winterwhisper ❄️


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