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Analyzing Warrior Cats: Thistleclaw: Evil or not? By Yewberry

Art by Warrior-Junkie

Yewberry shares their thoughts on Thistleclaw. Is he really that evil?

Thistleclaw. You know, there are some.. um… Mixed opinions on this guy. Personally, this is going to be difficult because I HATE Thistleclaw. But Yewberry PROMISES to give you the run around on Thistleclaw, good traits and all. Alright. Let’s get started.

Alright. Let’s start with why people believe that he’s the evil cat that he totally is. Well, let’s go back to the snoozefest that was Bluestar’s Prophecy. You guys need to remember that this was in BLUSTAR’S perspective, not Thistleclaw’s. Honestly, Bluestar was just as rude and inconsiderate as Thistleclaw, at times. Thistleclaw is mostly hated because people and warriors fans all around the world blame him for the infamous Tigerclaw/ star rising to power in the forest. But although Thistleclaw WAS part of Tigerstar’s character development, it wasn’t ALL Thistleclaw’s fault. One thing that did get me was Thistleclaw urging Tigerpaw to attack young tiny. Tiny later became the evil Scourge. But I personally don’t think it was because of the attack, and actually, we know it isn’t because Tiny wanted to look tough, so he took an old dog’s falling out teeth and stuck them to his collar. So we know Scourge’s and Tigerclaw’s devilment wasn’t entirely Thistleclaw’s fault. And Thistleclaw was extremely ambitious.
“Oh yes. There was Thistleclaw. He was a fine warrior, strong and brave. But his answer to every problem was a fight. Should I have watched him be made deputy, and then leader, and let him force the Clan into unnecessary wars? He died as he lived, Fireheart, a few seasons before you came to join us, attacking a RiverClan patrol on the border. Wild and arrogant to the last. I couldn’t stand by and let him destroy my Clan.”— Bluestarabout Thistleclaw in Forest of Secrets, page 233
The quote above describes Thistleclaw very accurately. He was so ambitious that he died attacking a RiverClan patrol. Alone. Alone. Let me say that again: Alone. And in case you didn’t hear me: Alone!
One reason he went to the dark forest is because he had a strong desire for fighting and killing, and he (to the least) pushed the warrior code at times…. Okay, more than pushed it. Destroyed it. Trained in the dark forest and neglected and injured a kit in need.
So, I hope you enjoyed my first article about analyzing the controversial Thistleclaw! Watch out for more articles by your favorite medicine cat, Yewberry!

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