Analyzing the Character of Mousefur by Adderkit

Art by pricklycat

Adderkit analyzes the ThunderClan Warrior, Mousefur!

Hi all you cats out there! It’s me, Adderkit, and today we’ll be getting ready for…
Analyzing the Character of Mousefur! Yoo-hoo!

Mousefur is the daughter of One-eye and Halftail (she has their sharp tongue!). In her warrior years she participates in a Sunningrocks skirmish. She continues to fight for her Clan against Brokenstar, all the while training her first apprentice, Thornpaw.

When Tigerclaw turns traitor, he and his rogues ambush her patrol, killing her brother Runningwind (Oh, no! Poor Runningwind :O). After Bluestar’s death, she respects the leadership of Firestar and is fiercely loyal, fighting in the battle against BloodClan along with her former apprentice, Thornclaw.

Now a senior warrior, she receives a second apprentice, young Spiderpaw. In the turmoil of the destruction of the forest, her temper gets worse (uh-oh!) and her frustrations grow. By the end of the Great Journey, the exhausted warrior retires from her duties just as Spiderleg receives his warrior name. (Phew, all this reading is tiring!)

As an elder, Mousefur retains her sharp tongue (*laughs*) She cultivates a strong friendship with Longtail and Purdy. After Longtail is killed by a falling tree, the old she-cat is distraught and blames HERSELF for his death (really? It’s not your fault!) Afterwards Mousefur tells Jayfeather about strange dreams from StarClan, making her suspect that the end of the Clans is near. During the Great Battle, Mousefur is slain by a Dark Forest tom, and the whole Clan grieves her loss (I can only hope she went to StarClan).

-Mousefur’s Personality-
She was a very short-tempered cat (perhaps inherited by some of her kin or parents) and a little proud, but still a good feline. She may have argued with Firestar during her living spree, but yes-she WAS a good (if proud and short-tempered) feline of Warriors.

-Fur Color-
I imagine her fur color being muddy (brown) and her eye color bright yellow-like a rodent. There were “tan” coats underneath her coat, and it was a fine look for a cat-she could disguise well (unless it would be leaf-bare/winter).

Okay you cats fans, that wraps up Mousefur-hope the article helped you!

Adderkit, out!

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