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Blossomfire shares their thoughts on Thornclaw x Blossomfall

Hi guys! It’s Blossomfire15 here with another article & I’m going to talk about why I love Thorn x Blossom!🥰
I’m going to list the reasons why I love them & explain them.

1. They both understand each other
The top reason why I love them together is that they understand each other & in a relationship or ‘marriage’, it’s important that the two understand each other.
Thornclaw grows up with no father & feels like the outsider of his littermates. Cinderpelt becomes a medicine cat & has all this attention with her injury & Brackenfur gets all this attention cause of all the pain & grief he suffered
Brightheart gets all this attention for her injury as well & her confidence & courage.
But Thornclaw was in the background with his short temper.

Blossomfall feels forgotten & an outsider as well. Her brother is off with Dovewing & her mother neglected her & Bumblestripe & became overprotective of Briarlight, who is paralyzed.
She feels so lonely when everyone showers love on Briarlight, including her mother, & then her mother yells at her for getting lost.

They both were broken & lonely, but like a quote I found, ‘broken girl, broken boy, they connected…’

2. Chemistry
The main thing in a relationship is CHEMISTRY. A connection, liking the same things, getting each other. That’s what Thornclaw & Blossomfall have.
The two of them were lonely so what did they do?

They joined the Dark Forest in pursuit for attention & feeling whole. But when the horror came out about the DF, the two just tumbled back into becoming broken again.
They felt shame & their Clanmates looked at them in horror of what they did.
That connection is chemistry. Along with understanding each other.

3. They both have short tempers
As you’re reading Warriors, either on a patrol or in a Clan meeting, you can hear cats protesting or suggesting stuff or whatever, right?
One of the things I always remember is Thornclaw & Blossomfall babbling in patrols or in Clan meetings.

The two would always protest or give out their opinion freely. And they were stubborn with their opinions & had a quick temper.
When you put fire against fire, or likewise, temper against temper, usually it dims the other flame.
So if they both have quick tempers, they can both understand where the other is coming from when they are angry & calm each other down.
Where the saying ‘fight fire against fire’ came from, is usually when there’s a fire, sometimes firemen light another little fire & it will calm the other down!
So how would that not work with tempers?

4. And last but not least, they became each other’s happiness
After awhile, they finally connected & became each other’s happiness. They were not broken when they were together, they were happy. They understood each other, went through the same things. And the age gap doesn’t matter.
They created a beautiful life together & weren’t lonely anymore as long as they had each other.

I truly feel like this ship is really underrated cause when you really analyze it & go deep into it, it’s really sweet & one of the best love stories.

So that’s why I love Thorn x Blossom! Thank you for reading this article & feel free to express your feelings in the comments below!😊

Signing off,

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