Mothwing Rant by Mellowix

Mellowix shares their opinion on the RiverClan medicine cat, Mothwing.

Art by XxLunaWarriorxX (Amino Apps)

A worse version of Longtail, Mothwing maybe by no means ‘evil’, however, she’s definitely not a good cat either. She’s the redundant ally who still supported and did crimes on a villain’s behalf.

She supported Hawkfrost’s false accusations of Windclan’s thefts at the Gathering and encouraged rising tensions between clans. Which is not a Medicine cat’s place to speak up about since it’s the topics of territory and prey.

“What should he do?” Mothwing’s voice was sharp as she defended her brother. “Keep quiet and let WindClan get
away with it? Every cat in RiverClan knows that for a couple of mousetails those cats would steal the pelt off your back.”
Her amber eyes blazed and she sprang to her paws as if she were ready to join in a fight the moment it started.
A furious hiss came from her mentor, Mudfur, reminding her that medicine cats were meant to keep peace, and
Mothwing shot him a glance, half-angry, half-ashamed. – Midnight, chapter 21.

Mothwing may of not personally faked the Moth’s wing omen, however, she’s still guilty of continuing the lie, even after Hawkfrost’s death. Continuing to be a rank she’s aware she earnt illegally. A position that sacred, only reserved for 2 cats at a time, high authority and deals with the Whole clan’s lives.

Even worse, she lied about her disbelief in Starclan, which was complete of her own lie and not Hawkfrost. Which she did for far too long, all the way up until Mistyfoot become leader. She knew Riverclan would be relying on her for Starclan and actually put her Clan endanger. All the time, Mothwing was aware she wasn’t qualified and lied to become a Medicine cat, which endangered lives. However she didn’t care, she had to selfishly hog this reserved position with massive reasonabilities. It’s like someone lying to become a doctor in real life. It doesn’t matter if it’s their passion, it risking lives.

Mothwing was unable to receive warnings from StarClan, she didn’t know about the Twoleg poisonous RiverClan territory that started killing her Clanmates, and her warrior ancestors couldn’t tell her where to find catmint when greencough struck. – Ultimate Guild.

Mothwing had already earned herself a stable future in Riverclan by completing her warrior training and earning her full name. She didn’t need to become a Medicine cat. She could of been a helper like Brightheat, aiding with healing and herb collecting, which are the only aspects Mothwing can do/enjoy – While not taking on the extra responsibilities of Starclan, which Mothwing is neither capable of or deserved.

“Terrified that her lie might be destroying her Clan, Mothwing confided in Leafpool, who began speaking to Willowshine in dreams on her behalf.-” Ultimate Guild

Mothwing was even aware that her lies were endangering Riverclan. However, instead of telling someone is Riverclan and getting it properly sorted out, Mothwing only tells a Medicine cat from another Clan, Leafpool, who could do nothing (To Mothwing’s knowledge). So, Mothwing only really does it, to make herself feel better and forget about the Clanmate’s lives she could be endangering.

Also, in order to keep her Medicine cat position, not only was she willing to lie, but also destroy lives of her Clanmates – When she faked a dream for Hawkfrost to get Brook and Stormfur exiled. All this, because Hawkfrost threatens to expose her secrets.

However, Mothwing’s lies should of never been secrets in the first place, like we covered earlier. Unlike Squirrelflight, who was forced/pressured into it and done to protect others – Mothwing was in that position solely of her own making and got two innocent clanmates exiled just to protect herself from her own crimes. Nothing extreme would of happened to Mothwing if she was exposed. The Medicine cat position would rightfully be taken away from her because she lied to get it and is unqualified. Then she’d simply return to being a warrior, which she already had the training for and was for her entire life.

But no, Mothwing has Stormfur and Brook get exiled, getting them separated from all their friends and family. Making them homeless, where they’d been alone and exposed to the unknown territories, which easily could of led to their deaths.

Hawkfrost’s threat to reveal her secret meant he was able to force her to make false prophecies,
such as the tale about troublesome stones in the river that led to Stormfur and Brook being driven out
of the Clan when they tried to settle beside the lake after leaving their mountain home. – Ultimate Guild.

Also, take note of the highlighted areas. The Troublesome stones dream wasn’t the only one Mothwing faked, she’s done more. Who knows how much damage those unknown fake dreams of Mothwing has caused. She’s already made two innocent mates be exiled, who had already gone through with it once beforehand.

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