Best warrior cat characters in the first series by Gingerpaw

Gingerpaw lists their favourite characters from the first series, The Prophecies Begin. Do you think these felines live up to the title?

Art by Shadow-Ku

Hi my name is Gingerpaw! I am about to tell you MY opinion on best characters in the first series! Blogclan, please enjoy! Also, this is just some random person writing in their pajamas, don’t post hate! (SPOILER ALERT)

1:Cloudtail, I like Cloudtail the best because he is so nice toward Lostface after her accident. (What a cruel name) even before that it is always cute to read aloud when Cloudtail says something. I like how he more toward the warrior code after the Twolegs take him away. My favorite scene he was in was when they were battling for sunningrocks, and when a cat said “Thank StarClan we are alive!” And Cloudtail replied, “No, thank us! I did not see any StarClan warriors on our side.” Or something like that. My favorite scene for Brightheart x Cloudtail is when, Brightheart sees her face after her injury Cloudtail assures her that she is still beautiful. They are also my favorite ship! I would not change a thing about Cloudtail.

2:Firestar, I like Firestar because he tries his hardest at everything. Yup, you saw this coming, Firestar is one of the best characters in the 1st series. Firepaw tries to prove to the clan that kitty pets CAN be as strong as forest cats and he tries really hard to fit in. Even with the mean insults and taunts he pereservers through everything. That is what makes him special. The only reason he is not number 1 on my list is because he is mean to Bramblepaw. My favorite scene he was in is when he was first in the forest. I like Firestar because he tries his hardest to fit into the clan. He wants to prove to everyone that kittypets can be like forestcats. He perseveres through all the jokes and taunts. He will always be there for his clan and does what he believes is right. Firestar is a great character. The only reason he is not number one is because he does not trust Bramblepaw. In addition, I hate his “relationship” with Spottedleaf, it’s just awkward. Spottedleaf did not even notice until she hunted with StarClan. My favorite scenes of him was when he just joined the clan and was starting to try and fit in. Overall, Firestar is a very good character.

3:Bramblepaw, I like Bramblepaw because he is the good son of Tigerstars. He puts his clan first, like Firestar. He will never be like his father in any way. He tries to prove that he is not following his father’s footsteps. The only sad part is that Firestar is mean to him and he acknowledges it. My favorite scene of him is when he turned down Tigerstar’s offer to join Tigerclan. Bramblepaw can be easily compared to Firestar but since, the story is told in Firestar’s point of view I like him better. I like Bramblepaw because he tries to prove to the clan that he is not in his father’s shoes. He is a misunderstood but good cat. It is sad that his leader does not trust him. I will compare him to Firestar, they have basically the same story that there clan does not trust them. The only reason why Firestar is higher on the scale is because the series is told in his point of view. He is on my list even though he is not the biggest impact to the first series. My favorite scene was when he declined the offer Tigerstar gave him to join TigerClan. This definitely puts him high up the list. I sort of feel bad for Bramblepaw because Fireheart was being unfair with him, that is another reason why Bramblepaw is on here. Out of all cats surely Firestar would understand, he WAS a kittypet! Since he is not the biggest impact, and he has like two books with him actually being an apprentice he is not that good of a character, but definitely on here!

4:Cinderpelt: I really admire the way that Cinderpelt got on her feet and decided that she could make herself useful and become a medicine cat, even when she was destined to be a warrior. The reason why she is not higher on the list is because she is not really a main character later in the series and when ever she is in a scene, it feels like the same scene all over again. I wish she was in the books more though. I feel a little bad for her because of her leg but, I feel much happier that she did something with her life. Another thing I like about her is that she is still friends with Firestar. My favorite scene she was in was when, she was trying to tell her feelings to Fireheart but Fireheart did not know what she was talking about. I sure would have liked to see Cinderpelt become a warrior but, being a medicine cat suits her fine. Overall, as a warrior apprentice I love her energetic personality.

5. Sandstorm: Sandstrom is a strong and independent young warrior. I like how she owns up to Firestar slowly. In the end, she is comfortable towards him. She is very sassy, but that’s what makes her special! Every book it’s fun to see where she came from the kittypet taunting apprentice to the beautiful warrior. My favorite scene she was in was, when she told Firestar that she loved her. Sandstorm and Firestar are one of my favorite ship to, because they learn to love each other more and more. Sandstorm is a really good character in my opinion.

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