Top 5 underrated characters by Rosethorn

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Rosethorn shares 5 characters who don’t get much (positive) recognition from the series. How often do you think of these cats?

Hey Blogclan! My name is Rosethorn, and I am a new warrior of Blogclan. I have been so inspired by everyone’s articles that I want to share my opinions as well! When reading the books, I feel like there are a handful of amazing characters that are a bit underrated. By that I mean either they are not utilized as much or don’t always get the recognition I think they deserve. My list is in no particular order. All of these are my opinion, so feel free to disagree or tell me who you think is a bit underrated in the comments! I would love to hear your take(:
1. Rock
So Rock is simply a fantastic cat. His history is just shrouded in mystery, which is one of my favorite charter traits to see in any book/movie/tv show. So much so that even though he is not a reference to Schrodinger’s Cat, he might as well be. We do not know enough about him and his powers that seem to reach beyond Starclan. I genuinely hope that he comes back in The Broken Code because I personally just need to see more of him.
2. Goosefeather
While I adored his novella, this cat needs a super edition. He is truly cursed with, and that is a burden no other cat must bare. Unlike most other gifted cats who get glimpses of the future, he is powerless to change it. When Starclan cats just started spitting all the dark prophecies the clans will face in his lifetime and beyond at Moonstone, I got chills. I feel like whenever he shows up in other stories, he is written off as awkward or bizarre. His story is ultimately one of the saddest in the Warriors world, and that is why I think he is underrated.
3. Fernsong
He was willing to be a stay at home dad. This might just be the most progressive tom in the entire forest- well lake but forest sounded better lol. I suspect his instinct for taking care of kits comes from his namesake, Ferncloud. I love Ivypool, and I am so happy he is her mate. I think he is a bit underrated, as we do not see enough of him and I hope he continues to be a modern force in the clans.
4. Daisy
So I do not particularly love Daisy as a character. I have no reason exactly; she just never struck me as very loveable. Regardless of that, she is super underrated. She has helped to raise a majority of Thunderclan’s current warriors off-screen. I think it qualifies her as an underrated driving force of the success seen in Thunderclan’s many strong warriors.
5. Midnight
Who doesn’t want Midnight’s backstory?! A badger that cannot only speak to cats (and if my memory is correct other animals as well) but can talk to Starclan? How on earth did this happen? This is a case, I think she is underrated because she is not used enough! She could be a way better mediator than Tree because she could mediate between species! I hope they bring her back because I want to see more of her!

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  • I totally agree with you 😺! These characters are all amazing and have lots of potential, so I hope I can see more of them in the future.

  • This is a great article, Rosethorn! 🙂 I completely agree with you on Fernsong, Goosefeather, and Daisy. 😀

  • Ohh finally someone talks about poor Goosefeather. I think his powers were wasted, he had potential. He doesnt even apear in Enter the Clans- the best medicine cats from Thunder Clan.

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