Analysing Sootfur, Sorreltail and Rainwhisker by Doeheart

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Doeheart looks deeper into the characters of Sootfur, Sorreltail, and Rainwhisker.

In this article I will be analysing these characters and looking at their relationships with each other.
It’s clear to see from the beginning that Sorreltail is certainly the main character of the litter, she is fed deathberries by Darkstripe and plays a crucial role in his exile, Sootfur and Rainwhisker however are not mentioned or named for a while.
I think the loss of their mother, Willowpelt, to a badger may have strengthened their bond with each other. They are shown to mourn hard when Sootfur and then Rainwhisker die, which isn’t always common, especially in the first arc. Other than Bramblekit, Cloudkit and Tawnykit, they are the first kits to be named and then have interactions before apprenticeship. The kits have also previously lost their father, Whitestorm in the battle with bloodclan. If this is not enough tragedy for Sootfur, his mentor Longtail is blinded, leaving him without his mentor. When their mother dies, all three apprentices are moved to the nursery to mourn together, showing their extremely close bond.
Sootfur suffers a horrifying death, by a badger having had his leg broken, Rainwhisker is left to tell Sorreltail and she is overcome by grief, having just given birth to her kits . His death is described vividly and is certainly a big part of the fight with the badgers.
Sorreltail is left behind by her brothers as she is struck by a monster on the thunder path, left as an apprentice. This may have had an effect on her but we can see that she still goes on to become a happy and contented warrior with a happy mate and kits, it’s made me very happy to see her loving family after all of the grief she had suffered. In the end she was the bravest of them all when she decides to stay with her kits rather than being seen by Jayfeather in the final battle.
Rainwhisker is portrayed as slightly more mature than his siblings from the start, he is the first to demand from Firestar what happened to Willowpelt. He is not a huge part of the story but I feel he is there to remind us of the sibling love in the clans. He, like Sootfur, has no mate or kits. Rainfurs death is not explained fully, it is simply stated that he was killed by a falling branch, which I think is slightly unfair, bearing in mind he had a tragic life already so I think he deserved a warriors death, rather then just being killed off.
In conclusion, I think that these cats lives are both striking and interesting. It has always stood out strongly when I’ve read the books

I know this is not a great article, it is my first and I hope by practicing I can improve!
Doeheart x

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  • This is a great article, Doeheart! 🙂 I’ve never really thought about it before, but now I think Rainwhisker really does deserve a warrior’s death instead of what he actually got.

  • This is a great first article! I’ve been trying to plan out my first still. Sorreltail always had far more focus on her, especially with her daughter being Cinderpelts reincarnation, and killing her brothers off so soon since they never really had focus anyway, but I love minor characters and find them so interesting, I even have two projects going on to flesh them out like they weren’t in Canon. I really liked Rainwhisker and Sootfur though and if they’d had more attention, I feel like they could’ve been great characters but because they never quite did, it’s hard to really even analyze them compared to Sorreltail, who has plenty of material to consider. One of my favorite headcanons though I could never get rid of is that Rainwhisker has a baby voice

  • Yeah but im still confused because im on starlight this doesn’t explain why he is never on patrol,talking,or even there

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