Happy Clanniversary, Laurelcloud!

It’s time for another Clanniversary celebration! 

Lau has also been with us for three years! It feels like we met just yesterday!

We’ve loved spending the past few years with you, and hope for many more to come! 😀

I couldn’t find any good Luna Lovegood cupcakes, but I thought these would do 😉




  • I know I already said this on your blogpost but happy Clanniversary Lau I love you!!! You’re a wonderful friend <3 <3

  • oh mu god im so lame for not even seeing this 🙁

    happy late claunniversary sparklybrightsunshinehappymerryglimmeringrainbowsshimmeringmagicalglowingmarysue11!!!11!!!1!! (or, happy clanniversary lauuu)

  • Happy Clanniversary to everyone’s favorite mary sue!!!!! <3 😀 Love you Lau, congrats!!!

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