My Favorite Warrior Cat MAPs: Part #2 by Moonpaw

Artist unknown (Source: YouTube)

Moonpaw completes her list of Warrior Maps with 4 more amazing animation pieces by the YouTube community.

Look! It’s Moon again! Today I’m here with Part #2 of my Warrior Cat MAPs article, with numbers 4-1. If you haven’t read the first half, I quickly want to point out that these are a) my personal opinion and b) all 2018 or 2019 MAPs, because there are too many amazing MAPs out there to choose from if I hadn’t narrowed it down! With that in mind, we’ll start off with Number 4!

4. Cherry Pepsi – This MAP/PMV was made to support the LGBT community and I think it does an exceptional job. Not only because the profits were appropriately donated, but because of the large amount of ships it represents. Unlike some other MAPs, I think Cherry Pepsi has an important, real life purpose. I also love to see all the different art styles in this project with each different ship. Lastly, I like how the music is background stuff. Now, I usually like choosing songs with lyrics to match the characters. However, in this video, just like with Willow, the song supports the stunning visuals without distracting from them.
Link: Click here!

3. Five Giants – You can’t have a top Warriors MAPs without including Five Giants, can you? I’m sure people expected it to be Number 1, so I’ll start with one of the main reasons why it isn’t. I prefer MAPs with a strong music choice that truly helps us understand the spotlight character/s. Considering this MAP represents Warriors as a whole, that isn’t exactly true – or easily possible – with Five Giants. However, I think this MAP was an amazing celebration of 15 years of Warriors. It shows the most inspiring, important, amazing, memorable, etc moments from the series into a single video. The sheer amount of time, effort, and care that went into this project is off the charts, and so is the amount of animators that took part. It brought together many members of our community to produce a masterpiece. And of course, the animators are all amazing, and some of the very best in the fandom. It’s hard not to love this MAP, for sure.
Link: Click here!

2. Ready As I’ll Ever Be – Well we’re down to Number 2, and I love this MAP so much! Ready As I’ll Ever Be (or RAIEB) is extremely well done. The animation flows very nicely, and the song fits so well. I do love the song, and it creates a perfect atmosphere to show the moments leading up to The Great Battle against the Dark Forest. On a side note, I even named one of my fanfics after this song/MAP! 😉 I think the different characters chosen to represent each voice in the song are chosen with extreme precision and fit their roles perfectly. Also, Dovewing as Rapunzel is just on point. 😛 In conclusion, I think this MAP does a beautiful job of capturing the moment and characters it represents.
Link: Click here!

1. Unravel – Here we are, at Number 1. I can say so much about how much I love this MAP, but to keep myself from ranting on, here’s a list of the best aspects – the color scheme is beautiful, the designs are creative, the animation is amazing, Needletail is AWESOME, the addition of lyrics (and the font they used) is great, and the song is one of my favorites! This MAP is the reason I have a color palette for the BlogClan MAP Collab – because the animators in this project do such an amazing job of using it. The host clearly thought out of the box on how to choose colors from the color palette to create the character designs and I love them so much. The animation, especially during the battle at the end, is exceptional, especially since this was a two week MAP. It also helps that Needletail is definitely one of my favorite characters and that this song matches her story, line for line. AmaLee’s take on the English translation of Unravel is perfect, and currently one of my favorite songs. I hope you all will, if you have not yet, watch this MAP!
Link: Click here!

There it is, everyone! That’s going to be all for today! I’m planning on writing more articles soon, as I’ve got two I’ve started already. I’ll see you then! 😀

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