Which sister rules? Dovewing or Ivypool? by Lightningleaf

Lightningleaf shares their opinion on the notable pair of sisters, Dovewing and Ivypool.

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Everyone knows that Dovewing and Ivypool were as close as hairs on a vole’s pelt in the first books of Omen Of The Stars. But soon after, the two sisters became seperate. Which sister rules Warrior Cats? Well, here’s my opinion.
WARNING If you are a Dovewing lover, read on at your own cost.
1. Positive traits about both sisters

Dovewing was, the third cat in the three. And, she has all these superpowers, but she didn’t use them to do anything evil unlike Tigerstar. She cared for the fate of all four Clans and did try to save them.

Ivypool was never noticed as much as Dovewing, but as far as I saw she didn’t complain that much. Ivypool is also calmer than Dovewing, and Ivypool didn’t panic when anything really bad happened to her, unlike Dovewing did when she traveled into the mountains. Ivypool also has bravery. She did, after all, risk her life in the Dark Forest and was enssieecial(How do you spell that?) to all of the Clans.
2. Negative traits about both sisters

Dovewing is the person who complains when everyone else dosn’t; she complained to Jayfeather in the mountains. She complained when Tigerheart told her he was going to stay in ShadowClan, and she also complained when in the city Tigerheart suggested that they go back to ShadowClan.

Ivypool is sort of jealeous, if you see her that way. She was really unnoticed compared to Dovewing, and the actual reason she trained in the Dark Forest was because she was, um, jealous of Dovewing’s powers and wanted something of her own to compare to Dovewing’s superpowers. Also, in case you are a Dovewing lover, I added this part. In order to @-Willowcreek- on Scratch, Ivypool only spied in the Dark Forest because she was afraid of the Dark Forest Cats before Jayfeather and Lionblaze recruited her.
So, this is my whole opinion. I really don’t know what you will think of this, but I think Dovewing lovers probably won’t like this, while Ivypool lovers…. That’s a different matter. And what’s your opinion? Dovewing or Ivypool?

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    I honestly like Dovewing better.

    Though she may have been a panicked and sort of annoying character, she is still my favorite.

    The main reason I don’t like Ivypool is how she acted. She reminds me of Hollyleaf. Running away when something doesn’t go her way. But in her case, she was angry that her sister outshined her. And because of jealousy, she then trained with ‘evil’ cats. That makes me quite angry.
    I also don’t like her because she kept pushing her sister away. Dovewing reached out to her, and wanted a good relationship with her sister, But Ivypool was mad that her sister seemed cooler, and she hated her for it. That doesn’t seem like something to hate a sibling over.

    I mainly don’t like people who say, “Oh, Ivypool did nothing wrong!’ because she really did. She trained with Dark Forest cats, and wouldn’t have had to risk her life/eventually kill Hollyleaf if she wasn’t so jealous. She hated her sister for wanting a good relationship, and only when Dovewing left ThunderClan, did she forgive her, when it should have been Ivypool asking for forgiveness.

    This is all my opinion, keep in mind. I love Dovewing, and though I dislike Ivypool, their arc was maybe my favorite. I do like sister slander, though.

    As a summary, I may not think Dovewing is the best, (She has her own issues), but Ivypool is more problematic.

    Again, all my opinion, and I hoped you enjoyed reading my rant, lmao.

  • I like Ivypool better, and I used to hate Dovewing, but honestly, I don’t mind her as much.
    (WARNING: Spoilers for Omen of the Stars and A Vision of Shadows)
    And by the way, if you like Dovewing better, I respect your opinion, I just want to state my own ideas.
    – Ivypool was braver, and overall did more than Dovewing. She spied in the Dark Forest every night, getting no sleep, and participating in so many battles. She also turned so many Clan cats against the Dark Forest.
    – Ivypool got great character development. She started out as a jealous brat, and then turned into a loyal and brave warrior who was fighting for her Clan.
    – Dovewing was also kinda whiny about her powers, and kept on complaining about them, and when they actually went away, she freaked out so much.

    (Also. Great article!)

    • I kinda hate Dovewing. She complains about everything and doesn’t respect all the trouble Ivypool is Going through to save everyone’s pelts. Dovewing whines that she has TWO cats loving her oh no! what should she do! I also think that Ivypool should have been the third cat, because Dovewing didn’t really do much to help the clans. Ivypool risked her life in day like every other warrior, but when they were sleeping, she risked her life even more.
      Dovewing is my least favorite character in all the series, and second out of every series I’ve ever read. (My VERY least favorite character is Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter).
      Honestly, I could go on for a while, partially because I have no one to talk to warriors about (I am lonely) and also because I feel so strongly about this. But I respect other opinions so you don’t have to agree with me.

  • I really used to like Dovewing until she left with Tigerstar to Shadowclan. Ivypool is my favorite character. She’s a lot like me.

  • I think Ivypool is way better than Dovewing.

    Dovewing is honestly a Mary Sue, and I used to feel bad for Bumblestripe. Ivypool is so confident and strong. Dovewing whines about EVERYTHING! Then she left to go live in Shadowclan with Tigerstar, and that just made me hate her more. I mean, are you really going to leave the clan that you lived and almost died for? Where is your sense of loyalty? I can also really relate to Ivypool. I think she is really cool.

  • Ivypool was risking her neck to help save the clans while Dovewing was complaining. Ivypool ftw

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