Best warrior cat ships in first series by Gingerpaw

Gingerpaw lists their favourite couples from the first series. Do any of these lovebirds have you hoping for their happiness?

Art by wolvescatsandcrows


Hi guys! Gingerpaw here! This will be MY opinion on the best warrior cat ships for the first series, enjoy! Also, this is just some random person writing in their pajamas, don’t post hate! (SPOILER ALERT!)

1:Cloudtail and Brightheart: I always thought that this couple was cute together, even as apprentices I thought they will make good mates. As apprentices they were always very playful with each other. Once Brightheart had her injury I thought Cloudtail was just adorable helping Brightheart out. My favorite scene the two of them was in, was when Brightheart freshly got her injury and looked down at her reflection, Cloudtail assured her that she was beautiful. I like this ship because when I think about it my heart warms up. Cloudheart forever!

2: Graystripe and Silverstream: You got to have some forbidden love! Why not Oakheart and Bluestar? I count that more for super editions because we learn a lot more about it in Bluestar’s prophecy. It’s not like Graystripe did not want a mate! Oakheart through Bluestar off her real journey it become leader. To me, the first forbidden love is Silverstripe! They met in the most awkward way, so why not become mates and have kits, great idea! Other than being a forbidden love, I don’t see why they are not an amazing couple, as Graystripe said, it’s like they are from the same litter! They are so close to one another, it’s heartbreaking to witness Silverstream die. I love when they actually have kits together! Who doesn’t like themselves a good forbidden love story!

3: Firestar and Sandstorm: When the two of them were apprentices who ever knew that the two of them would have been mates! I like how they gradually own up to one another and decide to take each other as there mate. To me they are so similar but, at the same time, so different. They act so shyly against one another, it is truly amazing seeing where they got to. In every book I love to see where they are at now! I love when they embarsley tell each other that they love one another. I’m glad that Sandstorm kittypet taunting days are over, or else their would have been no, Sandstar!

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