BlogClanner In The Spotlight: Iceflower

In this month’s edition of BITS, we are interviewing none other than Iceflower!

Welcome to this month’s BlogClanner In The Spotlight (BITS) interview! Today we have an extra special interviewee: local mod, Iceflower! Ice has been around since December 6, 2015, and has been a Senior Warrior since January 1, 2017. Let’s get right into this interview to learn all about her!

Q: How did you discover Warriors? 🐈 How about BlogClan? 🐱

A: Warriors came into my life when I was very young, only about 6. My mother found it in a bookstore and told me she thought I would like it. Being 6 and determined to prove people wrong, I insisted that there was NO WAY I would like it. Then I saw the cat on the cover, fell in love, and had read the whole first series within 5 or so days. Imagine if 6-year-old-me hadn’t given in? As for BlogClan, it was a long time ago and I don’t truly remember, but I think I found it from browsing Kate’s Facebook page.

Q: Why did you choose this name? Is it your original? ❄️🌨

A: It is my original, yes. As some might remember, I once attempted to change my name to Amberfrost, to which 99% of the blog population continued to call me Icy, except for the select few who called me Afro. Good times. I don’t really know why I chose this name, other than it sounded nice and gave me a good mental picture. Also, I generally like ice and flowers, but Flowerice just sounded silly. 😉

Q: Favourites! Book, dessert, weather, colour, and cat breed.

A: Book: Six of Crows/its sequel, Crooked Kingdom. Dessert: I’m not much for dessert, but I am fond of brownies and blueberry cookies. Weather: Low 70s with some cloud cover is always nice, good horseback riding weather. Snow is pretty to look at. Colour: Green, specifically a pastel yellowish green. Cat Breed: love Bengals and Norwegian Forest Cats.

A Bengal cat

Q: Do you prefer waffles or pancakes? 🥞

A: Pancakes. I have only had one good waffle in my life, and I paid far too much for it. Winter Edit: Fair enough.

Q: Coffee or tea? ☕️🍵 (We already know the answer, hahaha)

A: Now you’re just being silly, Winter. Coffee, of course. 😉 Winter Edit: I’m utterly shocked!

Which do you prefer? Comment down below!

Q: What is the best part about being a moderator?

A: The best part is the ability to help bring new content to the blog. I love seeing the reactions when we introduce a shiny new feature or an exciting contest. Although I have eased into semi-retirement with the addition of our amazing new mods, I will never stop trying to make smiles here at BlogClan.

Q: Which Warriors arc was your favourite?

A: Power of Three was nice, but I would have to say Dawn of the Clans. Winter Edit: My favourite arc too!

Q: And, finally, pick three BlogClanners and list three things you like about each of them. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

A: Just three? You are a cruel interviewer. I want you lovely BlogClanners to know that you are all amazing and I would put you all on this list if Winter wasn’t so fond of the number three. Winter Edit: Actually, I don’t even like three. 😛 Two is my favourite number.

– Flowerstream was one of the first people I met on BlogClan, and three and a half years later, we are still very good friends. Flo is so kind, helpful, and musical-obsessed that you can’t help but love her.

– Mapledrift is incredibly sweet, comes up with some incredible roleplays, and an amazing artist! I love that I can consider her my friend.

– Finally, I have to add Cakestar. She truly is the best leader around. She’s always fun to talk to, even when you’ve messed up the blog big-time. Sorry about that, Kate. 😉 She is a mother, a teacher, and a friend all in one. I am so glad that I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with her these past few years.

Now I’m going to rebel and add a few honorable mentions, because you cannot stop me. Mwahaha.

– Sundance, my best friend and partner in crime. She planned to propose to me with a cow.

– Cheetahspark, thanks for being a fellow Grisha geek.

– Birchfoot, Emberdawn, Goldenfawn, Kat, and you, Winter. Thanks for making my life a gazillion times better. I like you people. Winter Edit: 😊

Thanks to Ice for being such an awesome subject—I enjoyed working with her. I hope you BlogClanners enjoyed this month’s edition of BITS—tell me all your opinions and thoughts in the comments! Also, happy Pride month! See you in July.

❄️ Winterwhisper ❄️


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