BlogClanner In The Spotlight: Iceflower

Welcome to this month’s BlogClanner In The Spotlight (BITS) interview! Today we have an extra special interviewee: local mod, Iceflower! Ice has been around since December 6, 2015, and has been a Senior Warrior since January 1, 2017. Let’s get right into this interview to learn all about her!

Q: How did you discover Warriors? 🐈 How about BlogClan? 🐱

A: Warriors came into my life when I was very young, only about 6. My mother found it in a bookstore and told me she thought I would like it. Being 6 and determined to prove people wrong, I insisted that there was NO WAY I would like it. Then I saw the cat on the cover, fell in love, and had read the whole first series within 5 or so days. Imagine if 6-year-old-me hadn’t given in? As for BlogClan, it was a long time ago and I don’t truly remember, but I think I found it from browsing Kate’s Facebook page.

Q: Why did you choose this name? Is it your original? ❄️🌨

A: It is my original, yes. As some might remember, I once attempted to change my name to Amberfrost, to which 99% of the blog population continued to call me Icy, except for the select few who called me Afro. Good times. I don’t really know why I chose this name, other than it sounded nice and gave me a good mental picture. Also, I generally like ice and flowers, but Flowerice just sounded silly. 😉

Q: Favourites! Book, dessert, weather, colour, and cat breed.

A: Book: Six of Crows/its sequel, Crooked Kingdom. Dessert: I’m not much for dessert, but I am fond of brownies and blueberry cookies. Weather: Low 70s with some cloud cover is always nice, good horseback riding weather. Snow is pretty to look at. Colour: Green, specifically a pastel yellowish green. Cat Breed: love Bengals and Norwegian Forest Cats.

A Bengal cat

Q: Do you prefer waffles or pancakes? 🥞

A: Pancakes. I have only had one good waffle in my life, and I paid far too much for it. Winter Edit: Fair enough.

Q: Coffee or tea? ☕️🍵 (We already know the answer, hahaha)

A: Now you’re just being silly, Winter. Coffee, of course. 😉 Winter Edit: I’m utterly shocked!

Which do you prefer? Comment down below!

Q: What is the best part about being a moderator?

A: The best part is the ability to help bring new content to the blog. I love seeing the reactions when we introduce a shiny new feature or an exciting contest. Although I have eased into semi-retirement with the addition of our amazing new mods, I will never stop trying to make smiles here at BlogClan.

Q: Which Warriors arc was your favourite?

A: Power of Three was nice, but I would have to say Dawn of the Clans. Winter Edit: My favourite arc too!

Q: And, finally, pick three BlogClanners and list three things you like about each of them. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

A: Just three? You are a cruel interviewer. I want you lovely BlogClanners to know that you are all amazing and I would put you all on this list if Winter wasn’t so fond of the number three. Winter Edit: Actually, I don’t even like three. 😛 Two is my favourite number.

– Flowerstream was one of the first people I met on BlogClan, and three and a half years later, we are still very good friends. Flo is so kind, helpful, and musical-obsessed that you can’t help but love her.

– Mapledrift is incredibly sweet, comes up with some incredible roleplays, and an amazing artist! I love that I can consider her my friend.

– Finally, I have to add Cakestar. She truly is the best leader around. She’s always fun to talk to, even when you’ve messed up the blog big-time. Sorry about that, Kate. 😉 She is a mother, a teacher, and a friend all in one. I am so glad that I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with her these past few years.

Now I’m going to rebel and add a few honorable mentions, because you cannot stop me. Mwahaha.

– Sundance, my best friend and partner in crime. She planned to propose to me with a cow.

– Cheetahspark, thanks for being a fellow Grisha geek.

– Birchfoot, Emberdawn, Goldenfawn, Kat, and you, Winter. Thanks for making my life a gazillion times better. I like you people. Winter Edit: 😊

Thanks to Ice for being such an awesome subject—I enjoyed working with her. I hope you BlogClanners enjoyed this month’s edition of BITS—tell me all your opinions and thoughts in the comments! Also, happy Pride month! See you in July.

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