Power of Three- If Hollyleaf had powers, and their possible effects on the plot by Cloudpaw

Art by NeCroven

Cloudpaw explores how Power of Three and Omen of the Stars could change if Hollyleaf had powers

**Spoiler alert for Power of three and Omen of the stars**

So, by two favorite characters in Warriors are probably Hollyleaf and Ivypool. I’ve always thought that Hollyleaf should have been the one to have the powers, not Dovewing. But when I actually think about what would have happened, it would change A LOT of major plot points- many of which could have even lead to them losing the Great Battle. But here’s what I think about if Hollyleaf had powers.

First of all, I think that if Hollyleaf had powers, they would be to make cats tell the truth. I think it really fits with her personality. Maybe the three would still take a while to figure it out, but then realize that when they and other cats are around Hollyleaf, they end up actually telling her things that they normally wouldn’t. Anyways, it could mean that Hollyleaf accidentally made either Squirrelflight confess that Leafpool was their real mother. Maybe she’d decide to keep it a secret, or perhaps she could still be a kit and not understand. Squirrelflight might realize what she has done, and not understand why. Maybe she would notice that they had powers and then consult Leafpool about it. Leafpool would keep it to herself, because she might worry about anyone finding out that they were her kits.

Meanwhile, Hollypaw could be out training with Lionpaw and their mentors. Since Ashfur hates them, he might actually say that he wanted revenge on Squirrelflight and was planning to kill them as soon as he got the chance. He’d realize what he’d done and be horrified. Hollypaw and Lionpaw run home to tell the clan what Ashfur had said. Ashfur would be exiled and we might never see him again.

If this happened, Hollyleaf would never have to kill Ashfur to keep the secret. She would never run into the tunnels, and receive her warrior name alongside Lionblaze. They would become mentors to Ivypool and Dovewing, who would never have the rivalry because of Dovewing’s powers. Ivypaw would feel like an equal to her sister, so there would be no reason for her to train in the Dark Forest. Even though they would not have Ivypool to spy for them, Hollyleaf’s powers would certainly get them to confess what was happening there by a few simple questions.

I’d like to think that after the Great Battle, Hollyleaf would become deputy. She wouldn’t need to die saving Ivypool, because Hawkfrost would have no reason to call her a traitor. Hollyleaf would be a good leader, even if she lost her powers after the Great Battle. I think that she would do better than Lionblaze, Jayfeather, and Dovewing did letting go of them because, even if they were useful, it could be a bit of a burden to have cats constantly telling you their secrets all the time. Later on, she would become the great leader she always wanted to be since she was a kit- a brave, noble, and respected cat.

So that’s what I think about what would have happened. Do you agree? Feel free to tell me your opinions 😀

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  • Also, if hollyleaf had powers, Dovewings mate wouldn’t be Tigerheart. It woudve been bumblestripe

    • Why? Not trying to contradict, just curious. :3

      • I’m a little late, but if Dovepaw(wing) wasn’t the one to see the beavers then she would probably not have gone on the Journey to the Beavers, therefore never meeting Tigerheart and forming a bond with him.

    • Dovewing might’ve gotten with someone else instead, her and Bumblestripe don’t match up that well imo. I think Dove x Fox or Dove x Mouse would’ve worked out better than Dove x Bumble ever would’ve.

      And she still could’ve been seeing Tigerheart.

      • Actually, I think not. If Hollyleaf had powers(powers of truth, then Dovewing wouldn’t. And the clans would die unless they went upriver anyway. But Dovepaw wouldn’t be among them and thus, wouldn’t form a bond with Tigerheart. But, there is a slim chance.

        • Hollyleaf might not question Dovewing about that, though. And besides, as we’ve seen, Dovewing is a very stubborn cat and would probably keep seeing Tigerheart if she was in the first place anyways.

          Dovepaw didn’t have to be on the journey to form a bond with Tigerheart. Aside from her powers, she was rather curious, naive, and really seemed to care about all of the Clans. I’m pretty sure she would’ve had a bond with a cat outside of the Clans whether she had powers or went on the journey. There are other ways they could’ve met, and it isn’t exactly a slim chance as their Clans also border right next to each other, leading to the probability of them seeing each other more often.

  • I think Lionblaze would be the next deputy of ThunderClan after Squirrelflight, but I love the idea of Hollyleaf becoming leader.

  • These things are very possible. I love how Hollyleaf(star;)would have the powers of the truth. I always thought she would be leader and she would be an excellent one.

  • Why are the big, great and sometimes evil leaders always boys!!!??? I mean, there’s Firestar, Tigerstar, Bramblestar, the second Tigerstar, Blackstar, Tallstar, Onestar, Crookedstar, and so many others!! You rule Leopardstar, Bluestar, Mistystar, and Leafstar!! No seriously, they are the ONLY female leaders in the main series. Give me Squirrelstar! Give me Hollystar! Give me Ivystar! Give me Tawnystar! Give me Heatherstar! Give me any significant female leader who is not Leopardstar!