Analyzing the Lost Stars Trio by Ashwillow12

Art by GalaxyMew

Ashwillow12 takes a look at the characters in Lost Stars. Spoilers for Lost Stars ahead! Read at your own risk!

After finishing Lost Stars, I have a lot to say about our newest power trio! I definitely like these new characters a lot and can’t wait to see them all grow (hopefully they don’t die before reaching their full potential).

Anyways, starting off we have Rootpaw! That’s right- the sweet yellow apprentice everyone thought was going to be as edgy as Breezepelt after reading the sample (or at least I did). When we first meet Rootpaw, we really see his worries right off the bat- He’s embarrassed by is eccentric father Tree and is worried about his social standing in the Clan. It makes it worse when he’s bullied for how his father acts. He seems pretty impulsive as he tries to take on two older apprentices, but I think this is because he’s trying so hard to prove that he’s completely different from his father. Rootpaw wants to show them he’s not a weird peacemaker but true warrior. I think this can be relatable to some of us as we are sometimes embarrassed by our parents and might be worried what our friends think of them. Nevertheless, as the book goes on we find out he’s really sweet and a bit naive. He also seems to be a good friend to both Shadowpaw and Bristlefrost. I like Rootpaw because of his interesting character motivations and his kind personality, and I really think he’s a unique character.

Speaking of unique characters, next up we have Shadowpaw! Shadowpaw is really interesting because of his vivid visions that include seizures as well as his uncanny connection with StarClan… or other spirits. Throughout the book, he becomes unsure of him self and his visions. He believes that he may be why the Clans can’t connect with StarClan or that his visions might not be real. There is a ton of pressure on him as he is constantly being pushed into the spotlight because he’s the only cat that can currently connect with StarClan and is receiving ominous messages from them. The worst part is not many cats other than his parents and sometimes Puddleshine (and maybe Alderheart) believe his visions. He kind of reminds me of a character in Greek mythology- Cassandra. Cassandra was cursed to always know the future yet no one will ever believe her. We can see Shadowpaw is distrusted and even feared by other Clans along with his own. He is also conflicted because of his important vision about the codebreakers. He’s not sure if he should share such a prominent message to the other medicine cats and he is told not to by his father who doesn’t want harm to come to Dovewing. I think Shadowpaw is in a really tough position and I feel bad for him.

Lastly we have Bristlefrost. Early on in the book we are given the information that she is very brave when she rescues Rootpaw from the lake. She also swoons over her crush Stemleaf and tries to impress him with her brave acts. She is a bit self-centered (and annoying honestly) at times as she doesn’t talk to anyone after being rejected by Stemleaf (as opposed to staying strong for her Clan and getting back on her paws) and just mopes around because she failed her warriors assessment which wasn’t even her fault. Bristlefrost even seems secretly insecure and I can empathize with that. She’s worried that everyone thinks she’s a bad hunter because she “failed” her assessment and these thoughts are only reaffirmed when Rootpaw brings her the vole in front of her Clan. I do think she took this the wrong way, but I would be mortified as well. Just think, you recently failed your warriors assessment and now you are worried everyone thinks you can’t hunt. To make it worse, some young apprentice presents you prey in front of the whole Clan. To be honest, I think I would have had the same reaction as Bristlefrost. Bristlefrost is definitely a flawed character as in she has insecurities and can be a bit self-centered, but she also has a good heart overall and is a brave character.

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