Should Tawnypelt have joined Shadowclan? by Silverpaw

Art by AmyVsTheWorld

Silverpaw wonders if Tawnypelt should’ve joined ShadowClan?

Hey guys! This is Silverpaw! Today I’m debating whether Tawnypelt should have joined Shadowclan or not.
To begin with, she joined a clan that was lead by the blood thirsty traitor, Tigerstar. Even though she didn’t join it because she wanted to be like her father, she still should have considered it. Tigerstar wanted to killed half clan cats, even though his kits are basically half clan. Why did she join Shadowclan when she knew that Tigerstar was evil? She knew what Tigerstar was doing is wrong. She is not a helpless kit! He tried to kill her own leader for Starclan sake!
Next, she joined because she wanted cats to know she was loyal, unlike her father. But, back then Bluestar made Fireheart deputy, even though he used to be a kittypet. Almost everyone hated him until, over time he proved that being a kittypet was not a bad thing. He soon gained everyone’s trust. Couldn’t Tawnypelt see that if she tried to prove that she was loyal harder, cats would start believing it? If she stayed like Bramblestar, soon everyone would trust her. I know she was only an apprentice but, she wanted to leave her brother and her clan to join Shadowclan.
In addition, Shadowclan only excepted her because she was their leaders daughter. In the second series they are still keeping a close eye on her. If Tawnypelt was to join at any other time, they would have said “No way you ThunderClan mouse brain!”
She also had a caring mother that didn’t let ANYTHING happen to her kits. Goldenflower is one of the best queens, in my opinion.
The team of Erin Hunter probably wrote this because they knew Shadowclan would need more warriors. In the second series (5th book) there are 22 Thunderclan cats, 11 Shadowclan cats, 12 Windclan cats, and 15 Riverclan cats. They should have less ThunderClan cats. They are going to win EVERY battle. Unless the allegiances are only the cats we know of because in the first book there are like 15 Thunderclan maybe? And 1 or 2 cats in the other clans.
In my opinion, Tawnypelt shouldn’t have joined Shadowclan. Let me know what you think!

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  • Hey silvs, great article! But I disagree, for a few reasons. First of all, Tawnypelt mainly joined ShadowClan because she knew that ThunderClan would never accept her due to her heritage and also because Tigerstar hurt ThunderClan much deeper than any of the other clans. She was definitely aware that her father wasn’t a good cat, but what she really wanted was just to escape her father’s shadow and become accepted somewhere. Besides, she has a really proud personality, and I think the final straw was [SPOILERS FOR THE PROPHECIES BEGIN] when one of the elders said that she took care of their ticks badly, like Tigerstar. I agree that it probably wasn’t the most rational decision, but she wouldn’t have had as much of a chance at success as Brambleclaw. Once again, it’s because of her personality; she’s more led by her temper, and she has strong opinions. Through The New Prophecy, we saw how Brambleclaw wasn’t fully accepted by his Clanmates as well, and how he struggled with it. Now imagine Tawnypelt, who isn’t nearly as calm or levelheaded, dealing with that for so long. She definitely wouldn’t put up with it.

    Oof that was long 😛

    • I know. When I wrote this I just finished the 1st series so, I didn’t get to hear Tawnypelts version on it and ya. When I reread this I cringed 😛 It’s so bad

      • No it’s really good! You hit some major points 🙂 Oh, and some of the other clans don’t have as much cats in the allegiances because not all of them are there, it’s mostly for filler space in my opinion 😛

  • Don’t have an opinion on Tawnypelt’s thingy but all I can say is that the Erins don’t always put all the cats on the allegiances of the other Clans. They show everyone on ThunderClan because they know they’ll show up at some point, but for the other Clans you probably won’t see every cat so there’s like no point in adding everyone 😛

  • (Spoilers for River of Fire, Raging Storm, Tigerheart’s Shadow, and Lost Stars) If Tawnypelt wasn’t in ShadowClan she wouldn’t have given birth to Tigerheart who would end up become Tigerstar II and save ShadowClan and by extent all the clans Also, if Tigerstar II wasn’t there he wouldn’t have Shadowpaw who is the only connection to StarClan the cats have currently.

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