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Cloudypaw continues their article on Hawkfrost.

Hi there! Cloudypaw/moon is here to continue boring you with another Hawkfrost article! If you hadn’t read the first one, here’s a link: (Click here!)
So we have left off when Hawkfrost and Mothwing became warriors and Mothwing wants to be a medicine cat. Without wasting time, let’s start!
Because Mothwing isn’t Clanborn, Mudfur says that he’ll wait for a sign from StarClan before he’ll make her his apprentice. Because Mothwing doesn’t believe in StarClan, they don’t send a sign. But Hawkfrost realizes that a sister who is the medicine cat can be helpful, so he leaves the moth sign. I know that I’m supposed to discuss Hawkfrost through other Warrior Cats characters, but I honestly can’t find a cat that did something similar except One Eye (the one from DoTC, not the elder). One Eye’s daughter is Star Flower, who Thunder was in love with. So One Eye used this to take information from Thunder, by using Star Flower. Even tho this isn’t the same thing as Hawkfrost…. Hawkfrost have acted like he’s already deputy when Mistyfoot have been taken away by Twolegs. And… y’know what is a little weird? I can’t find anywhere that mentions cats that disagree with giving him power. *Coughs* well, back to Hawkfrost. Hawkfrost was mentioned to be ambitious and many cats noted that they wouldn’t like to meet him in a battle. Scary, that’s the word that describes Hawkfrost. When Mistyfoot returns, Hawkfrost seems to accept that he can’t be deputy anymore (duh) and becomes a regular warrior once again. But… well… that isn’t enough for Hawkfrost. No, he needs to be a deputy, a leader, he needs to rule. (Doesn’t he seems like his father? How cute.) His ambitious is shown once again when he tries to give orders to RiverClan instead of Mistyfoot.
*Wait a minute, I’m supposed to do that thing through other Warrior Cats characters, right? Oopsie, lemme fix it.*
That reminds of two cats: Tigerstar the first and Thistleclaw. We’ll start with Thistleclaw. Like Hawkfrost, he also lost a littermate (Sweetpaw) but his parenting was better. He’s ambitious just like Hawkfrost. He wants to be deputy and says that he’ll mark the borders with his enemies’ blood. Creepy warrior cats. That reminds of Hawkfrost’s saying, ‘we should take the chance that the other Clans are weak and take other them. RiverClan will rule the forest’ (I hope that I quoted it right). Tigerstar? Let’s see. Bad childhood as always. His sisters died, his dad left to be a kittypet and Goosefeather acts creepier then usual near him. Shown to be ambitious from the moment he is apprenticed, ambitious, ambitious, ambitious, as an apprentice he almost kills a kit… the usual evil characters stuff.
Back to Hawkfrost! If I’m right, it’s the time that he starts training in the dark forest. In the dark forest, he was shown to be more like his father than Brambleclaw, and even suggested a plan about killing all the leaders on a gathering (!). And then comes all the whole fox trap thing. Before I’ll start on that, let me tell you about another cat who murdered a leader so someone else can take his place.
Brokenstar murdered his dad so he can become a leader. I talked a little about Brokenstar in the former article, and I still believe that he and the other villians from the early series are all similar to Hawkfrost. And also, all of them but Scourge are brown tabbies.
Hawkfrost’s last words are promising to Brambleclaw that this is not over yet, and that they will meet again.
There is a lot more of Hawkfrost’s actions in the dark forest to discuss, but I think I’ll stop here. Bye guys, thanks for reading this article, and don’t forget to tell me your thoughts in the comments! Cloudy, out.

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  • Nice article! Being completely honest, I don’t really put much thought into Hawkfrost in comparison with other cats. Also, a minor mistake (I think), but I’m pretty sure Mothwing stopped believing in StarClan after learning about Hawkfrost placing the moth wing sign because she didn’t believe that StarClan would let him do something so cruel. Since she really wanted to be a medicine cat, that sign meant everything to her, and to learn it was fake would have crushed her. This is why I’m kind of glad that Hawkfrost died, not only because he was evil, but so that Mothwing could escape from her evil brother who was using her for power.

    • Totally agreed here! She might’ve believed that it was all a joke cats play on each other.

      I personally liked Mothwing’s character though. Now that she believes, it’s kind of, numb.

      • Imo her character is better now that she actually believes in StarClan tbh, because her not believing in StarClan even though they literally appeared right before her eyes in the Great Battle is pretty dumb, honestly. It was about time, and it does give her character more growth.

        • Yeah, and I especially love how she said that she believed in StarClan but not that they were always beneficial or should be so intensely worshipped, because come on, it’s true!

  • I wonder if, if Hawkfrost had had a normal childhood, with normal parents, and no ghost controlling him, I wonder what he would have ended up like. This was a good article.

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