• Happy Clanniversary Pasty! You are super fun to talk to, and a great Blogclanner! <3 😀

    (also yay you got permission for instagram!)

  • PASTY PASTY PASTY MY DEAREST APPRENTY ILYSM!!!! Ahhh I’m so glad you joined BlogClan and became my amazing apprentice!!!

    *dumps bucketloads of hugs on you*

    I love how we have the same Clanniversary 😛

  • Happy clanniversary, Pasty! 😀 ❤️random comment I think it’s really cool that you and your mentor share a clanniversary 😛

  • Woah! I can’t believe I’ve been a BlogClanner for a year! I remember when I first joined how excited I was. Y’all have been with me through my ups and downs (and my Pet Sematary obsession 😛). I love all of y’all so much and y’all are all such amazing good friends and I hope we can all stay in contact for a very long time.

    Foxtail- You are such a good friend and mentor. You are one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. I love talking to you so much. I still wonder why you choose me to be your apprentice, a new member who could never comment again. I’m so glad you choose me as your apprentice. I love you so much 💕 Happy clanniversary 💙

    Bluebellpaw- You are so sweet and funny. Your spongebob memes make me laugh so much. Your an amazing person and great friend 💕

    Frosto- You were one of the first people I became friends with on BlogClan. You are so kind and a great friend. I love how we have a lot in common (warrior cats and friends) 💜

    Rainie- My flower buddy!! Your an amazing friend and you are so kind and a great mod! Ily 🌸💕

    Hazy- I know we disagree about Ivypool but you are so kind and talented. Your a great friend 💙

    Maple- Your so talented and a great friend! Your very kind 💜

    Wavesplash- Your so sweet and a great friend!! You have great advice for my stupid problems 💕

    The Blogteam- Y’all are all so sweet and incredible. Thank you for running BlogClan 💙

    Littlefang- You are so sweet and you are so good at writing. Your also a great friend 💜

    Fally- You are so nice and a great friend and person 💛

    Everyone else on BlogClan- Y’all are all so sweet and amazing! I hope we can become better friends soon 💕