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My Top 5 Favorite Warriors Characters by Tigerstar

Art by Wings-of-North

Tigerstar shares their top 5 favourite Warriors characters! 

Heyo BlogClan! My username is Tigerstar4life (you can call me Tigerstar or Tiger), and this is my first post.

So, I’m going to count down my top 5 favorite Warriors characters!

#5. Rippletail

Ah yes, Rippletail. Rippletail I feel was the best patrol cat from The Fourth Apprentice. I loved his personality and knowledge of herbs during the journey. It was so heartwarming when he was swimming in the water with Petalfur. He died so bravely in the battle with the beavers, and he is the only cat death I almost cried about. I cried so hard inside, and I’m still very sad now. He was just overall a very thought out character, and I can’t wait to hear from him again when I read Mistystar’s Omen

#4. Graystripe

Where do I even start on Graystripe! He is so heroic, and a troublemaker, and rule bender, and just everything in a great cat. I was SO HAPPY to hear that he is STILL ALIVE as of Lost Stars! He has been there since the first book, as well as a little mention is Bluestar’s Prophecy. When he was captured by the Twolegs in Dawn, I was getting anxious, just waiting for the book where he finally came back, and in The Sight, he did, and I was SO happy! I was actually as happy as Firestar was at that point. He could have made a good leader for ThunderClan because Bramblestar isn’t my favorite. I really enjoyed how much Graystripe and Fireheart broke the rules to help the other clans in the first arc. That’s what really got me into the books.

#3. Hollyleaf

Hollyleaf is an amazing character. I love her obsession with the warrior code because I think it really builds her character. I was really sad when she ran into the rockslide after what happened at the Gathering, and I’m so happy she returned, even if she died the next book. I really would like to know what it would be like if she was in the Three. I loved her as a kit, apprentice, and warrior. I also love her more as a warrior apprentice than a medicine cat apprentice. She is my favorite out of Leafpool’s kits, as you can tell, and I wish she lived as long as Jayfeather and Lionblaze are.

#2. Tallstar

YASSSSS MY BOY TALLSTAR!!! Tallstar’s Revenge is BY FAR the best Warriors Super Edition! I read it before I began Omen of the Star, and that book was the best! I SHIP TALLTAIL AND JAKE!!! He is my favorite leader in the books because of his kindness, determination, and courage. His death was so meaningful and devastating . The only thing that got me upset about him was when he made Onewhisker his deputy. I wanted to see Mudclaw as leader! Enough of that, I think Tallstar is a well developed character in the books.

And before we go to number one, here are two runner ups who almost made the list!

Runner up #2. Ivypool

I’m one of those people who say she should have been in the Three, or be the fourth cat. Ivypool was so brave to spy on the Dark Forest, and I believe she is the TRUE hero of Omen of the Stars. She fought bravely and secretly with the Dark Forest cats, and never told anyone about it.

Runner up #1. Whitestorm

Whitestorm is one of my favorite ThunderClan cats, and I have good reasons why. He may be a runner up, but he is one of my most favorite characters, he was kind and respect towards his clanmates, and just so cute in Bluestar’s Prophecy. Firestar choose his deputy well, and I’m sad he never became leader of ThunderClan.

And now, the number one cat is…..


This was most likely expected because of my username, but it’s true. Tigerstar is my favorite character. I’m a sucker for villains so Breezepelt really should have been on this list. XD!!! Tigerstar killed so many cats, and that is what got me pumped in the first arc. He also killed like all the cats I don’t like, so that was an upside for me. This is just my opinion, but I wish Bramblestar was evil as well, it would have made the books so interesting, and maybe I would like Bramblestar more. But anyway, I really miss Tigerstar in the books now that he has been killed by Firestar in the Great Battle (me inside: UUGGHGHGGHGHGHHGGHGHGHHGHGHGHGGHGHGHGH I HAT YOU FIRESTARRRRR) Tigerstar leading ShadowClan was just perfect for the plot of the books, and I now like ShadowClan a lot more during and after Tigerstar’s leadership. The only time I liked Lionblaze was when Tigerstar trained him. Tigerstar will ALWAYS remain my favorite character, and you can’t change my mind!

Welp, that’s all for this article. I hope I did good for my first post. Feedback on my posts in much appreciated! So please give feedback, as well as telling me if you agree with this list. This is only opinion, and hate or rude comments is not tolerated here!

Well anyway, thank you for reading, and I will see you all next post! Bye!!

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