Elections, Day 1: The First Medicine Cat Hustings!

Our first round of Medicine Cat Election hustings! Meet candidates Shadefrost and Iceflower.

Welcome back, BlogClanners! Today is the first day of the Medicine Cat hustings! If you still want to apply, you can do so here.

Today our candidates answering your questions will be Shadefrost and Iceflower! Please be accepting and give your best questions to our candidates! 😉

Candidates may use the comments below as a space to put their campaign, and the amazing members of BlogClan can use the comments as a space to ask questions, such as: why do you want this position? What are some good qualities you have? What are your flaws?

If you are still confused on hustings, they were explained fully in the first 2019 Elections post by Winterwhisper. You can find that here!

I’ll now hand it over to our candidates! Good luck to all!


Loyal, friendly, trustful

I’d love to help out new members! I’d be really honored to be the Medicine Cat, as I’m inclusive to everyone on the site. We’re one big family, and I’m very respectful and tolerant of everyone’s feelings!


Kind, friendly, open-minded

BlogClan is a very special place with very special members. As medicine cat, I would focus on spreading kindness and compassion throughout the blog. Everyone deserves a place here, and I want to help each member, new and old, find their place in our little corner of the internet. It is important to me that we raise the young members of our world up, not bring them down. I believe all people, young and old, should have access to safe haven, even online. I want to help make BlogClan into that place for everyone, no matter who they are. I want to be a friend, a shoulder to cry on, and an advocate for every member of this blog. I want you to be heard.

Awesome. See you guys later for the Deputy hustings!



  • I haz a question for all of the candidates, how would you make BlogClan not seem as scary or intimidating to new members?

    • As always, a positive atmosphere always makes people feel more comfortable. What I also find makes people feel less intimidated are nicknames! Instead of regular Allegiances names, nicknames just feel more casual and friendlier in my opinion!

    • I was definitely intimidated when I joined, haha! I would make sure all new members knew their way around and knew what to do if they needed help.

  • Good luck! You two both make very good points and aughhhh it’s going to be so hard voting 😛

  • A question to both of my (rival 😛 ) candidates !

    Will there be anything you will change about your commenting / general presence on the blog should you become medicine cat, and if so why haven’t you made that change previous to these hustings ?

    H*ck that sounds mean I’m sorrrryyyy I just wanted to ask a question 😛

    • I think it’s a valid question 😛 If you want to change the world, why haven’t you been trying prior to this? Oh geez, that summary also sounded mean. 😛 Also, you’re running? That’s fantastic! Good luck, Maple! 🙂

        • 😛 I think it’s still a good question to ask, even if it doesn’t sound quite so nice.

    • It is a perfectly valid question!

      I don’t think so. I am happy with myself as a person. 🙂 I would just like to be a little more active. The only reason I haven’t been is just some recent events in my life.

    • A completely valid question.

      I wouldn’t change too much about my attitude, since I’m pretty nice. (I think?) Although, like Icy, I’ll try my best to be as active as I possibly could, to spread joy and jubilation to anyone and everyone. 🙂

  • More questions!

    1. Why should we vote for you? What are you going to do that will make you stand out from everyone else?
    2. (This is more personal) Have I ever helped you in any way? And do you consider me as a friend? (Random question 😛 )

    • 1. I am looking to carve out a special place for each member here at BlogClan. I would love each and every member to feel safe and secure in their standing here. It is my goal to make sure every member is heard, no matter how small they think their problems might be. We are all equal here.
      2. Of course! 🙂 I’ve loved being your mentor and I consider you a good friend. 😀 You’ve given me some great advice. ❤

      • 1. I want every member here to know that they are being loved <3 I want them to know that there’s a place for them here, even when they don’t feel like that in reality. This is a place to forget about the bad dreams, the worst fears, and to be put into a comforting aura, and I want to make everyone feel warm and welcomed here, regardless of difference. 🙂

        2. Of course! We’ve given each other advice on Discord, and we totally support each other as amazing friends! 😀

  • Questions: (well one question for now because I can’t think of any 😛 )

    What’s the first thing that you would do as medicine cat and how would it work towards your main goal?

    • The first thing I would do is probably simplify the new member’s page a bit! Make it a bit clearer for new members. 🙂 I would also see about implementing a page for meeting the BlogTeam. That way new members would know more about the moderation team, what we do here, and what to do if they needed help.

      • I agree with your ideas ( I literally got inspiration for this question from the U.S. Democratic Debate and one lady was like “The first thing I will do as president is to call New Zealand” 😛 )

    • I’d suggest a page explaining all the fonts, emojis, secret text, etc. I’d also suggest a Bug Forum page, a good standardized system reporting Bugs and errors. This’ll make members feel more comfortable on the Blog, leading to my master plan main goal 😛 , of making people feel like they can get around on this Blog easily. 😀

      • Ooh shadey being all techie 😛

        But that is a good idea; most people on BlogClan do not know how to fix computers and having a centralized location to report problems is good. Also quells some of the questions about coding and stuff 😀

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