Elections, Day 2: The Second Deputy Hustings!

Our second round of Deputy Election hustings! Meet candidates Wrenfeather and Shiverfur.

Welcome back, BlogClanners! Today is the second day of the Deputy hustings! If you still want to apply, you can do so here.

Yesterday hustings started and we had some fabulous people! Get ready for more!

Today answering your questions are Wrenfeather and Shiverfur! Please be accepting and give your best questions to our candidates! 😉

Candidates may use the comments below as a space to put their campaign, and the amazing members of BlogClan can use the comments as a space to ask questions, such as: why do you want this position? What are some good qualities you have? What are your flaws?

If you are still confused on hustings, they were explained fully in the first 2019 Elections post by Winterwhisper. You can find that here!

I’ll now hand it over to our candidates! Good luck to all!


Kind, helpful, serious

I really adore this blog and I would love to help it out however I can, and keep it as great as it already is.


Passionate, lively, funny

BlogClan has become such a big part of my life and it would be amazing to be the deputy of this fabulous community who have helped so many people grow and make so many new friends. I have always looked up to Jayfrost as a deputy and now I think that I’m mature enough to handle a role such as this. I didn’t apply to be anything in the last Blog election and I think this would be a really good opportunity to get to know the members of the blog better and help them in any way I can to enhance everyone’s experience on the blog, whether they stay for many years or just a week. I have met so many fun, kind, helpful people on the blog and I want to be a part of creating this positive environment. A deputy is a figure who should always be around to make people feel welcome on the blog, and I am a very active individual and I feel that I have the loyalty to stick to this role as I have been active for more than 2 and a half years. I reckon I am really friendly and try to be as helpful as I can, I’m always on live chat when it’s on and I created the BlogClan Instagram groupchat to keep everyone connected outside the blog. I did debate whether I had the confidence to enter myself for deputy, but I feel like this is a good time for me to put myself out there a little more on the blog and get to know a few more newer members as well as help the blog as much as I can. I’m always a happy and positive individual, and offer advice on the hug page frequently. The idea of running for deputy is a little daunting if I’m completely honest, but I would like to step out of my comfort zone and take up the challenge!? 🙂

See y’all tomorrow!



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  • How old do you have to be to become deputy? Could I do it? And incidentally, isn’t Jayfrost deputy?

    • There’s no set age! The only requirement for campaigning is that you have to have been on for a year and commented within the past month. You haven’t been on for a year, so I’m sorry, but you can’t run. 🙁 Jayfrost is the current Deputy, but we have elections every two years to decide the next Deputy and Medicine Cat. 🙂

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