Elections, Day 3: The Third Deputy Hustings!

Our third round of Deputy Election hustings! Meet candidates Thistletooth and Pastelblossom.

Welcome back, BlogClanners! Today is the third day of the Deputy hustings! If you still want to apply, you can do so here. Applications close today at 23:59 UTC (click here to convert to your local time)!

Now, as day three rolls around, we’ve already heard from some amazing candidates! It’s time to hear from some more!

Today answering your questions are Thistletooth and Pastelblossom! Please be accepting and give your best questions to our candidates! 😉

Candidates may use the comments below as a space to put their campaign, and the amazing members of BlogClan can use the comments as a space to ask questions, such as: why do you want this position? What are some good qualities you have? What are your flaws?

If you are still confused on hustings, they were explained fully in the first 2019 Elections post by Winterwhisper. You can find that here!

I’ll now hand it over to our candidates! Good luck to all!


Helpful, honest, loyal

I believe I would make a great deputy. I’ve said I was gonna leave the blog I never did. I try to be extremely honest with everyone and give a honest answer to every question I get. I want to say thank you for this chance to run for Blogclans deputy 🙂


Creative, kind, funny

I absolutely love BlogClan so much. I want to help out as much as I possibly can. I love to welcome new members and I think I would be very good for this position.

Great job, guys! Remember, applications close today at 23:59 UTC.




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doey is running for senior warrior
doey is running for senior warrior
July 4, 2019 8:52 pm

Who did the art for the contestants, It’s absolutely beautiful! 😀

running 4 SW : ) 🦌

July 4, 2019 9:44 pm

A few different people contributed to the posters, including Kat, Birchy, Goldi, and Icy! 😀

Thistlepaw (Thistlefrost)
Thistlepaw (Thistlefrost)
July 4, 2019 10:49 pm
Reply to  Cheetahspark

They look really good

BlogClan is gonna own 2020

❄️ Winterwhisper ❄️
❄️ Winterwhisper ❄️
July 5, 2019 6:38 am

Yes! All four are spectacular artists. 🙂

What is so impossible?

Iceeeeeeeeeee (Icy)
Iceeeeeeeeeee (Icy)
July 5, 2019 4:18 am

Several people contributed, but Birchy and I drew these particular posters!

❄ BlogTeam Mod, Medicine Cat ❄

A gentle mist that carries a galaxy |Galaxypaw/mist| {Galexia}
A gentle mist that carries a galaxy |Galaxypaw/mist| {Galexia}
July 5, 2019 8:40 am

Gooo thistle! And also,
When U become deputy, how will U help out new members (u both can answer this)


Pastelblossom 🌺 Pasty
Pastelblossom 🌺 Pasty
July 5, 2019 10:35 pm

I will help them out by being kind and friendly. I will also answer any questions comments or concerns that they might have

Welcome to the losers club

July 5, 2019 2:06 pm

I will answer their questions to the best of my knowledge . Be their friend and help them get settled in

July 6, 2019 12:32 am
Reply to  Thistletooth

I thought I clicked the blue reply button above

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