Elections, Day 3: The Third Medicine Cat Hustings!

Our third round of Medicine Cat Election hustings! Meet candidates Rosesong and Frostfire.

Welcome back, BlogClanners! Today is the third day of the Medicine Cat hustings! If you still want to apply, you can do so here. Applications close today at 23:59 UTC (click here to convert to your local time)!

Just an announcement for those who didn’t see—we will now have three finalists for each position that move on to the second round, rather than four!

Now, as day three rolls around, we’ve already heard from some amazing candidates! It’s time to hear from some more!

Today answering your questions are Rosesong and Frostfire! Please be accepting and give your best questions to our candidates! 😉

Candidates may use the comments below as a space to put their campaign, and the amazing members of BlogClan can use the comments as a space to ask questions, such as: why do you want this position? What are some good qualities you have? What are your flaws?

If you are still confused on hustings, they were explained fully in the first 2019 Elections post by Winterwhisper. You can find that here!

I’ll now hand it over to our candidates! Good luck to all!


Mediator, welcoming, friendly

I want to become more integrated into this community, and this seems to be a good position that compliments my personality well.


Loyal, empathetic, caring

Everyone has a place they call home. And for many, including me, that home is BlogClan. Real life is great, and I have amazing, kind friends, but nothing can compare to the welcoming, loving, amazing, all-around awesome community on the blog. I remember the day I joined – it was a day I wouldn’t take back for anything. I felt so welcomed, accepted, and understood when I joined – and I want new members to always feel like I did. I want to be as sweet and loving as my dear BlogClan friends are to me. I have no other words to finish this post, as I can’t express how grateful I am, or how much BlogClan has changed my life. But here are a few – when I joined, I was a socially awkward kid (which I still mostly am), but now, I’m not as shy. And the reason for that wasn’t a therapist, or a friend, or anything else. No. It was this site. Not only has it done that, but it’s made me happier. Now, I have an outlet where I can share my obsessions and talk about things no one else understands. I have my weird, happy, fun, amazing corner of the Internet. People irl don’t usually understand how a bunch of “random online people you don’t know” can do that or how “your real life friends mean more to you.” But I’ve been closer to all of you then I’ve ever been to most rl people. The part of the blog that makes it like this, that makes it different from everything else, the part that no one can understand irl, is something you can rarely, if at all, find anywhere else. Kindness. Openness. Unconditional support. Heartwarmingness. The fact that first impressions aren’t necessarily everything. The fact that we don’t judge. That’s what sets us apart – and binds us together. Without the blog, we’d have few to none people to get hyped about the release of new books or share our fanfics with. And this is why I want to be medicine cat – I want to keep this bond alive, bring more people together through the blog and touch their lives. I want to do as much as I can, and give back as much as I can, for BlogClan. I want this to be the place not just we can call home – but the place so many more can. And I promise, that if I’m medicine cat, I will make sure this happens. I’ll continue the blog we have today. <3

See you guys later for the Deputy hustings! And remember, applications close today at 23:59 UTC.



  • What has been your favorite thing about the Blog?

    Why do you think you’ll make a good Medicine Cat?

    What would you like new members to know?

    • 1. The warm, cozy community that accepts you no matter your irl circumstances, or if you’re different then the ordinary. I want to promote that spirit and help people find themselves a place here.

      2. Out of Deputy and Medicine Cat, I feel that MC speaks more to me personally. I generally try to keep away from conflicts, and am generally more a mediator in personality then a semi-leader or deputy. I hope that I come across as a helpful, friendly person, and if chosen as MC, want to help increase the inclusiveness (if that is even possible).

      3. I want new members to know it is safe for them here. No one will judge them based on personality, gender, sexuality, religion, race, whatever (even though some of those things aren’t exactly shown or talked about as much, which is good because some topics are sensitive to some people, but sometimes I wonder if we avoid it too much). Again, I want to promote inclusivity, kindness, and most of all, fun. (Because that’s what we’re here for, right?)

    • My favorite part of the blog is the amount of love and acceptance everyone has toward everyone else. It’s why so many people have come here over the years and found they belong.

      I’m good at offering sympathy and settling disputes. In the past on here, I’ve seen my fair share of awful things that others are going through, and I’ve seen a few fights. I hate to see these things, and as medicine cat, I’d do my best to stop them from happening by offering advice and hugs.

      Whoever you are, you’re welcome here. It doesn’t matter what you look like, or what your family’s like. You’re accepted here, no matter what.

    • The most important thing to me would be how well they’ve put up with things. No matter how supporting they were in the past, if after elections they sulked or went inactive, that’s not someone I’m going to pick. But that’s not the only aspect – kindness and respect are huge, too. I have some people in mind I’d like to pick, but nothing’s official until the results are in. My point is, at the end of the day, how you act – with good or bad sportsmanship – is what it boils down to.

    • The qualities I would like in an apprentice are ones to complement mine – someone bouncy, someone outgoing, someone graceful, even in defeat.

      As Frosto said, good sportsmanship is also good and well – and even though it isn’t quite like in the books, I would strive to be a good role model to my apprentice (and to the rest of BlogClan.)

  • What has always been your priority in BlogClan? Was it based off of ideals or truth or whatever you think (other)?

    • My main priority has always been to be respectful and kind to the members of the blog. I feel that this is one of the most important things you can do – it shapes how others see you and how they treat you. I also strive to engage in conversations and have good times with other BlogClanners. It makes my day when I know I’ve made someone here laugh or smile, and I hope to continue doing so.

  • Alright y’all, quiz time >:)
    1. On a scale of 1 to 10 how active are you planning on being when/if your Med cat? (10 being very active)
    2. What are your strengths, and do you think they will help you be a good medicine cat?
    3. Are you confident that you’ll win?

    Good luck both of you! <33 😉

    • oh noes im bad at quizzes :cccc

      1. Very active 10 (but i cant see how I’ll lose activity anyway 😛 )

      2. I can’t say anything really objectively, of course, but I believe I’m pretty friendly and open-minded (being biracial and queer helps 😛 ), and can offer a unique view, just like any candidate. I try to always respect people’s boundaries, and if told to stop doing something (i.e. spamming the live chat with weirdness), I’ll always apologize and stop immediately.

      3. If you’ve been paying attention to live chat, no 😛 there are so many good canidates out there! 😀

      all the mods out there just groaning because I keep being super self-critical 😛

    • 1. A 9 or an 8 – I consider myself pretty active on the Tavern and Games Page, and I make occasional comments on the Shipping Page, and I’ll also play an active role on the Hug Page.

      2. My strengths – I’m charismatic, supportive, and kind. These are important traits for a medicine cat to have, and I believe that I could use these traits to engage with the blog and help others in times of chrisis in their lives.

      3. About 30% – there are some awesome candidates running, and I’m definitely voting for them. I guess it’ll come down to the voters 😉

      thank you, Owly! <3333

  • I love both of you so much I could never choose between you! Luckily, I have three votes, so I can vote for both of you 😉
    My only question. Have you ever been involved in drama, and if so how did you deal with it then? How would you deal with it a Medicine cat?
    Good luck to both of you friendos!!! I love both of you!!! 💕💕

    • Iriiiiiiiiiiis ugh ily so much too <3

      I, uh, can't say that I recall any drama revolving myself 😛 but if I did get into drama, I'd talk it with whoever's got the beef with me, and try to calmly and clearly work through the issue with help from my friends here at BlogClan 🙂

    • <3333

      I haven’t been “involved”, per say, but if there was drama, I’d try not to choose sides. I’d calmly and carefully examine both sides of the argument and try my best to solve it.

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