Elections, Day 3: The Third Medicine Cat Hustings!

Our third round of Medicine Cat Election hustings! Meet candidates Rosesong and Frostfire.

Welcome back, BlogClanners! Today is the third day of the Medicine Cat hustings! If you still want to apply, you can do so here. Applications close today at 23:59 UTC (click here to convert to your local time)!

Just an announcement for those who didn’t see—we will now have three finalists for each position that move on to the second round, rather than four!

Now, as day three rolls around, we’ve already heard from some amazing candidates! It’s time to hear from some more!

Today answering your questions are Rosesong and Frostfire! Please be accepting and give your best questions to our candidates! 😉

Candidates may use the comments below as a space to put their campaign, and the amazing members of BlogClan can use the comments as a space to ask questions, such as: why do you want this position? What are some good qualities you have? What are your flaws?

If you are still confused on hustings, they were explained fully in the first 2019 Elections post by Winterwhisper. You can find that here!

I’ll now hand it over to our candidates! Good luck to all!


Mediator, welcoming, friendly

I want to become more integrated into this community, and this seems to be a good position that compliments my personality well.


Loyal, empathetic, caring

Everyone has a place they call home. And for many, including me, that home is BlogClan. Real life is great, and I have amazing, kind friends, but nothing can compare to the welcoming, loving, amazing, all-around awesome community on the blog. I remember the day I joined – it was a day I wouldn’t take back for anything. I felt so welcomed, accepted, and understood when I joined – and I want new members to always feel like I did. I want to be as sweet and loving as my dear BlogClan friends are to me. I have no other words to finish this post, as I can’t express how grateful I am, or how much BlogClan has changed my life. But here are a few – when I joined, I was a socially awkward kid (which I still mostly am), but now, I’m not as shy. And the reason for that wasn’t a therapist, or a friend, or anything else. No. It was this site. Not only has it done that, but it’s made me happier. Now, I have an outlet where I can share my obsessions and talk about things no one else understands. I have my weird, happy, fun, amazing corner of the Internet. People irl don’t usually understand how a bunch of “random online people you don’t know” can do that or how “your real life friends mean more to you.” But I’ve been closer to all of you then I’ve ever been to most rl people. The part of the blog that makes it like this, that makes it different from everything else, the part that no one can understand irl, is something you can rarely, if at all, find anywhere else. Kindness. Openness. Unconditional support. Heartwarmingness. The fact that first impressions aren’t necessarily everything. The fact that we don’t judge. That’s what sets us apart – and binds us together. Without the blog, we’d have few to none people to get hyped about the release of new books or share our fanfics with. And this is why I want to be medicine cat – I want to keep this bond alive, bring more people together through the blog and touch their lives. I want to do as much as I can, and give back as much as I can, for BlogClan. I want this to be the place not just we can call home – but the place so many more can. And I promise, that if I’m medicine cat, I will make sure this happens. I’ll continue the blog we have today. <3

See you guys later for the Deputy hustings! And remember, applications close today at 23:59 UTC.



  • Hello new candidates!! 🙂

    If you became Medicine Cat, what would you use your position for?

    What kind of thoughts were running through your head when you sent in the application?

    How are you feeling now?

    😀 I can’t wait to see your answers. Good luck!! 🧡🧡

    • 1. I would want to do all the things. I really want to strengthen our community more, and help us get to know each other. I’d like to help new apprentices and warriors find a place here, and make sure nobody gets left out.

      2. Okay so I was going to write a long thing….. but all that I wrote is pretty much what I wanted to convey oofity 😛 I’m about half-serious about this commitment, though, so 😛

      3. Hungry. Kinda feeling like I shoulda probably written more in my thingy. 😛

    • I would use it to be a warm, approachable member of the blog that people could come to for sympathy and advice. I’d make sure everyone felt at home, and help newer and older members grow closer.

      I felt exited and scared. Ever since I’d read about the 2017 elections, I was interested and wanted to sign up. When I sent in my applications, my thoughts were “This is day not just me, but everyone has been waiting for.” I was running both to get the experience and have fun, but also to try and become medicine cat. Now, I feel content. I’ll be a little disappointed if I don’t win, but won’t everyone? But now I know that whoever wins will be chosen from the heart, and will absolutely deserve this position. I know that I might have a shot, but I’m rooting for my fellow candidates until the end.

    • Um… this might not be the most appropriate place to say that…

      Although Frosto’s reasoning was amazing, if you got to know Rose a little better, you would find out she’s equally wonderful. They have both been so supportive and kind. Rose is so funny, sweet, and caring, but she can be serious and calm when she knows it’s appropriate. Frosto is such a kind, helpful, and outgoing person, but she knows when enough is enough. I know Rose better because I’ve been here longer than Frosto, and while Frosto is absolutely fantabulous, Rose is too. They both deserve medicine cat, and we’re lucky to have the two of them on BlogClan.

      (Hey look I just vouched for you two 🙂 )

    • aww, Thistle, I’m flattered. <3 however, every other candidate is a wonderful choice and are all amazing people. as much as I’m touched by your support, I feel the others who ran for medicine cat may feel offended by this, as everyone deserves respect and cheering on. <3

    • Sorry if I offended anyone with this comment, everyones were great! I had only just read Frostos and thought it was great thats all

    • Hmmmm…. we already have so many good pages….. maybe a sort of purposefully slower modded Tavern of sorts, for more leisurely conversations?

    • I think a page of collaborations of some sort would be good – it’d be somewhere to share ideas, like TSGN, but also a place to work together on art projects, MAPs, and music, much like an extended version of the Fanfic Organization Page.

    • My strengths in my own words are that I’m friendly, open-minded to a fault, eager to please, I try to be kind, and I try to be sympathetic.

      My flaws, however…. Sometimes I’m not such a nice person, and critiques sometimes hurt me much deeper then I’ll admit. I’m open-minded to a fault; meaning I’ll take any new ideas into my brain, and not recognize their bad potiental (working on this). I’m not very empathetic and I feel this may hurt the sincerity of my Hug Page replies.

      I feel that I share many traits with medicine cats in the books. Open-mindedness, empathy issues, the whole snapping thing. But also, being friendly, loyal to my Clan, sympathetic, and eager to help and take action.

    • I believe I can definitely relate to the hard times BlogClanners are going through and offer them sympathy. I’ve been told I have a lot of empathy, and I do – whenever my friends (irl and blog) are sad, or going through a rough patch, I get really down. Even if I’ve never gone through what they’re going through, I can imagine what they’re feeling and offer them kind-hearted words and hugs.
      One of the flaws I have, I find, is giving advice. Even if I can relate to the situation they’re having, I can’t necessarily help to fix the problem, which is one of the reasons my Hug Page posts are general consultants, and not individual replies (the other being my unbelievably skilled putting off of things.) Regardless of whether I become the medicine cat, I will strive to help as best I can, with advice or not.

  • I haven’t asked any questions yet, so here I go 😛

    What’s your favorite BlogClan memory, and what makes it your favorite?

    What’s something that you struggled with as a new member of the blog, and what can you do to prevent future new members from dealing with the same thing?

    Good luck to you both ahhh <3

    • 1. My favorite memory? Well, if I’m being honest, it’s when I posted my first skit on the Fanfic page. The amount of people who liked it, it was just overwhelming love for something I thought was stupid (multiverses and things like that). It was like I finally had a place to put my ideas and interact with people who liked them, which I was unable to do irl.

      Otherwise, my first Gathering is a good contender. It shows how much the community is tied toegther, and, despite being a bit clumsy, I feel like Gatherings are just so great in general. 😛

      2. I struggled a bit with forming connections with people, I’ll admit. Everyone who had a gravatar, or a cool name, seemed so unattainable as a friend. Like I said below, I feel that newcomers can connect with each other as much as older members, and they can forge their own iron strong bonds. Of course, that doesn’t mean newcomers vs old members or whatever 😛 just a thought <3

    • Now I have to choose a favorite? Oh dear 😛 there are countless memories upon memories of the blog, some happy, some bittersweet. The first thing I was going to put here was the love I got after I left and rejoined, but I realized that wasn’t it. There are so many more memories. My memory is either really good or really bad, it depends on what it is, so here’s my best recollection of the day: I’d been having a rough day, whether it was my depression, getting yelled at by someone irl, or something else, but I was pretty down. I think it was my shipping skit that I had posted – I’m not entirely sure – but when I looked at the comments down below, everyone loved it. (Now, thinking back, it might’ve been a DOF chapter.) My mood lifted, and that was one of the moments on the blog I knew I was truly loved on here and that I belonged.

      What I struggled with most was my cringyness (well, who doesn’t? 😛) and the sort of invisible barriers cutting off old members from new. We all have our cringey new member stories – it’s why we have the Kitpocolypse and Cringe Week – so I won’t explain that. I know there were more than these two, but these were sort of the biggest ones. As long as I’ve been on the blog (in my opinion), there have been invisible forcefields of sorts disconnecting old members and new members. All the BlogClanners that joined in a certain “era”, or time in the blog’s history, have formed tight bonds. While this is great, when a new era begins, a new group forms, and the older members stick to their groups. There are exceptions, of course, and this is only a theory I have, I think that as medicine cat, I’d be the perfect person to bridge the gap. I’ve been on the blog for a year and a month now (as of June 28th), and I’m transitioning from newer member to older, so I think I could connect both groups.

    I can’t possibly decide between the two of you!

    Besides the generic answers (I want to help the blog, I can make it a better place, etc.), why are you running for medicine cat?
    (This one is more personal) Have I ever helped you in any way? Do you consider me as a friend?

    • 1. I’m sort of running semi-seriously. I take all questions seriously, and if I got the position I’d take it seriously, but otherwise, it’s kinda just for funsies 😛

      2. You’ve helped me become a better friend, by being a good friend! Yes, I consider you one of my closest friends on the Blog – we’re like Quintessa and Frostsong! 😀 <3

    • vote for both of us! you have three votes 😉

      I’d like to help solve disputes between BlogClanners and unite older BlogClanners and new ones. Disputes are always heartwrenching to see, as they divide the blog. As medicine cat, one of the biggest responsibilities is keeping a peaceful, happy, and safe environment here. That means, when a dispute arises, the medicine cat has a chance to settle the argument, examine both sides of the story, and help create a solution that satisfies everyone. I believe as medicine cat I’d be good for this role. I don’t want to repeat what I said and sound like a robot so my other answer is above this comment ^^^ 😛

      Absolutely! When I’ve doubted myself, you’ve always been there with your amazing kindness and love, boosting my self-esteem. There’s no doubt that you’re my friend <3

  • Oh, Frosto. Sorry about your poster. It was my first try. 😛

    As for Rose – I can’t believe I forgot the tabby stripes aaaaaah. 😂

  • I guess I’ll try asking questions 😛

    I know that a few BlogClanners sometimes struggle with feeling left out. How do you think you can open up the blog to be more inclusive towards new members, or be more personally open towards old ones?

    • From my experience, some Blogclanners seem to be hang out with each other and that’s it. They seemed, to me as a newcomer, like a popular girls’ clique – cool and sophisticated. And that’s completely fine, but sometimes if they could at least notice me?

      Nowadays, this isn’t much of a problem, because I’ve become intregrated into this community so much. People know me and like me! And it isn’t like the community isn’t already so welcoming and friendly, because yeah, it’s going to be hard to make it any friendlier.

      But if I do become medicine cat, I think that one of my ideas is to make a space for newcomers to interact with each other. Yes, that could techinically be the Introduce Yourself page, but usually it’s older members welcoming new ones. What if, if you were new, you could meet other people that were new too? And sort of bond over it?

      Of course, this may be a dumb idea. But with the help of the BlogTeam, I could polish and refine my dumb ideas to better help this community. 🙂

      (this is so long oofity)

    • I think this is a crucial part of being medicine cat, because it’s one of the most important aspects to the blog. I would definitely support these members when they’re down, which is one of the best times to grow close to someone and let others do the same. This is also one of the reasons I think a collaboration page would be great, as it lets BlogClanners discuss their ideas and interests and do things together. I’d also start discussions on fandoms and such so BlogClanners could find common ground they may not of known about before, so they don’t feel so different after all. This also applies for those who feel left out – I’ve seen BlogClanners left out before, and it’s heartbreaking. Everyone should belong. It would take time to do this, but in the end, it would unite us more than we already are.

    • Greet new people.

      Post Pokemon memes.

      Comment about how I can’t believe it fricking happened.


    • I would congratulate my fellow candidates for a race well run and assure them that this doesn’t make them any less amazing. Things like new moderators being picked and the elections are one of the main reasons members feel left out and jealous. I would want them to know that just because I held a new position, that doesn’t change anything. It doesn’t change how you treat someone, or how they treat you. The only thing that changes is the title and responsibilities a member of the community now holds, which doesn’t mean they’re a new person. They didn’t change. I’d want them to know that I perfectly understand they’re jealous and hurting, and comfort them.

    • I have to say I like both equally but if I have to choose between them . It would have to be Pancakes because they are easier to make and don’t need a waffle iron

    • I really like both, Blue why would you make me do this 😛 I eat waffles more regularly, though, so I think I’m gonna hafta say Pancakes because paaaaaaancake 😛

  • ah, Rose … I always knew we’d meet in battle someday 😉 best of luck to you, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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