[Tigerstar bares his fangs at twilight, his orange eyes glowing]

Tigerstar I – cruel, ambitious or just misunderstood? by Tigerfall

Tigerfall takes a look at Tigerstar’s past and delves deeper into his character.

Art by Wings-of-North

Tigerstar is hated by almost 95% of our fandom. He is seen as a cruel, aggressive cat, who led a clan which he made himself. Also, most of the warriors fans love Scourge, and see him as a cat, who had been treated badly by others and that was the thing, that made him evil. But, as I assumed, Tigerstar had suffered more.
I need to talk about Pinestar and Oakstar. They are very controversial leaders. Oakstar, Tigerstar’s grandfather is known of exiling Mapleshade from Thunderclan for having kits with Appledusk. Of course, Appledusk killed his son, Birchface, and Oakstar firstly thought, that Birchface is father of Mapleshade’s kits. But is it a reason of exiling her AND HER KITS? He could at least leave kits in clan. It was easy to predict, that those kits will die. Also, Pinestar was attacking kittypets “just to prevent of their attacks” but tell me, what could those kittypets do? Okay, I need to calm down. But I can’t. As you see, I definitely hate Oakstar. But he isn’t the only Tigerstar’s kin, that I don’t like. Pinestar wasn’t good father. Maybe he was a good leader, but not father. Also, he wasn’t good mate to Leopardfoot. He just left her, when she was giving birth. He panicked. Yes, anyone can get in panic, but it is acceptable just to some extent. He left young Tigerkit, he left his clan, he left Leopardfoot in grief. It was selfish. And it depended on Tigerstar’s childhood.
Tigerkit had no father. Nobody was able to show him how tom-cats should act. That influenced his later relationships with she-cats. Also, he had no friend in his age for few moons. This had caused, that Tigerclaw had problems with finding friends. But that wasn’t the only problem. Clan was divided by two sides. Some cats let Tigerkit do whatever he wanted, what he tried to do as a mature cat, and some cats was acting like he had all worst traits of his father. And there was Goosefeather… He saw Tigerkit like an aggressive viper. It made him a bit distracted.
But it was just the beginning. Everything gone worse since his mentor became Thistleclaw.
Thistleclaw was acting like strength and aggression are the most important traits. Because Tigerpaw had nobody other to follow, he followed Thistleclaw. He got all the worst traits of Thistleclaw. But as we know, Thistleclaw was cruel to Whitepaw, trying to train him as kit. We can’t suspect that he was acting nicer to Tigerpaw. Also, Tigerstar’s ear scar was gained during his apprentice training.
When Tigerpaw transformed into killing machine? When Tigerpaw attacked Tiny. This was a point when it was probably no way back. He turned into a monster and seen himself as a hero… Or not?
Reading Tigerclaw’s fury we can see, that he hates himself. He is always hunger for power and sees himself as not enough strong. Why? He tries to prove himself. To who? Maybe his father. Or mother. She didn’t care a lot about him. Or maybe to Thistleclaw? His negative-motivation and aggression could destroy Tigerstar’s self-esteem, which wasn’t big already. It isn’t easy to describe. Also, he maybe didn’t know, to who he wants to prove it.
I don’t want to speak about this Mapleshade stuff there, because she isn’t important as much, as other characters.
Other characters, who followed Tigerstar…
He had no true friends. Just followers. Darkstripe, Brokentail, Blackstar, Leopardstar… Just to mention a few. He just used them, because he didn’t know, how to befriend someone. He had a problem: to love Goldenflower or Sasha. Tigerstar tried, of course, but wasn’t able to. He had no option to stay with Goldenflower. But Sasha was another. Tigerstar and Sasha could stay together in Tigerclan, she would be welcomed there. But Tigerstar hated kittypets, who stolen his father. He was divided by two sides. His love and his hate.
But I think, he had almost healthy relationship once. But it was ruined by himself and Thistleclaw. I am talking about his close friendship with Whitestorm. As kits, they were spending much time together. Of course, Tigerkit wasn’t 100% good, but he tried. Later they spent less time with each other. They become distant and the only one normal relationship of Tigerstar was ruined.
I think, that he wanted to be better than his father. He tried to be also better father but, I think, he failed.
Tigerstar wanted to be good father to his kits. But he wanted so many things at the same time. That caused him failing all his work. Especially being a father. When he was dead he tried to be a father again, but he failed, again. You can’t be in the same water in river twice. Also, he led Bramblestar and Hawkfrost to do many bad things. But there was other character, which he caused doing bad things… At least, many people think like this.
Everyone remembers what Tigerpaw did to Tiny. And most people think, that it is the thing, that made him Scourge, don’t they? But they aren’t completely right. This made him just hate Tigerstar. He was made evil by being seen by his mother and siblings as les important. He could just lie and he did it. His power was build up on lies. In real, Sourge was just weak, lying and a bit aggressive cat. But Tigerstar was powerful. And he has more realistic backstory. It’s easier, for me, to understand him. And how about you?

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  • The psychology minor in me is now wanting to research this further. I have so many thoughts and this article may have helped to solidify Tigerstar’s personality type. At any rate, I feel like Tigerstar is much more of a Magneto/Loki villain than say, a Joker villain. Now, I’m beginning to wonder if Tigerstar’s ambition was less about just conquering the world to be conquering the world, or if, in some way, he was doing it out of unresolved childhood trauma, hmm. Anyway, awesome, very thought provoking article.

  • I feel that Tigerstar could have been prevented. But many cats Influenced him which is part of the problem

  • Huh! Glad I’m not the only thinking about how Tigerstar I’s cruelty could be justified by past decisions made by cats in his life. I guess it came from reading Scourge’s manga adventure. The first thing to make him a better cat would have been for the cats around him to make better decisions to influence Tigerstar into becoming a good cat. Then it would be Tigerstar’s choice on whether to become good like all those or to follow his ambitions in a violent way. Who knows, if he hadn’t gone down the path of evil, maybe he would have been a good leader to the Clans? I guess we’ll never know. 😛

  • I love that article! I like Tigerstar, personally, and so… yeah.

  • If Tigerstar had opened up……………. Like this
    “Again Ravenpaw!”
    Ravenpaw attempted to mimic Tigerclaw’s move, but failed. He slipped and fell.
    “Get up, you’re ok. ” The tabby growled . His black apprentice struggled to stand. His rat bite was obviously bothering him. I must make him the best warrior in the clans to prove my strength, Tigerclaw thought. Thistleclaw taught me like this and look at me now.
    the black tom struggled to his paws,you. He once again tried the move. As he twisted in mid air, he flopped to the ground. His bite began bleeding.
    “Ow.” He murmured but stood again. Tigerclaw sighed ,
    “You’ll be no use if that bite gets infected. Sit.”
    Ravenpaw looked startled by his words but sat with confusion in his gaze.
    “Now listen…………… I- I………….. I’m sorry.”
    “WHAT!??????????!!?!!?” Ravenpaw leaped to his hind paws in surprise. He toppled over backwards and twisted to sit again. Tigerclaw sighed , was he that bad?
    “Yes. I’ve pushed you too hard. I don’t want to be who my mentor was. I want you to be great. I- I don’t think I’m doing it the right way. ”
    Ravenpaw’s eyes rounded. His jaw dropped.
    “Now let’s get that rat bite of yours to Spottedleaf.”
    Together the dark pelted cats padded back to camp with renewed emotions, relief, hope, respect, and astonishment, the strongest of all.

    Tigerstar, leader of Thunder Clan, Ravenwing, deputy. Living a good life. Forever

    • Omg yassssss! Hawkfrost would be Hawkstar, leader of RiverClan, his deputy Hawkflower, his daughter.

  • Now i have to say-
    I don’t hate Tiger’Star as much as I did.
    I have to say Tiger’Star is misunderstood… Fire’Star and many more cats in the series
    saw him differently. I think if Fire’Star knew what has happened to him. I think he would
    understand Tiger’Star a bit better.. but, Tiger’Star is double dead… does that mean he went to double hell????

    • Okay, not trying to be mEaN, but I… I like Tigerstar. I mean, well, uh… I just think you should more carful with.. your words. And he died honestly ten times, 9 times by Scourge, and one time by Firetstar-Firestar I hate you- but I don’t think saying that is.. nvm. I just like tigerstar.
      (My 3rd favorite cat)

  • I agree he had trama I mean just follow what I say if u were him when ur a kit all ur brothers sisters dead then. After that your mom died your father hates u and disowns u get misjudged everyone hating u trying scratch u for no reason then u die the put u by a place to be forgotten like how would u feel so of course what else can he do turn evil since no one likes him any way thou tigerstar is my favorite and I love so if u are going to hate on him

  • Well, he’s my grandfather, and my destiny is to follow his paw prints. I want power, and to overcome the Dark Forest and StarClan. May the Dark Forest bless you all.

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