Elections, Day 8: Final Round of Voting Begins!

Today the final round of voting for Deputy and Medicine Cat begins!

Today we begin the final round of voting for the Deputy and Medicine Cat elections!

In case you’ve missed it, we’ve been holding elections to choose BlogClan’s new Deputy and Medicine Cat! The first round of voting has ended, the polls have closed, and the votes have been counted!

Congratulations to our finalists who have progressed to the second and final round of voting, and congratulations to all of the other candidates! You’ve all been fantastic. It takes courage and dedication to the blog to become a candidate, so major props to all of you. And thank you – everyone who’s been running, commenting questions on the hustings pages, and voting have helped make these elections a truly memorable experience.

Remember, the finalists for Deputy are: Jayfrost, Emberdawn, and Winterwhisper!

Our finalists for Medicine Cat are: Iceflower, Mapledrift, and Frostfire!

Now that our finalists have been announced, it’s time to head on to our second and final round of voting! Voters will have one vote this round. Polls close on July 12th, 8 p.m. UTC. Remember, to be eligible to vote, you must have been active on the blog for at least one month. The results of our elections will be announced on July 14th. You may only vote once. Any cheating or multiple votes will be caught with our IP-checking system — so please, don’t even try. Best of luck to all our candidates, and we’ll see you then!

Good luck all!! It’s been wonderful following this election; you’ve all been fabulous! 😀

(and remember: this very dapper cat is cheering you on 😉 )

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See you tomorrow for another round of Election Commentary, this time by the lovely Kat! 😀



  • Hey folks! I’m gonna have to close the polls a little early (2pm EST) as I won’t be here at 4, and I still need some time to write up the wrap up 🙂

    get your votes in!! <3

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