Elections, Day 7: First Round of Voting Ends

Viperfrost announces the six finalists moving on in Elections!

Hello, everybody! This is Viperfrost, your Allegiances Editor, welcoming you to Day Nine of the BlogClan Elections! We’ve just finished the first round of voting, meaning that we now have three finalists for each position! The final round of voting begins tomorrow.

Before we announce our finalists, we’d like to thank everyone who ran for either position. We’ve really enjoyed reading all your inspiring and thoughtful speeches and responses this past week! You’ve all shown so much initiative to make the Blog an even better place than it already is, and we know that no matter who’s elected, you’ll continue to do the best you can to make BlogClan a fun experience for everybody. And thank you to our voters; we know it must have been very hard to make your selections (I know it was hard to make mine! :P), but we trust your ability to choose the best candidates for the jobs. 😊

Without further ado, drumroll please…
Our finalists for deputy are: Jayfrost, Emberdawn, and Winterwhisper!
Our finalists for medicine cat are: Iceflower, Frostfire, and Mapledrift!

These candidates will be moving on to our final round of voting, which will begin on July 10 and end on July 12. During this vote, you will pick only one candidate per position. Remember, in order to vote, you must have been a member for at least one month (for all our newbies, you can still show your support in the comments! 😊), and you may vote only once per position. Good luck to all of our finalists, and happy voting!

❄️🐍Viper Inc; Frosty the Arsonman🐍❄️



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